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Much a do about a dog

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Gerard sends her roses

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“You slept with him! You slept with him!” was all that was coming out of Delilah’s mouth and no matter how many times I started to utter a sentence my excuses would be cut off by an even louder and angrier “YOU SLEPT WITH HIM!” So for the last twenty minutes the phone had been on my kitchen table with me flicking happily through my More magazine.
“Was he good then?” I looked at the phone startled by the new words being projected out of the handset, I picked it up timidly scared it was an illusion and any second now new waves of shouting would erupt from the phone. But they didn’t. “Hellooo? Maddie? You there?”
“Oh, yeah sorry, I’m here. What did you say?”
“I said, is he good?” I started choking on the sip of orange juice I’d just taken.
“Like….you know what I mean” I could tell she was embarrassed now, I could hear her getting quieter and quieter.
“He was very good” I laughed and there was another knock at the door, I admit my heart skipped a beat and I felt my feet running to the door. I grabbed the door handle and swung the door open so quickly it slammed against the door. “Opps sorry” I looked up half expecting to be met by a beautiful set of hazel eyes instead I was met with a dazzling arrangement of bright pink and red roses. Wow they were beautiful.
“These are for you ma’am” the delivery man placed the bouquet of flowers in my arms placed the card on top and walked off. I shut the door with my foot and walked into the kitchen and lay them gently on the kitchen table.
“What are for you!? Maddie! Maddie” still stunned from shock I placed the phone back to my ear.
“Del, there’s about 6 dozen roses on my kitchen table”
“Wow! You’re a lucky lady, who they from!?” I shook my head then realising she couldn’t see opened the card blushing at my stupidity.
To my darling dog walker,
I know I’ve done this the wrong way around, I should have sent you the flowers before what happened earlier but it was all very heat of the moment sort of style. I’m sorry I had to rush off it’s just you pounced on one of my busiest work day’s ever, I hope I haven’t upset you. I’d like to take you to dinner if that is o-
His writing had been shrinking in size for the last couple of lines and now was so tiny I couldn’t make it out, I frowned a little wanting to read more and a grin grew upon my face when I turned over the card to see more of his message on the back.
Sorry about that, they should make these things bigger. Anyways, dinner, tomorrow at 8, wear something pretty and I will pick you up.
You amazing, just so you know.
Love, Gerard.

“Del, I have to go”
“No not again! You keep doing this”
“Just come around, you live across the hall!” I hung up with a huge grin on my face and quickly ran to the fridge where Gerard had scribbled his number before running out of the door. I quickly typed the number in and listed to the rrrrrrrrrrring rrrrrrrrring for what seemed a life time until I heard his charming little voice fill my head.
“Hello, this is Gerar-”
“Hey G-”
“I’m probably in a meeting and reeeeally sorry I can’t take your call right now, please leave a message after the beep”
“Hey Gerard, it’s me, Maddie. You’ve left your tie. Love the flowers and I’d love dinner. Erm, call me, bye” I hung up and found Delilah behind me putting my roses in vases.
“There’s a lot here”
“Take some home with you then” I smiled.
“No! He bought them for you, it’s so sweet. You must have been pretty good yourself” she winked and I laughed. “So come on I want all the details. Spill” So we sat down, had a couple of glasses of wine and I spilt my deepest secrets to her, we both laughed at my stupidity and agreed I need to buy one of those towel dresses. The more I told her the more her smile grew. I knew what she was thinking. She thought I was in love. But that was silly, it had only been a couple of days or so, wasn’t it?
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