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Height Restrictions

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The morning after..

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Amelia awoke abruptly, as she felt a sharp jolt. But she didn’t move, feeling an arm wrapped tightly around her waist, and a gentle puff of breath filtering across her neck at regular intervals. At some point in the night, she had deposited her skinny jeans, dubbing them uncomfortable to sleep in, and had settled for her tank top, and her underwear.

She didn’t move she lay in the same place, a content smile on her face; it was then that she realized they were moving. She groaned, a sharp stabbing pain in her temples causing her to scrunch her eyes shut. She heard Gerard breath in sharply, and make one of those odd noises people often made when they wake up, she smiled at its cuteness.

She felt the pressure of his arm move, slowly as though he was trying not to wake her, obviously thinking she was still sleeping. She turned around to gaze at him, half lidded eyes.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” he whispered against her neck.

“You didn’t,” she said facing forward, and stretching her arms out, hitting her knuckles on the bunk above, causing her to groan. She had forgotten how cramped bunks were, and was surprised she hadn’t fallen out of the tiny bed in the night.

“Ugh, not you; headache” she groaned sitting up and grabbing her head, “do you have any pain killers?” She questioned looking down at Gerard out of the corner of her eyes.

“I think so, out there somewhere, ask Ray, he’ll know,” he answered with a yawn “bring me some?” He questioned as he completed his yawn.

“Sure” she said, also yawning, and stepping out of the bed.

“Put something on your bottom half, it will fuck them up if you go out like that,” Gerard almost ordered with a grin. She complied wordlessly slipping her jeans on, leaving the belt un-done as she stepped out of the bunking area, into the light.

She groaned and looked around, but was greeted with Mikey’s voice, piercing her thoughts. “Morning! Well, you look...rough,” he commented with a nod.

“Aspirin,” came Ray’s voice, as she noted the box flying toward her. She couldn’t catch it however, and had to bend down to pick it up.

Frank handed her a bottle of water “figured you would have a wonderful hangover,” he commented with a grin, sarcasm dripping from his voice

“I’ll bet Gee has too, he hasn’t drunk in a while,” Bob remarked, also grinning.

“Thanks guys,” Amelia mumbled with a yawn, as she retreated back to the bunks, where Gerard was now sitting up, his neck bent slightly due to the bunk above him. Apparently Amelia hadn’t been the only one to lose an item of clothing in the night, she noted as she saw he was topless.
She took two of the pills for herself, quickly consuming them with a gulp of the refreshing water, before plonking down next to Gerard on the bed, passing the drugs over to him. He repeated her actions, pulling a disgusted face, before drinking some more of the water.
He then looked over to her, his caramel eyes almost burning into her soul, she tore her gaze away from his, looking at her hands.

“You have a problem keeping eye contact,” Gerard remarked with a laugh.
Amelia smiled slightly, deep in thought, she looked back up to him, “About last night...” she trailed off.

“I was wondering, how long it would take, to bring that up...” he said, with a smile she didn’t quite know how to read.

“I was drunk, I... didn’t know if it were just a spur of the moment thing, y’know...” she sighed.

“Do you want it to be? Or do you want something...More?” he said, his voice quiet.

“I do, but what if...” she was cut off.

“Better to regret something you did, than didn’t do,” his voice had now dropped to a whisper. She said nothing, just sat there, staring into his eyes, a look of thought on her face. She snapped out of her thoughts a moment later when she felt warm lips softly against her own.
Now her head was completely clear of thoughts as she wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing him to push her down onto the bed, their lips never leaving one another. They broke apart for a second, only to become attached once more as she grabbed his hair, and raked her nails lightly down his back, earning a low hiss, which momentarily parted their lips. Their little moment began to heat up, that was until the door was forced open.

“Hey Gee, I...Fucking hell!?” Mikey squeaked.

“What!?” Came Frank’s eager voice as he pounced on Mikey’s back in order to see the scene that was unfolding. As Ray and Bob joined them, Amelia and Gerard broke apart, dragging a groan from her lips as she turned to glare at the four men.

“Fuck off,” Gerard almost growled, also turning to look at his band mates.

“Isn’t it a bit early in the day for this shit..?” Bob began, drawing laughter from the other three.

