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The Flood

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Gerard's back but does Maddie want him? I couldn't think of anymore film titles to change this time.

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Flowers aren’t going to work forever, just so you know. I texted him slowly twiddling my hair whilst sat on the couch in my sweatpants. It had been a fortnight since I’d last seen Gerard and I was missing him. I couldn’t explain why. But I really did. I stood up slowly and walked into the bathroom and started to fill my bath with hot water and heavenly smells whilst flicking through an old copy of More when the door went. Three slow taps then silence. I walked to the door, glancing over my shoulder to make sure that my bath would be ok whilst I was gone. I swung the door open and another set of flowers greeted me.
“Maddie … I’ve not been avoiding you I promise … I just didn’t know how it would be after Saturday” his hazel eyes sparkled as he moved closer to me “I didn’t want you to hate me after I nearly said what I said” I stared up at him looking slightly confused “because I think I do … but I know we’ve only been dating for a couple of days so I don’t want to rush this” my lips met his. Some how he can make all the anger and sadness disappear out of my body and replace it with wanting.
“Ozzy has missed you, he’s dead miserable walking around the park”
“I love how the dog missed me but you haven’t?”
“I really have” his hazel eyes flashed with hurt “I sent all the flowers to show you I was still thinking of you” I turned around slowly observing how much like a florist my front room had started to look; a person with hay fevers worst nightmare.
“Oh my ….” I ran over to the bathroom which was covered in white bubbles and turned the taps really quickly to stop the water running. “I can’t believe I’ve flooded my flat” I moaned as the water seeped through the floorboards “the landlords going to kill me” I felt his hands slide around my waist and turn me slowly so I was facing him.
“I’ll sort this don’t worry. It was my fault …. You can come and stay with me until the floorings been redone” with this his cheeky smirk appeared and his hazel eyes once again sparkled.

Once I’d spoken to the landlord and packed my case Gerard whisked me away to his flat. It was beautiful. Ozzy was plodding around followed by a gentle tapping noise of his claws on the laminate flooring. Gerard led me to his room and showed me where to unpack my things, the bathroom and the kitchen then left me to get used to my new surroundings. Once I’d unpacked and changed into something a little more comfortable than soaking sweat pants I wondered through the flat looking for my roommate and finally finding him sat on the couch with a duvet lay over him. “What’s with the cover?” I said whilst climbing under and cuddling up to him, he lay his arm across my shoulders and kissed my head.
“So that I won’t disturb you later when were ready to go to bed” I looked slightly confused at this “I’m going to sleep out here … on the couch” I frowned cutely and he smiled.
“I don’t see you for two weeks and now your not even going to sleep in the same bed as me?” his smile grew and slowly he pulled me closer to him.
“I didn’t realise me being a gentleman would upset you so much” he kissed me smiling on my lips “but if the lady wishes for me to join her tonight then I would love to”. There was that word again. Four letters but yet so powerful. That word made our lips join again and clothes to be lost. Poor Ozzy had a heart attack when my t-shirt hit him.
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