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14 days. 336 hours. 20160 minutes.

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The big day

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14 days. 336 hours. 20160 minutes. Since I’d last seen Gerard Way. I lay on my back in my own comfy bed staring at my own ceiling with a small grin on my face. That saying of how you sleep better in your own bed is so true. The flooring and pipes and electrics had finally been fixed but had really wiped me out. No new shoes for me for the next few weeks. My mind had been going over and over the days I’d spent with Gerard and I still didn’t understand why our first date didn’t class as a proper date. Maybe because I got so drunk? I’m not sure. I rolled over and looked at the clock. 8.34 am. Too early to be awake on a Saturday. But the truth was I had to be. I sat up and stretched then climbed out of bed one foot touching the icy floor after the other. I slipped two pop tarts into the toaster then went to turn the shower on by the time it took to warm up my pop tarts were sitting nicely in my belly. I climbed in the shower thinking of the day ahead of me. Oh and what a day it was going to be.
8.45 - I needed to be dressed and starting my hair
8.50 - hair needs to be done
9.00 - I need to be caffeined up and in my car
9.30 - I need to be at my parents
10.00 - I’d be walking down the aisle

9.31. Ooooh just made it before the angry vain appeared in mums forehead. Straight away they started fusing about my hair and makeup. Can’t look prettier that the bride now can I? Aha as if, truth be told I looked a mess. I couldn’t explain why. Usually my eyes twinkled, hair shone and my skin flawless. But lately I looked like a crack addict who hadn’t seen a bed in years. Maybe I was coming down with something? Maybe I was losing my looks? I know I shouldn’t care but … I didn’t think I was pretty as it is so now I feel even worse. I need Gerard to fall for me not get repulsed by me. 9.50 and we arrived at the church. I was sent to a little room where Ami, the bride, could steady herself before her big moment. And this was a BIG moment. Ami is nine months pregnant with her first child but her father wants her to be a married woman before the kid pops out. Urgh, I couldn’t stand kids. I could never picture myself as one of those mums who takes their kids to all their games and stands at the sidelines cheering them on. I have nothing against children really, more myself. I couldn’t trust myself to bring a life into the world and look after it and try to raise it into a descent human being. I don’t think I could handle that kind of pressure. Ami babbled on about how excited she was about her little baby Alfie and how she couldn’t wait for him to finally be a part of their family. I nodded, helping her into her vial; she looked stunning.
“Do you want children Madison? You’d be such a wonderful mum. Your so caring and sweet”
“I really wouldn’t know where to start” I smiled
“Well you’d find a guy first silly! Unless your thinking of doing this by yourself … but that could be hard. And I don’t think your mum would appreciate that”.
“Lets not worry about this at the moment, it’s your big day” I smiled whilst sorting her dress out. This dress had taken me nearly a month to finish but it looked stunning on her. “See perfect” she stood smiling at herself in the mirror “I’m just going to go ask my mum something” I don’t even think she heard me, she was in her own little world now. I walked out and to the side of the church. I needed a cigarette but I couldn’t let my mum see because she doesn’t know I smoke.
“Tut tut tut, that’s bad for your health you know” he smirked while taking the last drag of his own cigarette. Pot calling the kettle black there. I smiled and threw my arms around him. “And don’t worry my mums not here, she’s gone back to Jersey” he whispered in my hair smiling.
“I’ve missed you”
“Two weeks is such a long time” he laughed a little “what’s happened to us hey? Can’t even last a fortnight without craving each others attention” I laughed and he kissed me smiling on my lips. “So how you going to introduce me to your folks?”
“I’m not”. With this his smile slowly fell.
“Your not?”
“No, they’d pounce. You’d never make it alive” I giggled and he placed his hands on my hips.
“Fine, I’ll just tell them I’m your lover. I’m sure they want to hear about you losing your towel so many times in front of me” he smirked.
“That was your fault! You hide them!”
“Not the first time. The first time you was trying to seduce me”
“In your dreams … what do you want me to introduce you as?” he didn’t reply just smiled and kissed my nose. “Gerard? Mr.Way”
“I need a title”
“Sir Way?”
“You know what I mean ace” my heart fluttered. He calls me ace every so often. A sort of pet name. Well bed name actually. But ever so often it would slip out and make me smile. He had a pet name for me.
“Boyfriend. Partner. Lover?”
“Other half. Soul mate. Yin to my yang?”
“Ok, your just taking the mick now” he smiled.
“How about boyfriend? But I think that sounds a bit kiddyish”
“Hmm it’s better than what I had in mind” the smirk had returned.
“I know what your like Mr. Way and I know it won’t have been parent friendly”
“Hmm somehow I think your right there ace. Let go inside anyway, it’s going to start soon and I want to make sure I meet your amazing parents”
“Just you wait until your parents have an event. I am going to enjoy every second of it”
“Not as much as I’m going to enjoy today” he slid one arm around my waist and led me into the church “lead the way ace. I’m looking forward to this”.
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