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Close encounters of a doggy kind

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An unfortunate meeting could lead to a beautiful romance.

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Hey, trying something a litttle different with this story but if you like it read my others please :) alsoooo, if you have the time I think you would really enjoy "It Had To Be You by SuperShocker. Please comment so I know how you feel about this story and then I know to keep writing or not, much appreciated xx

"You know were doing this jogging thing all wrong, you never see them sweating and out of breath on the adverts; their always tossing their long beautiful hair around and downing bottles of mountian springs water. Not panting and collapsing on the floor" I bent over holding my knee's for support breathing deeply to calm my beat boxing heart, my hazel hair covering my face from the glaring sun and the more blinding glare from my best friend.
"It was one time and I tripped, and I told you if you were finding this too difficult to let me know and we would go home, your still recovering from a lung infection Maddie. You don't have to prove anything to me, I understand." This was my amazing best friend Delilah, she was always dead supportive of everything I did or tried to do, a real shoulder for me to lean on. I depended entirely upon her guidance and reassurance even though she was the clutsey one out of the two of us.
"I'm fine, i'm fed up of now being able to climb a flight of stairs at work without panting like a -"
"DOG!" At that moment a half a tonne minture lion lookalike trampled me to the floor pinning me down with it's four fat paws and licking all over my face with it's enormas black toung. "Maddie keep calm and he'll leave you alone" Delilah said quietly but I could still hear the faint smile in her tone, she was loving the fact my biggest fear had me pinned to the grassy bank. Yes you may be laughing now but dog's are scary, especially big hairy ones that were trying to lick you to death.
"I am so sorry are you ok?" slowly the tonne weight was lifted off my chest and the sun was being blocked from my face but the shadow of a man. I wipped my face from doggie salivour and looked up at the owner of the beast who's face, along with my so called best friends, was plastered with a broad grin. He was a slim, tall, mid 20's man. Just above the shoulder black hair, which was lookign quite untameable, and amazing hazel eyes filled with concern and joy. He slowly extented a hand to help me up which I starred at for a good few minutes, not because i'm dumb and didn't understand but because I was sure I had been knocked unconsious by the mighty beast because there was not a chance this sort of beauty was real.
"Maddie? Are you alright?" Delilah sounded startled by the fact that I hadn't bounced right back up. Slowly I took his hand and he smiled and pulled me up onto my feet.
"Oh...erm thank you" I muttered blushing, I looked round and found the dog that had embarrased me like this, it was sat patiently waiting for it's owner looking like a doggy version of the Cheshire Cat. "I'm guessing this is your dog?"
"Yes, i'm so sorry. I was walking him when he saw you and he must have thought you looked nice, which I completely agree with, and pulled free from me and charged" I blushed slowly as what he said sunk in, he thought I was pretty, even when I was covered in sweat, dog breath, grass and mud.
"'s ok, he was only playing. No harm done" At the Delilah's mouth dropped open. She had two dog's, Twig and Chuck, and i never let them near me. But then a smirk replaced the shocked expression.
"Come on Mad's, we best be getting back anyways, your race things on soon"
"Formula One is not just a race thing" She knew perfectly well it was the highlight of my weekend. But before I could argue anymore I was being pulled away from my new friend and directed home by an old one.
"Erm see you around then!" He shouted, the smile that greeted me when lying on the floor still hadn't moved from his face just grew bigger and bigger. " have grass on your bum" He started giggling and picked up his dog lead. He waved and the disappered over the hill.
"Can we walk your dog's tomorrow morning?" I mumbled while whipping the grass off the back of my shorts.
"Your unbelievable. Just remember to keep your tounge in your mouth next time, you almost looked like his dog"
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