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Freak 12

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Freak 12


"Kick his ass Nyx!" Darren shouted over the many shouts, jeers, and cries of the crowd as my staff cracked against Prince Arrows. "Take him down young Nyx! You are surely the superior staff wielder!" Prince Paris called to me with confidence. "Doesn't anyone have confidence in me...?" Arrow started, as I swung my staff in a circular motion before cracking it upside the prince's head. Arrow staggered a little but quickly blocked my next blow...

He landed a few blows. But for every one he landed on me, I landed three on him. (Like I said, smaller and faster is much better than bigger and slower) "Not at all Arrow! My money says you go down before the hour is up!" Vancha roared. The duel had started in the game room but was then moved to the prince's hall so that the whole clan could watch. Most of the vampires were betting I would win, and so far I was. I swear I could feel Mika's eyes on the back of my head, and other places...Arrow faked to his left then tried to sweep my legs out from underneath me from the right but I was about two steps ahead of him. Partly because I wanted to show off and to spare Arrow from any more barbs. I pole-vaulted over my own staff (and Arrow) and landed behind him before finally taking him down with five quick blows to his back, legs, head, throat and then finally pinning him on to his back and placing my staff to the base of his throat.

"Dead." I muttered to him. I felt bad that I defeated him, but I would have shamed both of our names had I let him win. I smiled, removing my staff and offering my hand to help him up. Arrow was stunned for a second, but shrugged it off and smiled. I pulled him up. "If it's any comfort, Prince Vancha went down a lot quicker than you did sire... By a lot." Arrow smirked, and spoke just a hair too loud. "How quickly did Prince Vancha go down against you?" I laughed, "It only took me one blow before I had him pinned." Arrow burst out laughing. "One blow! That's it?" The rest of the Princes were laughing by now too. "That's it." I replied simply. Arrow clapped me on the back. "You know how to wield a staff, I'll give you that."

I spent most of the night speaking to generals or fighting with younger vampires with little or no experience with a staff. Finally, it was getting late and I was tired. I excused myself and headed towards my room. "Miss Nymphadora," I turned around to see Prince Mika Ver Leth behind me. "Yes, Sire?" Mika was beside me with only a handful of long strides. "I wondered if I might have the pleasure of walking you to your destination?" his voice rumbled in my ears.

It was so deep and sexy... I found I didn't mind it if he said my full name. I actually liked it. "Of course, it would be an honor, sire..." Thank the Gods my voice didn't crack. Mika smiled, and held out his hand for mine. I put my hand in his and he tucked it in to the crook of his elbow. He was a lot taller than I was. I only reached the lower part of his chest.

"You fought extremely well tonight Miss Nymphadora." I blushed, damn it... "Thank you Sire." Gods he had the most beautiful sky blue eyes I'd ever seen. It had to be illegal for a single man to look so sexy! "Have you trained with a staff for a long time?" I nodded, "Yes, I've trained with a staff for about 10 years. I started seriously training with one when I was five, but I unofficially started at the age of three when I accidentally gave my mentor a concussion with a small club." Mika chuckled as we walked slowly down the hall "What other weapons can you wield?" I risked a glance up at him. "I have trained with daggers, swords, clubs, spears and even a whip chain. But never a shield, I find they only serve to block my view of my opponent. Even still, I prefer a staff above all." Mika made a pleased noise in his throat. "Most impressive..."

We were silent for a moment or two before Mika spoke again. "I do apologize for Prince Arrow's earlier behavior..." I knew he was referring to how Arrow had flirted with me. "It is quite alright..." Mika stopped, and turned to me. "No, it is not alright. Arrow acted most unacceptably, that is not how a prince acts! And I saw how uncomfortable his actions made you. A Prince does not try to woo a vampriss so openly and certainly not when he is performing his duties." I smiled, he was being quiet sweet. "I only meant that I did not take any offense, though yes, I was a little unsettled, but not entirely by Prince Arrow... It is just... I am unused to males paying such kind of attention to me. The last male who courted me found me so unappealing that he cheated on me with a complete stranger..." I trailed off blushing and looked away. I couldn't have met his eyes if I wanted to.

