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Fire and Ice

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Harry and briston are over. They have been since five.

"Whatever!" Izzy laughed.

"Hey what time is it?" I ask

Harry looked at hi watch. "8:30"

"Shit! I have some where to be!" I run out the door.

I have a loner mission tonight. This one will be hard. I have to break into Go's office and cells. He should be in his quarters but I have no idea.

I find the secret entrance. It leads to right in the middle of the cave. It's perfect because thats right where the office is.

It was dark so I light my fingure with a flame. As red, I am a master of the elaments. Lucky these idiots are too stupid to lock doors so I go it in with eze. The door opens with out a sound. I closed it and looked around. I don't care to turn on the lights, in fear of some one seeing.

The room was only filled with a desk and a file cabnet. I looked through the desk. Nothing. In the file cabnet, only the middle dawer was filled,only half way.

As I look through the middle, the lights snap on. I panic and grab a file. Then turned to face the person who cought me. The prince stood before me.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? A little madison girl. And the leader no doubt! You know we still have that little orange girl? Oh well i'm sure you know. What I want to know is, why are you in my office....with such a small uniform..." He eyed me up and down.

"I have my reasons. But, I fear, my welcome has been worn out. I better be on my way." I say making a huge cylinder rise from the ground. It busted through the roof. A root comes up, I take it, my foot hanging onto the grove made fo me. It's ever moving so it sends me right to the trees. Then it sank back into the earth. The holes it left close on my power.

I quicly opend the file to see whats inside. All there is, is badly drawn pictures of almost nude women with the madison crest some where on their bodies. I scream and burn the pictures in my hand. That was a majior waste of time and energy!

I didn't have much time to think about it because two case thugs were running my way. They rushed like trains closing in. I jump onto a branch were I am safe. I swing till my tree house came into sight. I jump through the open window, changing in the mist.

"So how'd it go?" Izzy asked not looking up from her newly opend book.

"I got cought and shit for info." I bang into the sofa. "OH and we have to get lany next time. Go remined me that they still have her. Shes been gone for two weeks. Will must have noticed.

"Noted. Who cought you?" She tuns the page.

"The ass prince him self." I reach into the frige and take hold of a soda.

"Oh. What did you find?"

"His perverted drawings."

"um, ew" She says flattly.

"Yeah. So we need to to inform every one on the plan and we have a new member to induct. Shes almost done with her training." I say chugging down my soda.

"So we are letting Anna's sister in?" She asks

"Don't be thick! Of course we are! Shes been training for 6 months! Okay, tomarrow we'll find her a jewl. She wants to be purple."

"Okay, tomarrow a what time?" She says.

"Noonish. It's the best time to take a swim."
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