“I don’t need to be seeing this,” Mikey remarked as Frank slid off his back, allowing him to turn around and walk off.

“Use protection,” Ray added with a smirk as he too walked off.

“That means you as well,” Gerard Said to Frank as Bob walked off. He rolled off of Amelia, glaring up at his best friend.

“He likes it rough,” Frank stated to Amelia with a wink, before darting out of the room.

“I’m going to kill them,” Gerard grumbled, a hint of darkness in his tone.

“They’re funny,” Amelia remarked with a grin, and she sat up, behind Gerard snaking an arm around his waist, and planting a kiss on his shoulder, before resting her chin on the same spot.

“And immature, they haven’t changed, still the same,” Gerard said, turning his head slightly to look at her.

“And, I’m sure you can be too, we all have those moods,” she stated softly, kissing his neck gently.

“That’s very true, but they have ‘those moods’ all the fucking time,” he said with a smirk.
“At least it’s a laugh, all I ever get is Milo lecturing me, Zac taking the piss, and Sam sitting there all silent,” she retorted with a pout.

“Sounds like fun” Gerard stated sarcasm dripping from his tone.

“It’s fun, owning Zac, but we often take it too far, which reminds me, where are they...?” she trailed off looking thoughtful.

“I think they got onto their own bus ages ago,” Gerard stated, slipping from her grasp, “Right, I’m going to get changed,” he stated, as Amelia smiled, got up and left, only after giving him one quick peck on the lips.

“We all know Gee can’t last long, but fuck that was quick, even for him,” frank remarked as she exited the room, and plonked on the sofa next to him.

“Hun, I’ll bet you can’t do much better,” she said, with a grin as she gazed over to him.
“Is that a challenge?” he said suggestively.

“And what if it is?” she said with a smug grin.

“Then I will prove you wrong right here and now,” he retorted, his face suddenly serious.
There was a silence as everyone stared at the two, and Amelia thought of a comeback “I’ll leave that to my imagination, thank you,” she stated gently patting his cheek.

“Shame, well, if you ever get bored of five minute sessions, I’m your man,” he stated proudly. Causing Amelia to laugh, Mikey to make a “pfft” noise, Ray to chuckle, and Bob to grin.

“I’m like a rollercoaster,” Amelia stated.

“How so?” Frank questioned looking confused.

“I have a height restriction,” she said poking her tongue out, as the whole room made an “oooh” noise in return.

“What did I miss?” Gerard groaned as he exited the bunking room, rubbing his head, squeezing between Amelia and Frank.

“Amelia just totally owned Frank,” Ray said with a laugh.

“Frank just got owned, by a girl, with a hangover, you need to polish up my friend,” Mikey said, opening his laptop, and switching it on, as he sat at the dining table.

“How?” Gerard questioned, looking confused, and lost (and really cute).

“He was giving it all this about how he can last in bed, and she said she was like a rollercoaster,” Ray said.

“What, how?” Gerard questioned looking at her.

“I have a height restriction,” she grinned.

“That’s brilliant,” Gerard laughed looking over to frank.

“Hey!? You’re supposed to be my best friend!” Frank said, mocking a hurt face.

“Well, that’s what you get, for hitting on my girl,” Gerard stated with a smirk.

“Your...girl?” Amelia whispered, sounding slightly shocked

“Yeah, my girl,” he said turning around with a smile, and planting a kiss on her nose.
She smiled, and hugged him. It was at that moment, she was genuinely taken in by him, she was not taken by the image, the lead singer of a band, the face, the gestures he made on stage, the way he sung, or even the way he talked out of one side of his mouth. She was taken in by him, his personality, his dorky cuteness, and his actions, just everything.

“That’s weirdly sweet,” Bob mumbled from the kitchen area.

She cupped his face and pulled him into a kiss. Before glancing over at Frank, to see the mock horror on his face, followed by a snigger from his lips.

“Gee came,” was all that was needed to draw laughter from all the members of the band, except Gerard of course.

“Bitch, you die,” he grinned, turning to Frank and pulling him to the floor.

“Ah, they wrestle again,” Mikey commented, briefly pulling his gaze from his computer screen.
Amelia watched in awe, her eyes wide, but laughter escaping her lips as they made strange remarks at each other, followed by groans, noises of pain, and occasionally a squeak.

