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Collision Course

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I wish I could say things were looking up but then I'd be lying.

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The muddy water swirled around the drain slowly turning clear as the mud was blasted off my body by the nicest shower I’d ever taken. I had my eyes tightly shut trying to pretend that none of this morning had happen, trying desperately to erase the shocking events that lead to the worst meeting of the parents ever. But they wouldn’t budge. Just as I was bracing myself to turn off the scolding hot water two hands slid their way up my sides causing my eyes to snap open and reality to come flooding back. “I’m so sorry she’s here” he whispered whilst placing his head in my neck where he softly kissed each part of it “I didn’t realise what date it was otherwise I would have booked you into a hotel last night”. Apparently me having a shower here automatically meant Gerard could join me at anytime; he must have a key for the lock. Not that I minded. “What happened between you and Ozzy?” he mumbled against my cheek while I watched the smile grow on his face.
“Your demon dog decided to run away and push me into a huge puddle of mud” I said through gritted teeth, causing his smile to grow even more. “Anyway, I locked the door. Privacy and all that jazz” I said pushing him away gently “your mum wouldn’t be too pleased if she knew you was in here with me”.
“She’s gone shopping. Apparently I don’t have the correct items to house guests” his smile was replaced by a smirk which was in turn pressed to my lips. “I didn’t buy you flowers to thank you for last night to day because I wanted to take you out instead … seen as we haven’t actually had a proper date yet” he said smiling but slowly his smile faded “but I guess I can’t now my mum’s turned up”
“That sounds lov…. Oh ok”
“You can still stay you know”
“Actually … I’m going to go stay with Del for a little while. I don’t think your mum would appreciate me being around” I said whilst climbing out of the shower looking around for a towel. I turned back to face Gerard to see his usual grin had returned. “Where are they?”
“In my bedroom”
“What a stupid place to keep them” I said while walking out. This was another stupid mistake on my behalf. Gerard, I have come to believe, does something to me that stops my brain functioning properly.
“Mad’s wait!” Gerard came skidding out after me crashing into my back sending us both flying onto the carpeted hall floor right in front of a very shiny pair of black heels. My eyes followed the legs of the owner of the heels up to meet a pair of eyes that could kill if that sort of thing was possible.
“Gerard. I am going to be telling your father about this” and with that she stalked off downstairs grinding her teeth along the way.
“I thought you said she’d gone” I whispered trying so hard not to cry, there was something about this woman that intimidated me so much and I just couldn’t place my finger on it.
“I thought she had” he whispered with his head placed in the centre of my back. “I’m sorry” he kissed my back and stood up helping me up and lead me to where my towel and fresh clothes were lay. Maybe not seeing Gerard for another couple of days wouldn’t be too bad.
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