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Doggy first dates

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Gerard and Maddies first date

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It was freezing. The wind caressed my legs sending a shiver throughout my entire body. Winter had arrived. I was stood outside a posh little Italian joint that me and Gerard had arranged to meet at by 8. He was late. I paced around a little in my black heels trying to get some feelings back into my legs, I hadn’t worn tights because they didn’t go with my little black dress but now I wished I had because blue frost bitten legs didn’t look sexy at all. I checked my phone once or twice, craned my neck to see if any cars were coming but there was no sign of life on the deserted road. Once or twice the door of the restaurant would open and the sounds of laughter, flirting and the buzz of excitement would flood the street making me feel even more cold by the fact I’d been stood up.
“Gerard, it’s me again for like the 3000th time. You late. I’m cold. I’m going home.” I left another voice mail and started stomping towards my car.
“8.24 and your giving up already!” there was a slight hint of a laugh in his voice, I turned slowly on my heel to see him walking out from behind the restaurants corner with a smug smile upon his face. “This does not look good, this looks like you’re a quitter” I stared at him half of me wanting to kiss him for not actually standing me up and the other half wanting to slap him for making my lovely legs turn a shocking shade of blue. “I’m sorry darling” he kissed my cheek lightly and smiled softly against it. “I just wanted to see how long you’d actually wait for me” he kissed me softly on the lips and took my hand in his. “Gosh your cold, didn’t you think to wait inside” I growled at him slightly and his eyes twinkled and my heart melted. You couldn’t stay mad at something as cute as him for long; it was like being mad at a puppy. It just can’t be done. He pulled me inside gently and asked the waiter for a table near the fire, I saw him slip him a twenty but I didn’t say anything just smiled at how thoughtful he was. Once we were seated he ordered the wine and starters, I just copied what he was having because my lips were too cold to move. He took my hands in his and started to warm them, occasionally bringing them to his lips and kissing them softly which made my cheeks grow hot and my stomach do back flips. “You look amazing” he whispered softly on my finger tips.
“Thank you, you don’t look too bad yourself”
“Oh I know, Frank did my tie for me” he’d not been able to retie it after we’d slept together it was rather cute to watch. The waiter arrived with the wine and food and as the wine flowed so did the talk. By the end of the evening he was holding me tightly in his arms in my front room giggling like a little school girl because I was trying to kiss him but kept missing.
“Oh just get in my bed already” I laughed and fell into one of my chairs kicking off my heels, my feet were so sore. He smiled and picked me up and carried me to my bed.
“Your going to give me a bad back”
“Are you calling me fat?” I slapped him cutely on the chest and looked up at him smiling. He lay me down softly on the bed and slowly undressed me. “Your so enjoying this, you got me drunk on purpose, it was your refilling my glass. So nasty.” He smiled and kissed me softly.
“Go to sleep, I’ll see you tomorrow” he whispered in my ear.
“Aren’t you staying?”
“No because I’m a gentle man and I respect you and you’re very touchy feely at the moment” I giggled and stroked his arm.
“My hand slipped, it wasn’t my fault” he kissed me again
“Goodnight Maddie, I had a lovely time” he then tucked me in, turned off the light and shut the door behind him. Leaving me in the dark with a huge grin upon my face.
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