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First impressions

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A nice little mud bath to start the day

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“So let me get this straight … your walking his dog now?” Del’s voice filled the air along with the gentle crunch of gravel which was coming from under mine and oozy’s feet as we walked through the park.
“Yes, and I think it’s going pretty well so far. He’s behaving. He might actually be enjoying it; he’s smiling” I said into the phone while switching hands of the lead. This was a very bad move. All of a sudden Ozzy started to run. “Del I have to go” I slammed the phone shut and shot after the dog which was already a metre in front of me. If there was ever a test to see if patients have recovered from their previous lung infections this was it. He was disappearing out of sight with his lead closely following. I couldn’t believe it; I was about to lose his dog! Just when I was thinking things couldn’t possibly get any worse I tripped over my own foot and landed in the biggest puddle of mud going. I was covered in it. I raised my head a little to see the ginger beast disappearing into the trees. God I hated that mutt. I started to pull myself out of the mud as tears stung my eyes, I was so angry with myself. He was going to hate me but I couldn’t get out any quicker otherwise I’d lose my shoes and never catch the beast. I finally got to my feet when two huge paws hit me square in the chest sending me crashing back down into the mud. I opened my eyes to see the lion wannabe stood over me with his usual grin on his face; I grabbed the lead stood up losing one of my shoes and dragged him back home where he belonged. Never again would I try to be nice.

Now if I can just get inside without him noticing maybe I can get cleaned up without him seeing me like a swap monster I thought as my hand reached out for the door handle but narrowly missing it as it had already been swung open. “Your bac… what happened to you?” Gerard’s face dropped at the sight of me however a small grin soon started to appear. “Do you start every morning with a mud bath?” I glared at him cutely and moved so I could step inside.
“Just move so I can get clean” I said grumpily just wanting to cry in a nice hot shower but when I looked up Gerard’s expression was very unclear “what’s wrong?”
“It’s just that ….”
“Gerard, come on then dear I want to meet this famous girl of yours” and then she appeared. A woman who was dressed in a very smart skirt suit with her white hair carefully tied back into a bun holding a very large handbag; Louis Vuitton no less. “Oh … please tell me that this isn’t her” I looked down slowly, normally I would be very hurt and angry at this comment but at the moment I was hoping the ground would swallow me up because this was the worst moment in my whole entire life.
“Mother .. This is Madison” Gerard said slowly pulling me inside “Mad’s go upstairs and get cleaned up? I’ll make some coffee” he said whilst nodding towards the stairs. I bent down slowly and undid Ozzy’s lead letting him plod along in front of me as I walked upstairs trying to hold back the warm tears that were burning my eyes. Nice one Maddie. Brilliant first impression.
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