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Nerves get the better of Amelia..

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A few weeks later it was a couple of days before the first leg of the tour. Walking Contradictions would be supporting My Chemical Romance the whole of the Black Parade tour, this meant being in the same company for over a year. But it also meant they would get to see some amazing places, even if they were just fleeting visits.

Amelia had quit her job in order to pursue this dream, she didn’t really care, she worked as a manager in retail, it was a good job, but this was better. She had told Chrissie to find a new flatmate, as it wasn’t fair to keep her holding on for over a year waiting. She had visited her parents, and remaining grandparent a couple of weeks earlier, to explain everything to them. They were proud of her, and her brother. Her and Gerard had exchanged the odd text, but hadn’t seen or spoken to each other.

She had brought new clothes, and packed days in advance, and now she was sitting on the big tour bus, shitting herself. The chat that had started between her and her band mates died down after about an hour, and she had retired to a corner at the back of the bus, listening to music on her I-pod.

Zac had apologized, for the incident in the bar, but they weren’t really on speaking terms, she liked it that way. She didn’t want to argue with him, but she wasn’t the sort that was happy acting civil, when everyone knew the feelings they shared.

Her phone buzzed, signifying a text. She flipped it open and gazed down at it.

Nervous? It was from Gerard, who was currently in the bus directly in front of them.

Shitting enough bricks to build a small mansion lol :s She replied, she often said that.

Lol, I can imagine. The reply was quick.

It’s a bit of a weird thing to be imagining. She text back, with a smile.

It took a while for him to reply, No one ever said I was normal ;) at this, she also smiled.

True that. Aren’t you nervous? She replied.

Always am just learnt to get on with it and we always used to go out drunk or stoned or something He replied.

Does that help? She was curious.

Yes. But I wouldn’t advise it, speak later x. She could imagine him saying it. But she’d still probably end up going out stoned. Her band would be playing three songs, but it was still enough to make her want to throw up.

A few, long hours later they stopped for fuel, and she stepped out of the bus. She spotted Gerard, and took a deep breath, and as he turned round and waved at her, she walked a few steps, doubled over, and threw the entire contents of her guts onto the floor.

“Nice” she heard Sam comment as he stepped off the bus, then she felt hands holding her hair out of her face, and rubbing her back.

“Someone get her some water,” she herd Milo’s voice, directly behind her, telling her it was him who was holding her hair.

She stood in that position, for a few minutes and was sick twice more before she felt good to stand up straight. Taking the bottle of water off Zac, she took a sip, swishing it around a little before spitting it out, then taking another sip, and swallowing it.

She walked off to the bathroom, cleaned herself up a little and was pleased to see no puke had ended up on her clothes. She looked like death warmed up, she was pale, even her lips and had drowsy eyes, with dark circles underneath. She sighed, before walking off, out of the toilet.

“You haven’t seen me in a month, and when you first lay eyes on me, you puke, I’m not that bad am I?” she heard Gerard’s voice, he was leaning on a wall, arms folded, a cute smirk planted on his face.

She smiled, walking toward the little shop nearby. “Yeah man, fancy a coffee?” she asked looking at the little cafe area of the shop.

“Yeah, I love coffee,” he said with a goofy grin, causing her to laugh slightly.

They sat down at a little table for two, in a corner out of the way, he had a hood up. She didn’t blame him, there were one or two teenage girls around, and My Chemical Romance were famous.

“You’re really nervous aren’t you?” he said, as the waitress walked off.

“Well yeah, but my body’s proper queer with the way it takes stress, I get worked up over the smallest things. But, the shit thing is, sometimes, I can’t smoke, to calm myself down, ‘cause it makes me feel worse.” She pushed her fringe out of her face, she had recently died it electric blue.

“You look like shit; I won’t lie to you,” he said with an apologetic smile.

“I know. And, if I knew what shit felt like, it would be something close to what I’m feeling like right now,” she said, folding her arms on the table and burying her head in them.

“Your coffee,” a woman came over, and placed them on the table with a smile, before walking off again.

Amelia stared at the coffee before her. She wanted it, but was afraid it was going to make her ill, but after depositing about six sugar sachets into it, she drank a sip, and didn’t feel any worse, so proceeded to drink the rest.

“I drink too much coffee, like, fifty cups a day or something; okay so not fifty, like maybe ten” Gerard randomly came out with, causing Amelia to laugh through a mouthful of coffee, and the coffee came out of her nose, for the first time all day she had colour in her cheeks as she blushed.

“Fucking hell, it burns” she whined, now sounding as though she had a cold. Gerard had begun laughing too.

“Oh god that’s funny,” he said, rubbing his fist across his eyes. “We should get going, buy some water,” he almost commanded, leaving the right money, plus some extra on the table.
Amelia bought a few bottles of water before making her way back to her bus.

