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Freak: Chapter 10

Sorry for the delay, Life keeps getting in the way as does writers block.

Author's note: Thank you to all of you whom left me reviews! They have been most encouraging. Thanks to: Vampires assistant, Ferretgirlz, johnnycadexXxkaratekid, flareflight17, blu-3y3s, Misty Willow Black-Snape, alysha813, and Lady Bloomingtile Heston.


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"You never told me you used to have a mate!" Mr. Crepsley sighed; he could just strangle the old man for this. Now Nyx would just chatter away about it, ask countless questions he did NOT want to answer... "I'm going to be with Seba in the game hall today. He wants to see if I really can kick ass like you said or if you were just talking out your ass."

"Nymphadora Elizabeth Crepsley! Such language is unbecoming of a lady!" Mr.C barked as he adjusted his cloak, before he paused. "You are going to the games room…." He almost sounded scared. "Yeah, after I have breakfast with Seba." Mr.C paused for a moment. "Have fun little bat, I must go to the other princes to explain myself and why I let the clan, save two princes, believe me to be dead for over 24 years. But I must implore you to stay near Seba, Darren, or Vancha at all times. Vampire Mountain is a very large place, you could easily get lost and I doubt that many vampires have seen it all regardless of their age. I do not wish to send out a search posse out to find you when it could have been easily prevented." I knew that would be the closest thing I'd get to him to say, that he was worried about me. "Don't worry, papa," I cooed hugging him from behind, "I'll stay by Seba. You just make sure that YOU don't get lost!" Mr.C chuckled. He turned around and smiled at me. "I also want you to stay safe. There are many games that are just too dangerous for you, games I myself would err before attempting. Keep your weaknesses in mind."

I hugged him again. "Yeah, yeah, yeah… whatever you say old man!" He scoffed and ruffled my hair before he wished me well as I took off to meet Seba. I managed to get there with minimal stops. I found Seba speaking with three vampires I'd never seen before. Two were male; one had brown hair the other was platinum blond. The other was one of the few female vampires on the mountain. She was kind of pretty. Blond hair and blue eyes with pail skin, but her face was pretty badly scarred, she was built like most of the men on the mountain, like a pro-wrestler. I'm built more like an athlete, rather than a body builder. The main reason, I just didn't like the look of big and bulky. It was easier to get around being smaller and faster, too.

Seba saw me and waved me over, smiling brightly. I hurried over to meet him. "Nyx, I want you to meet some friends of mine and some friends of your mentors. " He motioned for me to sit before he introduced the other vampires. "Nyx, this is Arra, I told you about her, if you recall." I nodded but I didn't smile at her, nor did she smile at me. I felt my hackles prickle. I don't get along with other females very well. Greta and Truska are the only exceptions to this quirk of mine. I'm very territorial. Mr.C says it probably has something to do with me being a full blooded vampire at such a young age. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife, that's when Seba broke the silence. "Also, this is Garvner Paul; he's a general and one of your mentor's best of friends." It was then I noticed his phrasing, he'd already told them Larten was alive. I relaxed a little. Garvner stuck his hand out and shook mine. "Pleasure to meet you, Nyx!" He beamed. The man emanated laughter. That was the only way to describe him.

"Like wise." I responded, shaking his hand. "And last, but certainty not the least, Kurda." I stiffened. And I refused to take his hand when he offered it to me. I knew that name; Mr. Crepsley had told me all about him… My hackles rose and I saw red as fury filled me. Kurda was a Vampeneze friend and sympathizer and on top of that he'd betrayed the entire vampire clan by planning to kill all the princes at the time and nearly forced an unwanted alliance. However, he'd been spared because Prince Darren had spoken up for him and convinced the entire clan that though Kurda's plans were horrific they were in a twisted way wise and only sought what was best for the vampire clan. The Princes agreed and so did the generals, plus most of the vampire clan, so he was spared from death though he was stripped of his high ranking and would not be allowed to go any higher than a low ranking general.

"Kurda, the infamous friend of the Vampeneze …" I growled. I hated the Vampeneze with a scornful passion. I'd had a bit of a bad run it with one. He'd attacked me for being a vampire and Mr. C's assistant, so to speak. The Vampeneze was the great grandson/ offspring of a long dead enemy of my father's… long story short, I survived, the young Vampeneze didn't. On top of that, a Vampeneze had killed both of my human parents. I had plenty of reason to hate them, not to mentions as a full blooded vampire; it was practically instinct to hate them.

