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If I tell you, I will have to sleep with you

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The wedding was a hit and Gerard has some special plans for the weekend

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The wedding had been beautiful. People had cried and sang and were now raising glasses to the happy couple; it had been a sort of magical day. Frank and Del had found each other after a month and were now catching up in their own little corner; I had noticed that from time to time her hand would brush his face softly and a smile would appear on his face. He seemed happy to have her back. I’d introduced Gerard to the family, mum and dad were first of course and they actually seemed happy with my selection which was weird; normally they frowned upon the guys I chose but usually they were right too. Just look what had happened between Logan and Tyler. That had ruined me, it took me ages to trust anyone again. But my parents hadn’t appreciated him from the start .. Must be a sort of parent radar they have.
“Hey handsome” I smiled sitting on the chair next to Gerard. He’d been so good today: patient with all my family members even the annoying grandma who picks faults with everything, smiling and listening to tales about me from my childhood.
“Hey” he smiled kissing my cheek and sliding his arm around my shoulders “I’ve been thinking”
“That doesn’t sound good” I frowned drinking.
“No .. no it is .. I think”
“Ok .. Go on then”
“Well, my bands touring in a couple of weeks, we’ll be gone for about a month” my mouth dropped open a little “well that’s what I feel like too .. So I want to see you more, so we wont be as miserable when we do actually have to go” I smiled slowly, he was going to be miserable because he couldn’t see me .. This shouldn’t make me happy but it does.
“Ok .. That sounds reasonable I suppose”
“You free this weekend?”
“You mean tonight?”
“And tomorrow”
“Erm yeah I guess”
“Well I want you to stay at mine .. For the weekend? Just me, you and Ozzy?” I smiled slowly and nodded. “Good. We can go pick some of your things up later?”
“Ok, that sounds good”
“About the tour? I am really going to miss you .. It’s going to be tough I know but I really like this” he said holding my hand making me smile “I don’t want to lose it … are you going to be ok waiting for me?” I nodded and he smiled “Good because I don’t want anyone else, your pretty special to me ace.”

“No! No! No!” I shouted laughing at Gerard strutting around the front room in possible stage outfits. I don’t know where he shopped but none of his clothes fitted him properly it seemed.
“What’s wrong with this one?” he mumbled looking at himself in the mirror. I pulled my tape measure out of my bag and walked over to him.
“Because your jeans are a good six inches too big for you” I said giggling “we can go clothes shopping in the morning if you want?”
“Urghhhh” he groaned “I hate shopping”
“Well I’ll go for you then” I said taking his measurements “just give me a list of everything you need and I’ll pick it up for you”.
“Ok, you sure?” I nodded and he smiled
“Not tomorrow though, go on Monday. I have plans for you tomorrow”
“Oh really” I smirked “and what would those plans be?”
“Ahh .. If I told you I would have to sleep with you” I started laughing and hit him with a pillow.
“Kill me Gerard, you’d have to kill me. You can’t just go round changing sayings”.
“Oh I can” he said pulling me to him and kissing me sending tingles down my spine “you would have looked hot in that wedding dress by the way” I stared at him my mouth slightly open not sure on how to reply to that statement. Gerard just smiled and pressed his lips to mine.
“You … you think I’d suit a wedding dress” he nodded stroking my hair out of my eyes “of course”. He started kissing me stroking my hips and I knew where this was heading.
“Gerard” I giggled trying to push him away
“No no no, no pushing” he said pulling me even closer to him and kissing me so passionately I thought my knees would buckle. “Bed time I think”
“It’s nine o’clock”
“hmm I’ve always liked my early nights” he smirked pulling me upstairs; I laughed and followed with butterflies still fluttering in my stomach at the mention of a wedding dress. Maybe catching the bouquet today hadn’t been a fluke after all? Maybe I would be the next bride to walk down the aisle? But is it too soon?
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