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Just my dog

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Ermmm Maddie and Gerard get to know each other better. Please read sorry i'm terrible at these.

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The party went like a blur. People rushing around, drinking, stood in corners speaking into each others ears because the music was so loud. Every so often Del’s laugh would raise over the noise which would make me turn to see her laughing about something Frank had just said. Gerard was right to match them up. They looked good together. I looked up from making my drink to see Tyler making a beeline through the crowd to Gerard. I moved quickly and nearly rugby tackled him into the kitchen. No way was she getting her claws into him. He was mine.
“Woho, woho, woho, if you want me on my back just say, I’d gladly lie down for you” he giggled as he stroked my hair out of my eyes. I glared at him cutely.
“How much have you had to drink?”
“Not a lot, just a little” he said as he slide his arm around my waist kissing just below my ear.
“Not in the kitchen” I giggled and pushed his face away cutely. He started kissing all over my hand and down my arm as Tyler stormed through the door.
“Oh, I should have known he’d be with you” she spat, grabbed a bottle and stormed back out. “Deli! Your ho of a friend is with my guy!” she screamed and then threw herself at another poor soul.
“What is that?” Gerard giggled as he took my hand in his.
“That. That is Delilah’s cousin” he started laughing and slowly guided me out of the kitchen where we was greeted by other members of Delilah’s family all tutting about the awful state Tyler had gotten herself into. Gerard just shook his head and pulled me upstairs, I smiled and followed. Apart from Del, who was already kissing Frank in the corner, Gerard was the only person at this party who I actually wanted to talk to. “Your so bad you know that”
“Who me? I have no idea what your talking about. I am a saint. I am merely bringing you upstairs to protect your pretty little ears from the filth coming out of that young girls mouth” I started laughing and fell into his arms at the top of the stairs. We began to kiss, long passionate kisses that sent tingles through every part of my body. “Hmmmm, your too good at that” he whispered on my lips and pulled me into our room. Lying on the bed next to his bags were Tyler’s, I started laughing straight away. The poor guy. Having to spend a whole night with her lay beside him. He quickly picked up the bags and swapped them back for mine. “I’d much rather have you”
“So I would hope so” I giggled as I sat on the bed next to him. Just as I went to kiss him again he moved away leaving me to fall into the bed headfirst. “Oh thanks” I smiled rolling over onto my back looking up into his beautiful eyes.
“I don’t want to lead you on”
“Huh?” I said looking confused as the smile on my face slowly vanished.
“Oh! No! Nothing bad, I just don’t want to sleep with you….just yet” he smiled “I want to get to know you more” I smiled slowly and nodded a little. “Last night was amazing….we talked so much and I learnt so much about you. I’d like to do that again” he lent down and kissed me lightly smiling upon my lips.
“Ok…you go first” I whispered upon his. We sat and talked all night. We had THE night. The night where you learn all about each others families, hopes and dreams and all the important stuff that you couldn’t live without. We heard everyone stumble up to bed but we didn’t care we just carried on. When Tyler knocked on Gerard just gave her her bag’s and shut the door in her face. He didn’t even glance at her. This made my day.

The next morning I stumbled downstairs to find Gerard sat at the kitchen table, with his back to the door, listening to Delilah moan about her hangover. I walked in and threw my arms around his neck kissing just below his ear with a huge smile on my face. “Hello lovely” he looked up at me looking confused but then smiled when he saw it was me “you so thought that it was Tyler then didn’t you?”
“I really did” he smiled while pouring me a cup of coffee and pulling out the chair next to him so I could sit down. “What are the plans for today?” he mumbled while biting into a very buttery slice of toast.
“I don’t actually know” I said while holding my nose trying not to gag. Gerard looked at me and then smelt himself.
“It’s not you it’s the toast” Delilah groaned and put her head on the table. “She hates the smell of melting butter” Gerard started laughing and gave me a dirty look.
“I can’t help it, it makes me sick”
“You’re a freak”
“You love me though”
“I really d-” he stopped mid sentence as Delilah’s head rose from the table at an alarming speed. Any faster and she would have snapped her neck. “I better go wake Frank up” Gerard mumbled and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs even quicker than Delilah had looked up.
“He was going to say he loved you” she said with a huge shocked smile on her face.
“He was not”
“He so was”
“He was” I looked up as Tyler entered the kitchen glaring at me. “He just told that other guy upstairs”
“Oh Franks up” Del’s face lit up “I best go get a shower” she skipped off out of the kitchen leaving me with the walking STI.
“So, he loves you. Big deal. Most of the guys I’m with are happily married but you don’t hear them calling out their wife’s names”
“Too much info thanks, I think I’m going to go and get ready now” I said standing up and heading towards the door. Which she blocked when she saw I was trying to escape.
“I’m just warning you. He only wants you for one thing. And let’s face it we both know you suck at that because otherwise none of us would have been able to sleep last night”
“There is seriously something wrong with you. Can I just ask was you born stupid or did you just become it because of how many times you’v-”
“MADDIE!” Delilah was stood at the bottom of the stairs “come help me” I stormed past Tyler and marched upstairs. I shouldn’t let her get to me but last time I cared about a guy this much I caught her trying to use his manly area as an ear cleaner. Now trust me, it wasn’t a pretty sight.
“I still think that’s where she thinks there meant to go” I mumbled and walked into Del’s room.
“Me too, but if my mum hears you two at it again she’ll chuck you out and I need you” I looked around Del’s room slowly. Something was wrong.
“You wasn’t alone last night was you?”
“Oh my! How could you tell!?”
“You cleaned. Dead give away” I started giggling and Del fell on her bed.
“We slept together. I feel so bad”
“As I lay there I couldn’t help smiling at the fact I’d helped her find someone better. All because I met Gerard.Was it good though”
“Oh gosh yes”
“then that’s all that matters then” I giggled and lay next to her as she filled me in on the gossip.
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