I could already tell that Kurda and I were going to have problems. I even recognized the three identical scars on his cheek. ALL vampeneze left them on their victims or in Kurda case friends. It honestly made me sick to my stomach. Kurda frowned, clearly disappointed in my stance. "You are one of the vampires who hate them then."

"Obviously," I snapped. "Why? They are not so different then vampires are they?" Kurda tilted his head to one side. "The vampeneze are NOTHING like vampires. We do not kill innocent people, we do not kill when we feed and we are not monsters. THEY do and are." I hissed. This guy was really starting to piss me off. Funny, I hadn't known Kurda for five minutes and he was already getting on my nerves. Kurda leaned forward with a small somewhat cocky grin. "May I ask why you think that way? Do you have any personal reasons why you hate the vampeneze so; other than the fact that your mentor hates them too?" Oh, he thought he had me… but he didn't. "As a matter of fact I do. A vampeneze killed both of my human parents when I was baby. I never got to know them. I have no pictures of them and no memories. I don't even know their names. And when I was ten years old, one tried to kill me. Simply because of the fact that I was a vampire and because of who my mentor is." I decided to show the bleeding heart my scar from my first battle with a vampeneze. It was a long jagged scar on my left shoulder and it crossed over my heart. It was ugly, angry and red. It didn't hurt me anymore, but it used to. Kurda eyes bulged a little when he saw it. "HE ATTACKED ME. I got this scar when he tried to rip my heart out of my breast. I didn't do anything to him in the past. But he still hated me. He tried to kill me, but I killed him first. And I don't feel ashamed about it, nor do I regret doing so. They have threatened me, my mentor and many others that I care about for a very long time. I have plenty of reason to hate them. So forgive me if I am a little unsympathetic to your friends… But I really couldn't care less what happens to the vampeneze."

Seba looked a bit slacked jawed. Garvner started laughing. Arra, looked extremely pleased, I'd just take a guess and say she didn't care too much for ol' Kurda either. "She's got you cornered now Kurda!" Garvner howled still in stiches from laughing. "I do believe, we shall be fast friends Nyx!" I smiled at Garvner. I could see why Mr. C liked him. A smile was never far from his lips, and he was a fighter if the scars on his face were anything to go by.

We ate breakfast with little conversation before we all headed to the games hall. There weren't a lot of vampire in the hall. One vampire caught my attention. An extremely tall, black haired vampire, who was stretching out his body. His body was so well toned, it looked as though he was smuggling paint rollers under his skin. His arms had muscles the size of bowling balls. And that defiantly wasn't a tube sock in his pants… which by the way clung to him like a second skin! Oh he was HOT! I got a good look at his ass when he turned around. Gods, you could bounce coins off it! I was practically drooling when Arra stood next to me. "Excellent taste. You like the abs, the chest or the ass?" She commented calmly as if she was speaking of noting more than a fine wine. "I'll say. And I like it all." Arra smiled. "Can't say I blame ya, that's Prince Mika Ver Leth, one of the most powerful vampires at Vampire Mountain." I hummed, I was still ogling. "Unfortunately, he's rather scarred, internally. He hasn't shown interest in anyone or anything since his wife was killed by the Vampeneze over 400 years ago. "I looked up at Arra, "That's sad… but he does bat for our team." Arra chuckled, "Yeah, he does." "Good, I thought you were going to say he was gay!" Arra laughed and shook her head. "Come on, Seba tells us you're good with a staff. How about you and me double team on the bars against Garvner and the pacifist, I have a score to settle with him anyway." With one last good look at the sexy Prince, I agreed. "Alright. Can I use my own?" Arra nodded. "Sure, I'll explain the rules while the guys get their footing." I pulled my Staff from my back and left the strap and my boots with Seba as I climbed up on to the bars.


Arra explained the rules as the guys climbed up and got their balance. It was pretty simple. It was Garvner against me and Arra against Kurda… who looked like he would rather be anywhere else but here. A blind vampire signaled for the game to start and it begun. As always I was blind to all things except my opponents. I was almost knocked off but I used my staff to flip myself back up.





Garvner fell off the bars just as Arra knocked Kurda off. "Well, that was fun. " I commented as I jumped down from the bars, after Arra. "There something better though," She muttered back. Before she nodded towards a vampire in the large crowd that had gathered. "The Prince saw our little victory… And he hasn't taken his eyes off you this whole time." As I looked up, sure enough, the shirtless sexy Prince Mika, was clapping along with the others and was looking right at me…


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