Ugh, and I was babbling! Gods what was it about Mika that made me act like this? Mika placed one of his fingers under my chin and pressed lightly. "Look at me, Miss Nymphadora." I ever so slowly met his gaze, his blue eyes smiled. "Make no mistake; you are a very beautiful young lady. Your skin is paler than moonlight, your eyes put even the purest emeralds to shame, and your hair is like fire and soft as silk."

He tucked my hair behind one ear. "And your face is the shape of a heart adding the allure of mischief to the air around you. Your laugh is intoxicating and you are so full of life and fire when you fight. Anyone can see that. Furthermore, who ever that male was... He must have been an utter fool to let you slip through his fingers." I blushed. "Thank you sire. You are most kind." Mika smiled, "I only speak the truth. But should Arrow ever try to woo you again and make you feel uncomfortable... You should know, you may always come to me... I'll be sure to knock that randy vampire back on his heels." I laughed softly. "I will keep that in mind, thank you sire." We had continued walking and were nearly to my room when I saw Arra coming towards us. "Thank you for walking with me Sire. You company was most pleasant." I muttered. I really didn't want this to end.

Mika took my hand in his, "No, thank you Miss Nymphadora, the pleasure was all mine. I thank you for allowing me to walk with you. It was certainly the high light of my night. Until dusk tomorrow, I bid you a sweet adieu." Mika bowed over my hand kissed my knuckles and then kissed my palm, his sky blue eyes meeting my green ones for the briefest moment, before he departed. I stood frozen as Arra walked up. "Well, well, well! Prince Mika seemed rather fond of you..." I blushed again. "He was only being polite after what Prince Arrow did." Arra didn't buy it. "Uh huh, right..." I sighed, "I'm heading to my room. I'll see you tomorrow." I spoke briskly, hoping Arra would get the hint and drop the subject. Arra was silent for a moment, "Alright, see you tomorrow." I headed in to my room; my palm still tingled from Mika's kiss.

(Arra's pov)

I watched as Nyx went to her room before I headed to Lartens room. I had a feeling he wouldn't like this and I was still ticked at him for putting me through his death for nothing but I wanted to see my asshole mate again. I still loved the old hack. I didn't bother knocking, I never had before. Larten looked up and smiled. "Arra..." I embraced him and kissed him. "Your little Nyx put on quite a show tonight." Larten raised one brow. "Did she now?" I nodded, my arms still wrapped around his neck. "She beat Prince Arrow with quite a bit of ease and several vampires training to become generals without any effort at all. She is a fighter... She certainly has the attention of many vampires." Larten hummed, "As long as they keep their hands and thoughts to themselves they can pine all they want. But should any of them touch her, they will be a very sorry vampire."

I chuckled, "Mika seems to have taken a shine to little Nyx as well, she seems to like it too. He was kind enough to walk her to her rooms and even apologize for Arrows actions earlier. Even offered to put Arrow back in line..." Larten growled a little. "Arrow had no right to speak to her like that. I so hope Mika put him in his place. But prince or not, they BOTH better keep their hands off my daughter, or there will be a wrath to answer to!" I laughed, "Yours I suspect?" Larten kissed me hard, "Damn right." Larten was silent for a moment.

"So, what do I owe such a pleasant visit from you tonight?" I smiled, "I was feeling a bit lonely and wondered if I could spend the day with you." Larten's face really cracked off with his broad smile, "Always, my love, always." He helped me in to his coffin and spooned up behind me closing the lid behind him. I hadn't told him Mika had put his hands or rather lips on his little girls hand or how Mika had obviously been flirting with her during their little walk. Oh well, I had a feeling he'd find out soon enough.


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