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Freak 11

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Freak 11

Previously on FREAK: "The Prince saw our little victory… And he hasn't taken his eyes off you this whole time." As I looked up, sure enough, the shirtless, sexy, Prince Mika, was clapping along with the others and was looking right at me…

I've never been a bashful person, but under the gaze of the prince who had been watching me the night of my victory over a General on the bars a few weeks ago… I was pretty nervous. This was not the same vampire I had seen that day. I'd been feeling a little moody lately, and it's not that lovely female monthly event! I just feel tense, jittery, and hungry… but not the human kind of hungry… yeah that kind of hungry. That's when it hit me… I'd forgotten something, something extremely important. (You remember how my eyes had been glowing during my performance at the Cirque?) That's a symptom of my um…. Well a little problem I have. Mr. Tall created this medicine for me. If I take the pill that helps then we have no problems...but if I don't, like now, well I'm just not entirely safe to be around and let's leave it at that.

I told Mr. C right away, he was worried, but I'd learned to control myself, for the most part... As long as I don't get too excited (or have an extreme rush of adrenalin) I should be ok... I hope... Mr. C also thought that I'd impress the princes with great ease... So that gave me courage. But now, standing in front of all the generals, clan and princes... I didn't feel so brave. Vancha and Darren I knew well enough, but they weren't the only princes there, Paris, Arrow and Mika all loomed over me from their thrones.

Paris seemed kind; he was the oldest of the princes. Arrow hated the Vampeneze as much as I did... He'd also sent a message of congratulations when he'd heard of my victory on the bars with Arra. Mika... Well no one knew much about him... Mr. C had told them all about me when he'd met with them weeks before and all of the generals had heard of me by now. Most of them approved of me; most of the vampire clan did too. But now I had to get the approval of the big dogs, ALL the princes... If that wasn't enough, since Larten, Darren, and Vancha all have such big mouths, the other princes wanted to see me in action themselves, but Mika probably just wanted to see more though. Now I'm in trouble... I'm glad I've made it a habit to only fight on a full stomach (of blood at least) so maybe things won't go all red and beastly...

"So… You are the infamous Nymphadora, otherwise known as Nyx…" The Prince Arrow drawled. I nodded, "Yes, sire." Gods I felt like a bug under a microscope….which, by the way is NOT a good feeling. "We have heard much about you from many vampires of all ranks…" Paris continued. I smiled and risked a glance at my mentor, whom I knew to be the biggest loud mouth of all. "Good things I hope, Sire." Paris chuckled a little, "Yes, good things… Your mentor also had very amusing stories as well…" I was getting the feeling Paris was an instigator at heart. I shot a glare at my mentor… he didn't dare…"I suppose he does, Sire, but should he tell you about anything involving a pirate and a supposed breaking and entering charge… I do believe I have an even more amusing story involving a bottle of Tequila, and a monkey …." I watched with sinful glee as my mentor's face drained of all color and a look of horror leapt in to his eyes. Mr. C wouldn't dare tell embarrassing stories about me, because I could tell a story about him that was ten times worse. And vampires didn't just get mad, they got even. We'd had that little conversation before. Paris' brow shot upwards, only one came down, and a sly grin almost cracking his face. "I do believe that I would like to hear of such a story." A laugh was evident in his voice. "As would I." Darren snickered. "Then I shall be happy to tell it to you, Sire, but only in private it is a most scandalous story and not one that many ears should listen to." I couldn't help myself. Arrow smiled, trying very hard not to laugh. My mentor was probably giving me his famous 5,000 megawatt death glare. Mika cleared his throat softly; bring our attention back to the matter at hand. "I have personally seen your abilities Miss Nymphadora; you are, as your mentor and many others have claimed, quite impressive with a staff."

I felt myself becoming shy again, "Thank you Sire." I muttered, keeping my eyes low. "Defeating a General in combat is most impressive, even if it is in sport…But it is even more so to defeat one as swiftly as you did." I nodded silently. Mika hadn't taken his eyes off me this whole time, and I swore I'd caught him staring at me in the main hall when we passed. Arrow smiled at me for a moment, "I too should like to witness your skill… perhaps you would demonstrate your talents to me in the game room later on tonight?" My gut clenched as I looked up. Darren didn't look very pleased with the obvious flirt, Paris was frowning. Mr.C turned his death ray on to the prince as well. But Mika… well, Mika just looked like he wanted to kill Arrow. I swallowed; I didn't do very well with guys, at least not flirting with them. "If it would please you, sire, then I shall." I kept it professional; I defiantly didn't want to encourage him. Paris seemed to notice my discomfort. "I too have some free time as well, I think I shall join you and see your skill for myself." Paris quickly added giving me a small wink, and receiving a small glare from Arrow.

I breathed a small silent sigh of relief. I sent him a look of deep thanks. Vancha spoke up next, "I have felt your power with your staff myself, and I have no doubts of your abilities! I do believe you will make a fine addition to the vampire clan! What say you, Darren?" Darren smiled, "I agree. Paris?" Paris smiled at me very kindly, "Yes I do as well, though we cannot break tradition. I assume your mentor has told you about the Death Trials?" I nodded. Mr. C had extensively told me about these trials… They were a great source of pride for vampires; they were also very dangerous and twice as deadly. I honestly waited for them my whole life. What can I say; I'm a vampire with little regards to my own life. But I was a little scared, but I was more excited too. "Very well, we shall discuss those… Do you agree to take on these trials, knowing full well of the consequences if you fail?" Mr.C spoke up then. "Sire, if I may?" Paris nodded. "I would like to request a reasonable amount of time for my assistant to train for these trials." Darren nodded and whispered something to Paris. "As long as Nyx also wishes to, I see no problem with it." I knew the trials I wanted to do them. I'd been waiting my whole life and if Darren could do them as a half vampire, then why couldn't I? "I would not object to time to train, however I would be willing to start them now." A silence fell over the room. Paris leaned forward a serious look on his face, "You do fully realize what you are saying Nyx, these trials are not a game, you could easily die during them…"

I nodded, "I do understand Sire, but I would rather face those dangers now than wait for them and feel as if I had an axe being held over my head. Also, my entire bloodline has made it a habit to do so without any training… Far be it from me to change such a tradition." I stated proudly, which was true, Seba's mentor had faced the trials without training, so had Seba, then my mentor, then Darren and now it was my turn. It went back through the generations in my line. I'd asked Seba questions about it until my voice was raw. He never seemed to mind though… I glanced at my mentor and at Seba. Seba was beaming; Mr.C looked maybe a little less than pleased with my decision but was proud never the less. The Vampire clan whispered approvingly. Paris smiled, "Very well then. You shall return here tomorrow night at dusk to choose your first trial. And Arrow and I shall see you four hours from now, in the games hall to witness your talent with a staff." I lowered my head respectfully. "I look forward to both meetings Sire." The Princes dismissed me and I strode off to the Main Hall to eat a little more before I warmed up in the game hall, Seba and Mr.C close behind. Seba was chattering happily about my decision and Mr.C was grumbling about Arrow's attempt to flirt with me. I merely beamed and couldn't wait to start my trials.
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