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Devil Hunter Sai

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Devil Hunter Sai is a girl who reminds everyone of a Crow and she decides to pay her dear friend Dante a visit.

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Ch 1: Devil hunter Sai

She'd been contacted three days ago with the information she was looking for, his location. Dante's location, she smiled to herself at the memories she shared with the Devil hunter. They'd been childhood friends, since her and her mother showed up on their door steps just before the disappearance of Sparda, begging for refugee. She was maybe a few days old when they arrived so she couldn't remember it, but from then on she could remember every detail of being with Dante and Virgil.

Though she admitted she was with Dante more since Virgil hated her so much, calling her after her father. Then mocked at how ugly she looked and how weak she and her father was. Though after all the insults Dante would push them away, telling her that she was a beautiful as a bird. And her looking not human, that didn't matter to him. And in truth to her his opinion was the only thing that mattered.

"So, this is where you've been hiding?" She said to herself as she entered the town, she had heard of a Devil Hunter who owned his own shop. He went by the name of Dante, and by piecing everything together, it was easy to decide that, that man was her Dante.

As she walked many people stared, fascinated by her medium long black shiny hair that resembled the feathers of a crow. Along with her dark black eyes that seemed to have no end in depth. Her attire was even stranger, she wore a blank tank top that clung to her body, and a small black thin jacket on her shoulders. Across her chest was a harness that on the left side held a silver gun, the other side held a dagger.

She also wore black shorts that cut short to her knees that gave her appearance of a crow. Yes a crow would be a good description, the vibe of death when she walked back and perhaps evil and yet, purity.

Stretching she finally found it, the large neon sign that said, "Devil May Cry," and the girl gave a smile. "Finally," she said softly opening the door to the building seeing a nearly bare room. There was a drum set in the corner along with a guitar, a pool table in the middle, two couches, a coffee table and then finally a desk. She smiled seeing a man sleeping in his chair at the desk. Feet up his face covered by a magazine arms to his sides, "were closed," he said his voice groggy sounding.

"Is that anyway to talk to a little birdy?" She said and he pulled the magazine off his face sitting up properly in his chair. "Sai," Dante breathed and Sai placed a hand on her hip, "you know any other birds like me?" She said walking into the office to Dante's desk, "well, I figured, your the only one who preferred me to call Birdy," he said closing his eyes leaning back again.

Sai looked at Dante's desk seeing nothing but a picture frame and a telephone, what made her wonder was the photograph. It was a picture of Eva, his dear mother of whom Sai loved just as much. The women was so kind just as her mother was, and seemed to take care of her more than her mother ever did. "It's been what? Four years?" Sai said grabbing the photo looking at it before Dante took it from her hands.

"Probably," Dante said standing up, "so tell me, what brings you to my shop? Need a demon slain? I'll do it, but at a price," he continued looking at his old friend. "I'm pretty sure I can take down any demon Dante, I was just told that you were here. To be honest I missed you, after so long. Since I was on a mission I decided to stop by," Sai claimed and Dante sighed. "Mission huh? Surprised I'm not getting on that action," he said and Sai shrugged, "Well my client isn't from around here I highly doubt she even knows about you." Sai said looking at Dante, knowing he wasn't the type to actually say he missed her. She tried doing the same, but it wasn't in her personality, to act so none-feeling?

"Oh really, well then, I really hope you'll come back after your done. Maybe you can have some pizza with me?" Dante said giving a smile and Sai shrugged, "I'll consider it, but, it's been nice seeing you Dante, i'll be sure to re-visit after this mission."


Nero sighed as he placed Red Queen on his back, "Do you have to go Nero?" Kyrie said hands folded to her chest. It had been a year since the fight with the order so everything was still unbalanced, and many people resented Kyrie and Nero. Number one Nero's arm was a devil's arm and when Kyrie explained how the Order wronged everyone no one dared to believe it.

"Yes, I think I do, that girl in my dreams won't leave me the hell alone. Maybe if I just tell Dante he'll know how to get ride of her." Nero said regretting his curse in that sentence, he knew Kyrie did not particularly like harsh language.

Kyrie nodded feeling Nero's arms wrapped around her, "I'll try to hurry back as fast as I can." He said softly and Kyrie nodded, "Just, be careful," she said and Nero nodded walking away from his Human lover.


Nero looked up at the large neon sign as he walked up the steps, opening the door to Devil may Cry, he was surprised to see Dante seeing on the corner of his desk looking at a photograph. "Hey," Nero said as he closed the door to the building and Dante looked up. "Well, well look what the cat dragged in." Dante said jumping off his desk, "haha, your funny," Nero said going to the couch sitting down, not bothering to ask for permission. "Alright, fine, what do you want Kid?" Dante said and Nero felt a spark of irritation when he called him 'Kid'. "I'm here with a message," Nero said and Dante sighed, "and that would be?" He asked sitting in his chair leaning back putting his feet up.

"Karasu, is waiting at Mystic Forest." Nero said simply leaning his head back, and Dante tensed, "Karasu? You met her?" Dante asked and Nero nodded, "it was a little awkward but yeah, she said "Tell Dante that Karasu is waiting at Mystic Forest," and that's it." Nero said sighing and Dante stood up again grabbing his coat. "Well then, I'm going to have to kick your ass out, I have some business to attend to."

Nero suddenly stood up, he felt a sudden urge over him as his eyes glossed over the blue turning green. "Go with him if you want your reward Dear Nero!" Kylie said standing next to him in the building. Though it seemed that Dante was unable to see the little girl, "Why should I?" Nero said his body unable to move, "So I can give you what you want?" she said smiling. "And what do I exactly want?" Nero claimed trying to move his body, "I believe your curious, about why people keep referring to you as descendant of Sparda" Kylie claimed laughing walking around the building.

Nero sneered as he stood frozen, "and why in the hell do you think I care?" Nero said and Kylie stopped short in a step. "Because, you wonder why your God made your arm like that? Well, I know how it came to be," She said leaning forward at Nero. "Or if that isn't what you want, maybe you want someone alive, or dead perhaps? Or maybe you want to know if your mother was really a prostitute or not?" Kylie asked and Nero felt his patience snap, he felt his demon side trigger as he lounged at Kylie grabbing her with his devil bringer.

The girl cried out as his hand dug into her arm, "Shut your mouth you little brat!" Nero said and Kylie smirked looking up Nero using her other hand to grab Nero's Devil Bringer. Kylie's smirk became a demented grin as she lifted Nero by the arm throwing him to the ground continuously. Nero groaned as he lay on the ground and Kylie stood over him, "Now, think it over Nero, But i'll be disappointed if you don't come!" She said fading away.

"Nero?" Dante said Nero coming out of his trace his whole body tense and in pain from being thrown to the ground so many times. "What?" Nero asked turning his head to Dante seeing him at the door of the office. "You coming?" Dante asked as if he asked multiple times.

Nero sighed looking down at his Devil Bringer the blue glow putting him in a little trance as he walked to the door where Dante was. What did he exactly want? He wasn't sure and he had no real gain if he went to Mystic forest, so why would he bother? "Yeah i'll come with you," Nero said looking up at his senior who shrugged and left the building Nero right behind him as they headed toward Mystic Forest.
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