“Hey Gee,” Frank said causing Gerard to halt his current assault.

“Ye...” he was cut off as Frank shot up, and kissed him, Gerard’s eyes going wide as he shot backwards, falling off Frank, and wiping his mouth.

“Frankie!? Stop fucking doing that,” Gerard growled.

“Never fails,” Ray said with a laugh, as he gazed over to Amelia who was in stitches.

“Gee, you should give up while you’re ahead in future,” Frank said with a smug grin, as he stood up.

“One day. One day, I will win, until then I will not stop!” Gerard exclaimed proudly.

“You’ll be trying a long time” Mikey muttered absentmindedly chewing on a pen.

And so they sat around and laughed for a further two hours, Mikey remained glued to his laptop, the whole time, doing god knows what, occasionally contributing toward the conversation. Bob didn’t talk much, but when it did, it was usually funny, and so the main conversation was had by Gerard, Frank and Ray, Amelia also didn’t say too much, she simply sat next to Gerard, her fingers intertwined with his.

When they stopped, at lunchtime for food she stepped off the bus, spotting Milo, she gave him a quick smile, and a wave. He grinned, and proceeded to get food. Zac did, nothing, just placed his aviator sunglasses over his face, gazed in her direction, then turned to follow Milo, who it appeared was following Sam.

“I’m going, to talk to my band,” she stated to Gerard, pointing her thumb behind her, and smiling, before taking his sunglasses out of his hand and placing them over her eyes.

“Are you coming back on our bus after?” he questioned.

“Probably not, I need to change, and sleep some more,” she sighed looking apologetic.

“Oh, fair enough, I’ll see you before you get on the bus then sugar?” he questioned with a smile, bending down to plant a soft sweet kiss on her lips. She grinned, lifting the sunglasses up to wink before walking off.

“’sup guys?” she said with a smile, sliding into the booth next to Sam, who smiled at her sweetly, he was so cute, with his blond hair, longer at the front than the back, and single lip piercing, and deep dark blue eyes.

Zac grunted, but smiled slightly. Zac, though an arrogant prick for it; was attractive with the brightest green eyes, and nice, naturally dirty blonde hair, slim and tall he had a great sense of style, and was often swooned over.

“Hey sis,” Milo said with a smile, he was essentially a more masculine version of Amelia with snake bite lip piercings and messy black hair; he was attractive, but not arrogant about it.

“When did you migrate buses” Amelia questioned making adequate movements with her hands.

“Late last night before we set off,” Milo stated, before everyone ordered food, as a waitress came over, all smiles and charm.

“Ah, sorry I didn’t come,” Amelia apologized, propping the sunglasses atop her head.

“More room for us,” Zac stated with a smirk, not a hint of malice in his voice.

“Um, wait you’re being ‘kind of’ nice,” Amelia said, looking slightly taken back.

“I’m going to make an effort, if you will, for the sake of everyone’s sanity,” he said holding out his hand for her to shake.

“Yeah, sorry about last night,” she said taking his hand and shaking it.

“You were drunk. But it did piss me off,” he said honestly “I’m sorry I caught you and the light bulb in the act,” he said with a grin.

“He is not a light bulb, what the fuck!?” Amelia said, her voice slightly raised, causing people to turn to look.

“That’s harsh,” Sam stated, taking a sip of his coffee as the waitress placed it on the table in front of him.

“So, what’s actually going on between you and him?” Milo questioned, his eyes almost boring holes through her, making her slightly nervous.

“We talked a bit, and I think we’re gonna give it shot and he called me ‘his girl’ this morning, so I assume we’re an item...” Amelia trailed off.

“If he breaks your heart, I will see to it that his face gets it worse,” Milo stated calmly, also picking up his coffee.

Half an hour or so later, they finished their lunch, and made their way to the buses, and as Amelia was about to step on she heard a voice.

“Hey sugar,” it was Gerard, she turned around about to reply, when he grabbed her waist, and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, before he pulled away resting his forehead on hers. “I’ll see you later yeah?” he whispered, with a smile.

“Yeah, next stop,” she spoke quietly back, with a smile before he pulled away, grabbing his sunglasses as he walked off, with a wink, causing her to smile, a content kind of smile before stepping onto her bus...
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