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DMC: The battle at Mystic Forest

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It's been a year since the fight with the order, Nero now lives his normal life, but a new demon has arised by the name of kylie who is looking for Dante.

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Two thousand years ago A demon named Sparda rose up and battled the Demon king Mundus with the help of his apprentices and another demon who was also once loyal to Mundus. After this long battle Sparda proved victorious and took the King's throne then retired to the human realm with the demon who helped him in battle.


The demon's name was known as The Karasu, for being a Crow demon, he was known for his speed in battle which usually caused him to kill plenty of his own kind. But after he traveled to the human world with Sparda they departed and The Karasu like Sparda found a human lover. Though there time together was cut short, when King Mundus set a powerful demon to challenge The Karasu after his lover gave birth to his daughter. Leaving him with his guard down, the Karasu was not prepared for battle and he was slain.

In fear and terror the human lover fled to the port town where Sparda and his family lived. He graciously took in the woman and the young Karasu. Though it wasn't long until Sparda himself passed away and The legend of Sparda was passed on to his sons just like The Karasu's passed onto his daughter.


A little girl let out a sigh as she lay in the green grass in front of her friend's house. Well, it was her house to, she lived together with her best friends. No best friend the older brother hated her for some reason. "What are you doing?" Dante asked standing over his friend, he was of course taller then she was him being a year old then she was. His hair was like his father's in his human form, silver hair unlike the little girl's. She took after the karasu, long black hair along with her eyes to the point that she didn't look human. But then again she wasn't.

"Dunno," she said and Dante gave her a grin, "Well if you have nothing better to do. Come with me!" He said holding his hand out the little girl taking it. Dante pulled his friend up only to feel someone push him into her. He cried out as he fell on top of the little girl, "Ow! What the heck!" Dante said sitting up seeing his twin brother Virgil, "She can get up on her own," he said and Dante looked down at the little girl who laid flat on her back surprised at the sudden fall.

"You didn't have to push me!" Dante said standing up storming to his brother pushing him down. "Hey!" Virgil yelled and Dante stuck his tongue out, "how do you like it huh?" Dante said feeling his feet give out under him as he fell to the ground his brother's hands wrapped around Dante's ankles.

The little girl sat up watching the twins fight wondering how they could do it. Fight so much and act as if they hated each other. "Dante! Virgil!" The little girl jumped, looking towards Dante's house she saw their mother. She was so beautiful same with the little girl's mother but, Eva had a different glow about her. The little girl watched as she went to the twins pulling them up from the ground dusting them off.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop fighting?!" She yelled at the two, "It's not my fault, Virgil pushed me, when I was only helping Karasu out!" He said regretting what he said calling the little girl Karasu. Eva stared sternly at Dante, then to Virgil, "You listen here, you respect Karasu's daughter. She is a very nice girl and you will treat her right, got it?" She said smacking Virgil on the leg as a warning and he nodded. "Sorry," he mumbled before running to the house glaring at the little girl.

Eva watched her elder son go before turning to her cocky son who grinned as Virgil left. "Your in trouble to Dante, do not call her Karasu! She has a name got that?" She said smacking Dante also before going to the little girl kneeling before her. "I'm sorry about Virgil you know how he can be," she said patting the girl's head and she nodded. "I know it's okay Eva," she said and Eva stood looking at Dante. "Alright now, come on Dinner's ready," she said walking to the house.

The little girl watched Eva go feeling Dante tap her shoulder, "come on," he said holding his hand out the girl taking it. The two walked into the house through the back door into the kitchen. "Oh, can you please wake your mother?" Eva asked the little girl and she nodded smiling as she began running up stairs passed her bedroom and the twins into her mothers.

The first thing the little girl did was scream, scream at the top of her lungs, the site traumatizing her. Her mother, the one who loved and cared for her laid on the floor a demon before her. "Run! Karasu!" Her mother yelled using the name that she only used when she was serious. The demon looked at the girl just before digging it's claws into the woman before it, "M-mommy," the little spoke softly, her voice raspy from the screams.

