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She had never made so much of an effort just to go jogging before, what had brought all this on? Oh that's right the dog walker.

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I was up bright and early: showered, dried, hair done, make up done, coffeed, dressed and ready to go. I was just waiting upon Delilah so that we could get out and start jogging. We had arranged to meet at 8.30 at the corner shop but she was nowhere to be seen. Not that this was a worry she was properbly arguing with her boyfriend again, she needed someone better, she deserved better. I'll find her better.
8.45 - still no Del.
8.50 - slowly starting to worry now.
9.06 - Hey mad's, can't come jogging cough stalking cough today. I feel like there's an explosion going off in my head. I'm sorry hun, I'll make it up to you though I promise, we can go tomorrow. Del xx
I frowned slowly, I hated it when she was ill, it always meant I was due to be ill. I was just about to turn around and go home and get the essential "getting better tool" a.k.a: Ben and Jerry's, stir fry and breaded mushrooms when I saw him heading towards Star Bucks. It was a sign. There was no dog this time which made the sign even better. I checked to see if the road was clear, which it wasn't because rush hour had started and people were driving like maniacts just to get a sip of coffee before they had to be sat in there office but I didn't care, he was slowly slipping away and I couldn't afford not to see him this morning because I know how long Delilah's recovery's took. And that was long. I ran across the road, narrowly missing the bumper of a very shiny yellow taxi which blasted it's horn in anger but i'd already entered the buzzingly busy Star Bucks. Yesh, this was worse than outside. It was heaving with people in suits trying to get a morning caffine dose. I can now truely understand what I look like in the morning. Miserable and groggy. I stood on my tipstoes pretending to look if there were any seats left but really I was scanning the room for him. He wasn't here. I must have missed him walking out when I was watching to see when I could cross the road. This sucked. I stepped out of the busy shop and started walking towards my house when a familiar panting noise came up behind me. I turned and there it was. The big lion lookalike.
"Not you again" I mumbled.
"He's behaving today, he's on his lead, or did you mean me?" I smiled as my eyes followed the lead up to the person i'd be wanting to see all morning "How are you after yesterday?"
"I'm ok, a lot cleaner" I blushed as he started laughing, his laugh was amazing unlike my snort of a laugh.
"You look it" My mouth dropped open at his bluntness "I..No, I didn't mean it like that" he stammered when he saw my face and slowly started blushing. "What I meant to say was, you look a lot less....muddy today....a lot...prettier" with the last word he looked at the floor and turn a shocking shade of pink.
"Oh...Thank you" I smiled slowly and knelt down and stroked his dog which started doing doughnuts and trying to lick all over my face again.
"Ozzy down boy" I smiled, it was such a cute name for his dog.
"What kind of dog is he?"
"A chow chow, sorry he keeps jumping on you, he must like you, he's normally better mannered than this"
"Aww no it's fine, he's a big softy....Whats your name by the way?"
"Oh, Gerard, sorry I didn't introduce myself yesterday"
"It's fine, i'm Madison"
"Nice to meet you Maddie, I know this is going to sound really rude but I have to get going, Oz is booked in for a hair cut" I laughed at the image of dog sat in a chair with rollers in and then realised I must have seem mad so I looked at the floor.
"It's fine, i'll see you around maybe" and with that he walked away dragging Ozzy behind him.
I have a name for Dogman! He's called Gerard. The dog's called Ozzy xx
I quickly typed out and sent to Delilah, at least she will understand why i'm not at her house yet pampering her with foods to make her better. That reminds me, I better get my skates on.
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