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Maddie in Doggyland

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I woke up to an annoying banging which at first I thought was coming from my head. It sure felt that way. I removed the covers that were wrapped around my legs, pulled a hoodie around me and stomped towards the door to stop the eternal racket that was coming from the other side. I looked at the clock as I seized the handle. 10.51am. I’d overslept. I swung open the door and there stood Delilah.
“Maddie! NO! We’re meant to be at my parents in 9 minutes! I can’t believe your not ready” she was really not happy. I pointed to the couch and headed towards my bathroom, instead of sitting down she went in my bedroom and started sifting through my clothes to find and outfit for me. Bless her. Once inside my bathroom I dived into the shower, it soon woke me up and the armour of freshly made coffee seeped in from under the door. I slowly started to wake up. Flashes of the night before greeted me as I dried my hair. Gerard wrapping his coat around me as we kissed in front of my door as I tried to find my keys. Gerard stroking my hair as he said goodnight. Gerard closing my bedroom door with a huge smile upon his face. He had thought so too, last night was an amazing first date.

Once I was ready me and Delilah made our way to her parents house. We wasn’t that late, half an hour isn’t that bad. As soon as our foot met the laminate flooring of their hallway we was rushed into the kitchen and given army style orders for preparations for the house. It was too early to be rushing around like a headless chicken cleaning the house from top to bottom but I had agreed that I would help because Delilah was so down about this break up. At about noonish me and Delilah were finally alone in her parents kitchen stabbing mini sausages, pickled onions and cheese onto cocktail sticks.
“So, who’s party is it?” I mumbled while cutting more chucks of cheese. We needed quite a lot because me and Del kept eating the “spare” chunks.
“My aunties, it’s her 14th engagement” we both rolled our eyes and started to giggle. Del’s auntie got engaged more times than Homer Simpson said “Doh”. “It wont last. She’ll get bored again”
“Like alw-”
“Oh my! I didn’t ask about your date! Here I am talking about my slapper of an auntie when I could be hearing the good stuff” I laughed and handed her another bowl full of cheese cubs. “So come on, how was it?” As we carried on preparing the other food I filled her in on all the details about or date. How I had found out about his family; his mum Donna, dad Donald and his younger brother Mikey. How he wanted to work in the comic book business but it didn’t seem to be working out very well. And how him and his best friend Frank were like the guy version of me and Delilah. Just as I was about to fill her in on the end of the night her mum appeared in the doorway.
“Delilah, someone knocked on the door 10 minutes ago. You still haven’t answered it” she then stormed off.
“I guess that’s a hint for me to get the door” Delilah grinned and walked out of the kitchen shutting the door behind her. I could hear muffled talking as she opened the door, whoever it was Delilah seemed happy to see. After about 5 minutes the door opened slightly and Delilah’s face appeared in the small gap.
“Erm, I’m going upstairs to sort out the spare rooms. So I’ve found someone who can help you out with the food”
“Oh no it-” before I could finish my sentence she pushed him through the door way, shut the door and ran upstairs.
“Hi Maddie” a grin began to grow upon both of our faces, I walked over to him slowly and hugged him. “You recovered from our date?” He smelt lovely like usual. A mix of aftershave, coffee and cigarettes.
“Yeah, I was just telling Del about it” I smiled and started doing the food again, I needed to keep myself busy. Whenever I am around him I get urges which are just not normal.
“Oh really, no wonder my ears were burning.” He smiled and started helping “I hope you were saying good things about me?” I nodded and looked up at him smiling. His lips met mine briefly and then as he went to kiss me again Delilah’s mum reappeared.
“Oh Gerard I see you made it on time. Unlike the girls.” With this last part she shot me a glare. If looks could kill they would have been cleaning me off the walls for weeks. Normally Del’s mum’s a doll and you can have a real laugh with her but recently she’s been rushed off her feet and it’s best just to stay clear. “Is Frank still coming?”
“Of course Mrs.Smith, he would come earlier but he couldn’t get away from the office”
“Oh no. I completely understand. You two boys work your little socks off. Unlike these two.” I carried on prepping the food, not letting her get to me because I knew she didn’t mean it. “When he gets here, will you make sure to introduce him to our Tyler” I nearly chocked on the sip of drink I’d just taken. Tyler smith was the biggest slut in the whole world. She made porn stars look like nuns. Gerard started laughing and patting my back while Del’s mum shook her head and walked out of the room.
“Do not. I repeat do not introduce him to Tyler. Unless you want to see your friend with HIV, broke and miserable. Just don’t do it.” he started laughing and once he’d stopped he kissed me.
“I wasn’t going to, he’s just got out of a horrible relationship and I don’t think he needs the stress at the minute”
“Stress? Dating me isn’t stressful is it?” He smiled slowly and kissed me again.
“Not at all. But I doubt there’s another one of you… unless you have a twin?” I smiled and shook my head. He was so sweet.
“No… but there is a Del?” he looked confused and then smiled slowly.
“You want me to introduce Frank to Del?” I nodded slowly.
“If what you was saying about him was true last night then he sounds perfect for her”
“It was all 100% true”
“Then do it. She deserves someone like him”

After a while Delilah came into the kitchen to find me and Gerard icing fairy cakes, she smiled slowly and started making drinks. “Were short on rooms for tonight you know. Not everyone could get into hotels and blah” A grin grew on Gerard’s face and he pinched my bum softly.
“We’ll just have to share” he said as I smacked his hand softly.
“Hmmm I doubt Mrs.Smith would allow us to” I giggled and then stopped as I saw Delilah pretending to be sick. “Oh shhh you”
“You might meet someone tonight that you want to share with anyway” Gerard smirked while sliding his hand around my waist. And he called me too touchy feely.
“Aha, I doubt that. Everyone at these parties is always related to me because my families that big” it was true. Whenever Del rang some cousin had had another kid. I think they were creating an army of babies.
“Well you never know. I mean your not related to me, so there are still some people out there” I smiled slowly. Too bad Gerard was already taken.
“I better go claim a room before there all taken then” he smiled and started walking out of the room but stopped when he noticed I wasn’t following. He took my hand and pulled me out.
“No funny business. My mum will hear and she will come in there and break it up. Trust me.” I started laughing as Gerard pulled me upstairs and into a room dumping his bag onto the desk.
“Who says I want to share a room with you” I said giggling as his hands stroked my waist softly.
“Eww. You have to share with me there aren’t enough rooms” he smirked cutely and kissed me.
“I could share with Del”
“She’ll be sharing with Frank”
“She won’t she doesn’t know him”
“Oh trust me she will” I smiled slowly as he started kissing me, I could feel him smiling against my lips. “I knew I shouldn’t have gone last night”
“What you mean?”
“I got home and just wanted to be back at your house”
“Gosh I must be good” I giggled as he kissed me again.
“Your something.” he smiled at me “Your addictive. Pretty. And amazing” I blushed softly.
“Your just saying this to get into my pants” he laughed and locked the door slowly.
“So what if I am” he smirked and began to kiss me again.
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