"What's wrong?!" Eva yelled as she stood by the girl's side gasping pulling the girl with her as she ran down the stairs. "Dante! Virgil!" Eva screamed still pulling the girl by her arm, "Mom!" Dante yelled from the kitchen another demon standing in front of him. "Run Dante!" Eva said pulling him back into the living room with the girl forcing them to hold hands. "Find Virgil and run got it?" She said sternly and Dante nodded gripping the girl's hand going to the den in the back of the house. "Virgil?!" Dante yelled, seeing no one he heard a crash upstairs. Fear ran through him when he looked at the little girl, "come on," he said pulling her upstairs opening the all the bedroom doors seeing no sign of Virgil.

The last thing the girl remembers was Eva's blood curdling scream and then, silence.


Nero jolted up in his sleep in a sweat, that scream he dreamt of it again. A woman's blood curdling scream, then silence. He shook his head getting out of bed hearing a loud clap of thunder. He sighed, "when's this damn storm going to stop?" he said to himself going into the kitchen flipping on the light switch though receiving no light. Groaning in annoyance Nero continued the light switch still not getting anything. "Dammit." He said heading back down the hall when a flash of lightening went through his home leaving a shadow and also another one. "The hell?" he said quietly as he slowly walked back to his bed room to his night stand grabbing Blue rose.

There was another flash of lightening revealing two shadows in the room, "You going to show yourself?" Nero demanded holding his gun up to the shadow, but he only received a laugh. But not just any laughter, a child's laughter. Nero squinted his eyes on the next flash of lightening noticing that the shadow did indeed belong to a child. "Alright you little brat come on out!" Nero said lowering his gun looking around the room.

Another laugh came into the room with the flash of lightening this time a girl appeared in front of Nero. She smiled up at Nero grabbing his Devil bringer, laughing she slowly faded bringing Nero with her.

When Nero awoke he found himself in an intense darkness, "What the hell?" He said sitting up seeing the little girl from before. She looked like she was only seven years old, long pitch black hair her bangs pinned to the side of her head with a dark blue bow, that matched her dark blue dress. But the one thing Nero was curious about was her pitch black eyes, they seemed to lead to eternity a terrifying site. The little girl laughed, "well! Hello, Hello Nero! I'm Kylie the one who brought you here!" She said and Nero swung his devil bringer the at the girl. "Where am I?" He demanded as the girl disappeared before the devil bringer could hit her.

Looking around he could hear her laughter again as she stood behind Nero, "go ahead and try you'll never be able to hit me!" She said and Nero turned around sneering at the girl, "Alright what the hell do you want?" He demanded and the girl laughed again, "I don't really want something from you Nero I just need you!" She said spinning in a circle, "cut the crap!" He said swinging at her again only to miss the child who merely ducked under his attack.

"Don't be a meanie Nero! I just need you to get that man, Dante I believe!" She said giggling and Nero was taken back, "Dante? The devil hunter?" He asked and the girl nodded, "yup I need you to take him to Mystic forest and I promise I'll pay very well!" She said laughing spinning in another circle. "Pay?" Nero asked and she nodded again, "Once I see Dante i'll be able to get out of the shadows. I'm trapped in the shadow world, and the only way I can escape is with Dante! But once i'm out I can give you anything you desire." She said and Nero shook his head.

"Your a demon why should I believe you?" He asked and the girl shook her head, "You know the story right? The story of Sparda? You must know, since you have his blood," she said curiously and Nero shrugged. "I've never been to much for legends," Nero said and the girl laughed again. "Well silly it isn't a legend it's all true of course! The story is that when Sparda got tired of the evil King Mundus he rebelled. He took out Mundus's entire army, but what others don't know it that a few other demons tried to help Mundus." She said putting her hands on her hips. Nero sighed in annoyance, "let me guess you were one of the demons?" he asked and she nodded, "Yup, I was! But you see Mundus captured me and put me in the shadow world, and the only one who can release me is Sparda and since he isn't alive anymore I need the next best thing!" Kylie said laughing spinning in another circle.

Nero ran a hand through his hair, "alright let's say I do believe you, and I trust you, how am I even going to get Dante to go to Mystic Forest?" He asked and The girl tilted her head, "well I would just tell him myself but Dante sees a Demon and he attacks first thing, all you have to say is Karasu wants him at Mystic forest. I'm sure he'll come then," she said laughing as she faded from Nero sight.

Nero jolted in his bed, "A dream?" he said aloud laying back on the bed, shuttering hearing the thunder outside remembering Kylie. "No definitely not."

Notes: Finally, omfg, this took forever -.-"
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