“See you later,” Gerard said with a smile, before walking off to his own bus.
Amelia liked Gerard, at first he had come across as arrogant, and felt as though he thought too highly of himself, like he was too good to be with them. But after they had got high, they spent a long time talking, about anything and everything. She remembered that night, so well; it was like a video she could replay in her mind over and over again. They had stayed up until the sun had started to turn the morning sky orange, and then slept in until the next afternoon. Gerard had slept on the sofa, which had irritated Chrissie, because she couldn’t do anything loudly, as everything was the same room.

The kitchen had a big hole in the wall that looked upon the living room, like a bar, so she had to be quiet when she made coffee. Amelia had woken up before him that day, and woke him up to tell him how late it was, he had stayed for a cigarette and a coffee, then given her his phone number, and left, with the most wonderful smile on his face.

She smiled at the memories, before sitting down on the sofa in the tour bus.

“Feeling better now?” Came Milo’s voice.

“Yeah, a bit thank you,” she answered with a smile.

“You and Gerard seem to be getting close,” Sam commented with a sweet smile.

“Yeah, he’s a nice guy,” Amelia said, yawning.

“He seemed like a prick at the bar,” Zac said, with a sneer.

“Well he’s not,” Amelia snapped, glaring at him.

“Someone’s getting protective,” Zac teased.

“Who doesn’t know that I was like obsessed with him when MCR first got famous, I was like in love with him and I didn’t even know him, it calmed down, but I’d bite your head off for saying it, even if I hadn’t met him. And you’re a prick, so fuck off” She growled.

“Does he know that?” Zac grinned, still teasing.

“No,” Amelia stated bluntly.

“What, you don’t wanna come across as a creepy fan? Hoping for a quick screw?” he said, smirking.

“Fuck you, no.” Amelia growled.

“Zac stop it. For fuck sake, you two are going to end up killing each other,” Milo stated, sitting next to Amelia.

The chatted for a few minutes before Amelia retired to bed.

She fell asleep surprising quickly, only to be woken up what she thought was moments later but was actually a few hours, they had stopped for food.

She climbed off the bus, pulling out her cigarettes, lighting one, and sitting by a wall, out of the area with the petrol, intending to smoke more than one. It was dark now, and a few stars glittered in the sky, overpowered by the light of a glowing full moon, being February it was quite chilly.

She was joined moments later by a drowsy looking Gerard.

“I just thought of something. Why are we driving all this way, to go back to New York, the day after?” she said with a chuckle.

“Because we planned the dates and shit, before we picked you guys, and you came from New York,” he said, sitting next to her, pulling out a cigarette of his own.

“Aha, it just seems like a wasted effort,” she said watching the smoke disappear into the cold night air.

“We can’t just cancel a show though, fans would be disappointed, and they pay allot, to see us,” he stated, yawning. “Anyway, feeling any better now?” he asked.

“Yeah, I slept for a bit, and I feel, half decent now,” she said with a laugh.

“Going to eat anything?”

“I doubt it, I’ll probably, get a coffee then fuck off back to bed,” she said with a grin.

“We’ll be there in just over an hour, and then we have a day, with nothing to do,” Gerard said sounding disappointed.

“For me, that will be a day of arguing with Zac, listening to music, being sick, drinking water, and coffee, sleeping and smoking,” she said laughing slightly.

“Nothing has changed between you and him in the past month then?” Gerard questioned, lighting another cigarette.

“It hasn’t changed in seven years, a month will do nothing, we put up with each other, because we had a band in school, then we stopped for a few years, and made a new band, like, a few years back. We always end up arguing, or actually physically fighting or something though,” she stated, following suit with the cigarette.

“Sounds like fun” Gerard remarked sarcastically.

“We had an argument before I went to sleep, he can’t help himself, he’s such a douche,” Amelia said. “And for some reason, he hates it when I some much as speak to another guy, it’s like he expects me to still be in love with him or something, so we usually argue about something like that,” she added.

“Is that what you argued about earlier?” Gerard questioned.

“Yup, he just implied I was a slag, there wasn’t any need for it, that’s why I went to bed,” she staed.

“What did he say?”

“He implied, I was only talking to you, because I want to shag you,” Amelia said, almost immediately regretting it, colour rising to her cheeks.

“He sounds like an asshole just ignore him,” Gerard said yawning again.

“It’s not in my nature to,” she said flicking the fag butt out of the way, and standing up. “I fancy a sandwich, coming?” she questioned.

“Sure, thought you weren’t eating?” he said standing up, putting his hood up, and following her.

“Changed my mind,” she stated with a grin.
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