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"She Sure Can Put it Back"

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The first show, and it's aftermath. Fluffiness ensues.

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The day of the first show of the concert had soon come around, Amelia had spent most of the day smoking, being sick and talking to Gerard.

An hour before Walking Contradictions were due to perform, Amelia had chosen pale foundation with dark eyeliner, and wild hair, figuring they wouldn’t actually be on stage for very long she didn’t make too much effort. Choosing to wear black skinnies and a white tank top, simple, but it made her figure look good.

And despite Gerard telling her not to, ten minutes before they went on, she stood in the open air, smoking a joint, packed with weed. She felt the effects pretty quickly, instantly calmer, and more cheerful.

And when they finally hit the stage, she had not an ounce of fear in her body. Playing only three songs, all of them written by her and the band, the reaction of the crowd was wonderful, better than they expected, but no-where near as loud as the roar that could be heard when Gerard and the boys stepped on stage.

She sat backstage, as everyone else fucked off, listening to everything. She loved the way he managed to get the crowd so involved, singing along, or clapping a beat to help them along, even getting them to imitate his movements, or just going wild.

It was all a terrifying and wonderful experience, which they would have to repeat many times over the next year. Amelia had no doubt in her mind that it would get easier to deal with, but she didn’t know how much easier, and the prospect of travelling the world with five men she barely knew, plus others, daunted her a bit. Then there was the money, they were each being paid a fair amount to sing three simple songs, free accommodation, and were almost guaranteed a recording contract by the end of it, they had it made.

Little over two hours later the tour finished and the band came back stage, each sweaty, exhausted but beaming with happiness. Mikey and Gerard shared a quick hug, and the others all gave each other energetic high-fives.

Gerard spotted Amelia, and automatically looked slightly shocked, but he approached her with a smile. She couldn’t help but think how sexy he looked with small beads of sweat on his brow and his hair dampened.

“You did great,” he whispered as he leant down and hugged her tightly, she made no hesitation in hugging back, closing her eyes and silently inhaling, he smelled weirdly good.

“Not even half as good as you, it’s weird hearing it all from backstage,” she said as he pulled away, removing his jacket, and sighing.

“You’ve seen us before?” he questioned, as they made their way to the buses.

“Four times, with Chrissie, and we always ended up front row,” she said with a grin.

“Wow,” he said “Get your guys, and come to our bus,” he said to her as she began to walk away.

“Sure,” she said with a beaming smile.

“Hey guys, Gerard invited us to their bus” she said with a beaming smile, as she opened the door.
Minutes later, they all trudged toward the MCR tour bus, the guys verging on being drunk, carrying their own alcohol, Amelia clutching a bottle of seventy percent vodka, that Chrissie had given her. She knocked on the door of the tour bus, and it was soon opened, by Gerard who had changed into a white tee shirt that fitted him loosely.

“Welcome,” he stated with a grin as they all stepped in, the guys more clumsily.

“You guys were great!” Ray exclaimed as soon as everyone else got in.

Milo beamed a thank you, and Sam looked happy, but Zac just grunted, he really was an ungrateful bastard.

“Do you not want a shot glass for that?” Mikey said looking shocked as Amelia went to take a swig from her bottle.

“Hun’, in a few minutes, I’ll be so drunk I won’t be able to taste the shit,” she answered him taking a big gulp, before stopping to pull a disgusted face. She repeated this a few times, until the bottle was about half empty, she shoved it into the nearest chest, Gerard’s, who had already been drinking his own vodka, he did the same as she.

“She sure can put it back,” Bob remarked as she moved on to down a can of cider she had cleverly thieved from her brother.

“She’s been doing it since she was like thirteen, and she can mix all she wants, she’s never once puked, and she’s been so fucking smashed she’s passed out” Milo slurred slightly, belching as he finished.

“Manners Milo,” Amelia slurred with a grin jabbing her finger into his chest, only misjudging the distance slightly, and stumbling forward a couple of feet.

“She’s an idiot when she’s drunk” Zac commented looking un-amused.

“I managed to shag your best friend, and not get noticed, not as stupid as the twat that didn’t notice his girl was missing for half an hour. Then, then shoved his tongue into the mouth of that same girl, not knowing she had sucked off another of his friends, then commented how ‘odd she tasted’ hey babe?” Amelia slurred with a matter-of-factly swish of her finger.

“Proves what a slag you are,” Zac stated, the room was silent.

“Was, I changed now, you’re still an idiot,” she said with a wink, and Frank laughed.

Amelia had stolen her vodka back off of Gerard, who was almost reluctant to give it back, saying more than once that he thought she should stop. She drank some more, then stumbled outside, mumbling something about a cigarette. Feeling the need to babysit, despite being quite drunk himself,(we all know how funny it is when drunk people babysit even drunker people) Gerard had followed her out, and took one of her cigarettes.

She smoked quickly, then for some reason began to walk.

