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"I said yes"

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Del and Maddie go shopping and Maddie has some news to share about her and Gerard

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“His ‘plans’ that he’d had for me had been perfect, spending the whole day in bed whilst he cooked for me. He’s a really good cook as well”
“Aww that’s so sweet, I can’t believe your shopping for him though” Del laughed, she’d called to go out with me today but I’d promised I’d go and buy Gerard’s tour things so I’d invited her along because it felt like forever since we’d last talked. “So, how’s it going with lover boy? All plain sailing?” I thought about it for a second looking for t-shirts in his size.
“I guess were good”
“Guess?” Del sat herself down on one of the cushioned chairs and stared up at me, her big blue eyes showing signs of worry. “You said this is the best relationship you’ve ever had and now your going to go all destructive aren’t you?”
“No! No I’m not, it’s not that this time” I looked at her and she frowned slowly, she didn’t believe me. She had a right not to I guess. You see Del had stuck by me through nearly all of my relationships, each ending when I got panicky and self-destructive. I can’t stand to see myself happy apparently and that is why I make a perfectly good relationship go bad. “It’s honestly not, I’m happy with Gerard. He’s perfect for me, even Ozzy has started to warm to me” I placed more items of clothing into the many baskets we had biting my lip trying to think how to explain what was wrong.
“What is it then?” Del pushed, it was so obvious she didn’t want this relationship to end. I didn’t blame her because since I’ve been with Gerard everything’s been perfect; really movie like perfect.
“It’s his mum. She really doesn’t like me. She called on Sunday and Gerard mentioned I was there and she hung up. She really has an issue with us dating and I don’t want to be the reason they can’t have a close relationship” I looked at Del and she just sat there smirking.
“Maddie, all parents like you. My parents even say they wish you were their daughter. You can win her over trust me, sometimes it just takes time and I know that’s hard for you because you a really inpatient but it will be worth it. You’ll have the perfect relationship with your perfect guy then” she smiled, please with herself and her answer. I shook my head smiling, what she was saying was true I could win over parents so I don’t get why I was still worrying.
“It’s just”
“It’s just that Gerard’s the first guy you’ve ever really been serious about and that’s why ever little detail is going to annoy you because you’re a perfectionist. We spent ten minutes debating what coloured socks to buy him because you were scared he wouldn’t like them. Chill. He wont be worrying like this.”
“No .. he has bigger things to worry about” Del stared at me waiting to continue but I’d already said too much.
“Like … picking a ring” I mumbled slowly
“W … What?” her face lit up at the word ring “Your getting engaged?” I didn’t say anything just carried on looking at jeans “Mad’s this is brilliant! Come on spill, I want details” I bit my lip and sat down slowly at the side of her.
“Ok, your getting too excited”
“And your not excited enough” she frowned slowly watching me messing with the buttons on my cardigan.
“I .. I don’t know. We talked about it over the weekend and it all started by him saying I’d look good in a wedding dress and then we was in the bedroom and erm … well he was mumbling Mrs. Way into my ear.” I could feel my cheeks burning as I talked but I pushed on, wanting to get my best friends opinion. “Then, Saturday morning, I woke up and he had bought me roses and he was being all sweet making me breakfast in bed .. It was perfect. And he started talking about when he leaves for the tour, how he’s going to miss me and will I wait for him” I looked at her slowly, she was deep in thought taking everything in.
“And will you?”
“Of course, I don’t want anyone else. But it’s making me wonder if he feels he has to propose just so I’m his you know? Like his property?” Del nodded a little but I could tell from her facial expression she didn’t think this. “Anyway .. Last night we were having dinner, he’d cooked, it was all candle lit. And well, he got down on one knee” Del’s head snapped up.
“Really!?” I nodded smiling “Oh my god! What did he say!?” I laughed at her excitement.
“Well erm he said ‘Maddie, these past couple of months have been amazing. The time we spent apart really hurt me and I never want the to happen again. You make me so happy, all I have to do is see your face or hear your voice and I find myself unable to stop smiling. There is no one else that I would rather be with .. So will you do me the honour of marrying me?’” I’d put on my best Gerard voice trying to hold back a giggle because it sounded nothing like him, I could never imitate that sweet soft voice of his; it was impossible.
“What did you say!?” Del was jumping up and down in her seat unable to contain herself much more.
“Well, isn’t that obvious?” I looked at her slowly and raised my right hand where a beautiful diamond ring sat perfectly on my fourth finger. “I said yes.”
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