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Doggy run'in's

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Madison goes to buy supplies for Delilah and runs into Gerard

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“So let me get this straight? You left me in bed, dying, to go and chat up the dog man?”
“Whatever his name is, you left me! I’m your best friend and I needed you” at this moment Delilah started to laugh, she had never been good at lying it wasn’t one of her strong suites. “So come on then I want the gossip, what happened? Did he buy you coffee? Did he give you his number? Did he ask you on a date?” I opened my mouth to answer then paused to think.
“No? Not even coffee?” She looked as confused as I felt. I don’t want to brag but I’d never bought a single cup of coffee for myself in my life, it was like a record I was holding. I’d go in the shop order and when it came to paying either a cute or not so cute guy would offer and I would graciously accept or the guy who was serving me would give it me on the house because of my “pretty little smile” and “witty sense of humour”. But Gerard hadn’t even offered to buy me a cup. Then again he did have the big ginger beast, I mean, he did have Ozzy with him but when I pointed this fact out to Delilah she just laughed and said “That’s why they have poles outside, to tie them up for a second”. This caught me a little off guard, maybe Gerard didn’t feel the same way about me as I did for him, maybe he had a girl in his life already. This was a bummer.
“Anyways, I’ll go buy us some bits and bobs and we can have a proper gossip when I get back and work this one out. Is there anything you need?” Delilah’s had shot out of the cover and produced a list of items that had been scribbled down quickly before I’d arrived. “Ok, I won’t be long”
“Before you go, pass me the phone” I handed it to her “I need to break up with my boyfriend”
“Oh come off it, you don’t like him either. I’ve had enough of him treating me like shit” I nodded slowly and walked out quietly because she’d already started dialling. I decided I would go home for a couple of hours first, I didn’t want to go back to Delilah’s and interrupt a blazing row.

I walked into our local shop two minutes before it was about to close, I knew I was being really cheeky asking him to stay open late seen as for the past 40 minutes I’d been asleep on my couch cuddled up to my Mark Webber teddy. But he always let us off he called me and Del his “pretty lady customers”. He was sweet. I was just adding chocolate pop tarts to my basket when I felt a slight tap on my shoulder.
“Hello again, I’d say stranger but I’ve seen you more times in the past two days than my best friend” he smiled slowly, his smile was gorgeous.
“Hi Gerard”
“So what brings you shopping at this late hour? It’s pretty dark out you know, not safe for a young lady such as yourself” I could feel my cheeks growing pinker.
“Oh stocking up on supplies”
“Incase of what? The world runs out of sugar?” he said while looking through my basket which I quickly moved away while blushing even more.
“It’s rude to look through a lady’s….”
“Bag not basket” he was laughing now, his laugh was even sweeter than his smile. We stood and talked for what seemed like forever, both laughing and touching one and other’s arms. He was soooo flirting with me. And I was flirting right back and loving every minute of it. Slowly he extended his hand towards my face, at first I thought he was going to kiss me because he was slowly going a light shade of red and also very quiet. But at the last minute, just before his fingertips stroked my face, his hand grabbed the product at the side of my head and his face became fixed on reading the information on the side of the box. After a moments silence wondering what had just happened I looked up to see what he was staring at so intently. A box of tampons.
“Huh?” He pushed them back on the shelf as quickly as possible as though they had just stung him then his face went scarlet.
“I didn’t realise what they were!” I started laughing at the top of my voice, his face was such a picture.
“Excuse me kids, I don’t want to break up the party but I would really like to go home and get some tea” the shop keeps voice rose through our fit of giggles and slowly we gathered our finally items together and went and tilled up. Once outside the shop the cool night breeze greeted us and hushed us both into silence. We stood staring at each other intently for a good few minutes until Gerard cleared his throat and nodded towards a silver car that was parked across the road.
“I best go, my mate Franks waiting to go watch the match, I was only meant to be nipping in for some beers” I smiled slowly.
“No problem, I best get back to Del’s and find out how she went on with her break-up”
“Tell her I said hi” I nodded smiling even more at his cuteness. He was just so sweet. “I guess I’ll be seeing you the-” before I could finish the word “then” his lips were pressed against mine silencing me. We kissed for good few minutes before a blaring of a horn interrupted our perfect little moment.
“Gerard get your butt inside this car now and put your tongue back into your own mouth!” I started laughing at the head that had appeared out of his car window.
“That’s Frank…He’s well erm frank”.
“Very frank” I laughed
“can I have your number?” I nodded and read it out to him before I could finish the last digit his mouth met mine once more.
“No just oh, the last numbers 9” he laughed and kissed me again.
“I’ve told you once! Leave the poor girl alone she doesn’t want your tongue down her throat! Get in the car” We both laughed, he kissed my cheek and walked towards his car.
“Oh by the way, how do you like your coffee?”
“Erm cappuccino, two sugars and milk”
“good, I’ll have one waiting for you tomorrow in the park” and with that he drove away with a smile fixed upon his lips.
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