“Don’t wander off too far,” she heard Gerard slur.

“Gerard Way,” she had said, stopping abruptly causing him to walk into her. “You know, you’ve been my biggest celebrity crush since you got famous, I’m twenty four, and I sound like a stupid teenager,” she slurred, looking quizzically up at the moon. Gerard didn’t say much, just laughed, and wrapped his arms around her from behind, burying his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling deeply.
She giggled and dropped her fag butt on the floor, closing her eyes, and savouring the closeness of their situation. She was a person, who although often patchy and mixed up, remembered mostly everything when she was drunk.

“You smell nice,” he whispered, his warm breath floating across her skin, causing her to shudder slightly, and let out a shaky breath.

She turned around, wrapping one hand around his neck, and burying the other in his hair, leaning up, and also inhaling. “So do you,” her voice was low, and husky, as she closed her eyes again, she could stay like this, content for eternity.

He pulled away slightly, and she looked down, her hands falling to her sides, letting out a disappointed groan when one hand abandoned its grip around her body. The groan was cut short when she felt pressure in her chin, forcing her to gaze upwards, into the most beautiful eyes, almost golden in the current light.

She could feel his breath, smell it, the odd stench of cigarettes and alcohol filling her senses. The hand around her waist pulled her closer, and her body was now wedged against his, she broke his gaze for a second, colour filling her cheeks as she let out a shaky breath.

“Look at me,” he ordered gently, his voice barely a whisper.

She wasn’t usually nervous around men, in normal situations, she would be the one making the moves, but this wasn’t a ‘normal situation’ this was Gerard Way, a man she had never dreamed of meeting; let alone end up pressed against twenty metres away from his tour bus.
But she obliged, daring to look into those golden pools that captured her instantly, and they both leaned in, closer and closer, until their lips met. For some reason, she tried to pull away, but his hand, now cupping her cheek prevented her from doing any such thing.

Their lips moved in time, and they pulled each other closer, she grabbed his short hair, smiling gently into the kiss. Only for them to pull away seconds later. Nothing was said, and seconds later their lips were connected again, only this time, it was harder, needier she felt his grip around her waist tighten, as she complied by grabbing at his neck slightly. She felt his tongue pressed against her lower lip.

“What. The. Fuck.” She head Zac’s voice, each word spaced apart from the last, instantly her and

Gerard broke apart, but he still had hold of her waist. “Well, you don’t waste time do you?” he said with a smirk that was visible even in the low light.

“You always ruin everything,” She mumbled under her breath her whole body now tense. Zac had already walked away; they could hear his footsteps getting further and further away.
Gerard pulled her around into a hug one hand on her head, the other round her back. “Calm down, he’s an asshole,” he whispered into her hair.

“He’ll tell everyone,” she spat into his chest. Her drunken angriness, always somehow made her act more sober and coherent.

“I don’t care if you don’t,” he spoke so softly, it made her relax and smile.

“Can I call you Gee?” she questioned into his chest.

“Call me whatever you want, but I think you asked me that once before” he replied.
They walked back to the bus, hands intertwined, and they walked into the bus like that, gaining numerous wolf whistles.

“Typical, only girl here, and Gee gets her,” Frank sighed, causing a few people to laugh.

“I wouldn’t touch her if she was the only female left on this planet” Zac spat.

Gerard sat down, next to Mikey, pulling Amelia onto his legs, wrapping an arm around her, and holding her hand with his free limb. She bent down and planted a kiss on his lips.

“That’s my little sister you’re molesting” she heard Milo comment with a laugh.

“Get a room,” called Mikey.

“Gladly,” Gerard said, urging her to stand up, and leading her to the bunks.

“Please don’t shag,” she heard Milo almost whimper.

And they didn’t, there was allot of kissing, some drunken conversing a fair amount of laughter, and then sleep. And at that moment in her life, Amelia couldn’t have been more content, wrapped in the arms of a man she had dreamed about for years, even knowing she would wake up with the mother of all hangovers in the morning, did nothing to dishearten her. So she smiled, listening to Gerard breath, feeling his breath on her neck, and drifted off into the land of sleep genuinely happy.
A part of her thought, that he might act differently in the morning, and that all of this would have been the drink speaking, not his true feelings. But then she remembered an old saying her mother had often spoken of “A drunken mans words are a sober mans thoughts” maybe the same applied for actions? She could only hope, pray almost that it was true, or that this wasn’t some stupidly detailed and accurate dream.

She could only pray that she would wake up in the comfort and security that one could only receive from being wrapped in the arms of a man.

I know, that Gerard got clean from alcohol and stuff in the tour prior to Black Parade, but you know for the purposes of my writing, and the fact this is fiction. He will drink to celebrate.
That is all.

Hope you enjoyed it :D

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read, a review would be nice, tell me if you like it or dislike like, then I can work toward improving.. XD
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