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A sick man

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"Izzy, You wanna go down to the water fall and read?" I sit up. My book clutched in my hand.

"Yes!" Izzy is pink. Her strongest power is the power of love. She can make any one fall in love. Even if they hate eachother. And it's not fake love. She twist thier minds to find goodness in the other and she leaves them to do the rest.

I run to the door and start to swing on the vines. I swing till i can see the top of case land. Good thing the waterfall is for every one.

I slide down the vine and onto the island in the middle f the sparkling lake that the waterfall leacks into. I sink into the warm sand. But it wasn't long before some one disturbed me.

"You look familiar....yes.....have we met?" A cold voice said above me.

I look up and see a set of electric eyes looking down at me. I glare up at him.

"NO. I haven't seen such a large pile of pittiful scrum in a wile now." I say to him.

"I have you know that i am case pronce and have you arrested for that!" His anger boiling.

"I'm not afraid. Unless you want every madison to attack, be my gest." Madison golden rule, help those who are under attack."But you see those vines up there? There are people living up there. You never know where they may be." I say

He looks nervus then said "A-Anyway, I know i've seen you before."

"No. Now fuck off before I punch you. Oh, sorry, some one already has. Pitty" I refer to the mark my shoe left on his cheek.

"Please, this is from a struggling adda." He said smoothing his hair.

"Like i care. So piss off and go annoy one of the case girls who would die if you just look at them." I snap my book closed.

"But don't you feel the same way? Just my look will make you fall?" He askes

"I'm not dead right now, am I?" I stand and turn away. He grabs my wrist which is soon released. I turn again to find Aries on the ground, wind knocked out of him, with Izzy hovering over him. A shoe print on his chest.

"Weren't you told not to lay a hand on a madison? Didn't you know some one would do some thing? Are you that needy?!" She yelled at the gasping body. "Because, you know, there are a lot of case whores over there go sleep with one of them!"

Aries laughed weakly and looked up. He had a very dark look on his face. "Yes but those girls don't know the meaning of a one night stand and/or a relation ship that only has that one little thing. That's why I come to one of you. If i get one of you, nothing will grow and nothing will mean a thing." Another crud smile grew on his face.

"Sick bastard." I spit at the discusting thing on the ground before me. "I mean, that's just gross. Are you that eger to give away your v-card?"

"How do you know if i'm still a vergin or not? Or would you just like to find out." He smirked.

With that coment, I left. When i got to my tree house, I fell right alseep.
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