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Dogs just not that into you

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When sparks fly so do towels

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“That damn dog of his still doesn’t like me” I moaned to Delilah down the phone while drying me hair with my towel, I’d just got out of a very hot shower because Gerard’s dog once again decided to tackle me onto the muddy ground “maybe he’s an ex from a past life, reincarnated as a dog, to stop me from having sexy times with a new guy in this life.” Delilah laughed and then went very quiet.
“Sexy times? You’ve not even gone out on a proper date yet! God, your as easy as Sunday mornings you know that!?” She was laughing down the phone so loud I almost missed the knock at the door “see what I did there? Genius that I am”
“Yes it was very good Del but I have to go someone’s at the door”
“no no buts this time” I said whilst opening the door and holding my towel firmly around me, didn’t want to flash the post man again; it makes getting parcels very awkward.
“but Olly did the cutest thing for my magazine the other day” I looked up and his warm hazel eyes met mine “Mad’s? Helloooooo Maddiekin’s you still there? MADDIE!? You may pretend to not be there but that won’t stop me going on about Olly and his new hat.”
“Hi” he smiled once Delilah’s voice had died down
“Hi, one second. Del, I’ll ring you back” with that I snapped my phone shut and realised an awkward silence into the hall. It was as though someone had snapped a clapper board and commanded absolute silence for the scene we were participating in. After a while I found my voice “do you want to come in?”
“Please, it’s freezing in this hall”
“Oh the landlords a tight bugger and doesn’t put the heating on that’s why mines always on full blast.” He smiled and walked into my hall. “So how did you find my house?” I shut the door slowly and led him into the living room making sure my hold on my towel was very secure.
“Well….I made sure you got home safe the other night because it was dark….Didn’t want you getting hurt” I smiled. He was so sweet. Maybe a little stalkerish but what can I talk, I know Mark Webbers home address off by heart.
“Well thank you that’s very kind and sweet” he slowly started blushing, it was obviously sinking it that I was stood there in just a towel that was barely long enough to cover me.
“I’m going to go and get dressed, I can see this is making you uncomfortable”
“No!” I jumped slightly at his sudden forwardness.
“I meant it’s not making me uncomfortable”
“Oh o-”
“I mean I quite like it, oh gosh that sounded so pervy I’m so sorry” he was going extremely red, you could tell he was nervous.
“No no it’s fine. I understand”
“I’m sorry, I only came here to apologise for my dog”
“What?” I was confused by this statement. It’s not every day you hear someone saying sorry for their dog.
“Well….He just doesn’t seem to like you, you always seem to end up on the floor”
“I’ve noticed”
“And well, he’s not normally like that, he’s normally a big softy”
“oh it’s fine honestly, he’s just protecting his owner”
“I think that’s it too, he’s threatened by you.”
“By me? Why what have I done?”
“Well” he moved slightly closer to me which made me tense up, really didn’t want to embarrass myself further by dropping my towel. “You’ve suddenly started getting most of my attention and he’s not used to that.” He smirked cutely at me sending a slight shiver down my spin “You’re a distraction” There was a sparkle in his eyes now, the scared timed Gerard had gone and the Gerard that had kissed me so passionately outside my local shop was standing cockily in his place.
“I don’t do anything though”
“That’s the problem” with this his lips met mine and a puzzled expression grew upon my face. If I were to start kissing him in the park wouldn’t that mean his dog would get even less attention? Does he want me to kiss him or what? Arggggh so confused but his kisses feel so good. “See that’s better” he smirked at me cutely and rested his forehead on mine. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you the other night, I just wanted Frank to go home so that I could come around and be with you” I smiled and stood on my tip toes and kissed him. Forcing my lips against his sent a spark through my entire body as though I had just been given a very strong espresso. This spark unfortunately made me want more, making me hold his cheeks in my hands and pull him closer. After a solid ten minutes of hardly any breathing I realised him.
“Sorry” I blushed
“your very naked”
“wha-” I looked down and there was my trusty towel crumpled in a small pile around my feet. My cheeks grew hotter as they changed to a shade of crimson.
“Don’t be embarrassed, you rock it” his lips met mine, clothes were thrown and the bedroom door was slammed. I liked dropping my towel a lot more than I did when I dropped it to the mail man.
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