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Valentine Fluff

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Five girls wonder if their boyfriends have forgotten a certain date; five boys have not. Harry/Luna, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Ginny, Dean/Parvati, Seamus/Lavender. A Sixth year AU story.

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Disclaimer: This story is based on characters, ideas, and situations created by JR Rowling and owned by her and her publishers. I own the orignal elements & characters. No money is being made by me, and no trademark or copyright infringement is intended.

Friday, January 31, 1997

"Why did you call this meeting?" Seamus asked.

"Why did you say we had to meet in secret?" Neville asked.

Ron asked. "Why did we have to leave dinner early?"

"Why don't we let him explain himself, instead of asking all these questions?" Harry asked.

Dean sighed. He really liked all four of his roommates. He and Seamus had been mates since their first week at school. Seamus lived in both the magical and Muggle worlds. He could lead Dean through most of the problems a Muggle-raised student like himself faced at Hogwarts, yet still understand Dean's occasional need to stick with Muggle things (like football).

Neville had been something of a dorm mascot during their first four years -- earnest, kind, but usually destined to mess up somewhere along the line. Over the last year and a half, however, Neville had come into his own. Dean was proud of the progress Neville had made, and was not jealous of the attention Neville sometimes now received, as Seamus and Ron sometimes were.

Harry was Harry. Dean now had a good idea of how Harry had suffered before coming to Hogwarts, of how Harry had suffered at Hogwarts, and what Harry would some day have to do to stop the worst of his suffering.

Dean liked and admired Harry greatly, and was glad he was a good friend to the Boy-Who-Lived. His backing of Harry over a year before had caused the only rift between Dean and Seamus in five and a half years, and Dean was glad that rift had long been healed. And, accepting Harry had meant working with the slightly temperamental Ron, which easy-going Dean was able to do.

"Look," Dean said, "let me spell things out for you. What is today?"

The other four boys shrugged. "The Thirty-first," Neville said, willing to state the obvious.

"And what is exactly two weeks from today?"

The four boys again shrugged.

Dean rolled his eyes. "Fine. What will the date be in two weeks?"

"The Thirteenth, no, the Fourteenth," Ron said.

"Which is?" Dean coaxed.

"Oh . . . shit. . . ." Harry said, getting it first.

"What?" Ron and Seamus chorused.

"Valentine's Day!" Neville exclaimed.

"Oh. . . ." Ron said nervously.

"Shit." Seamus added. "If I screw up again, Lavender might drop me."

"If I had forgotten, Hermione would have dropped me," Ron lamented.

"I hate to think what Ginny would do," Neville pointed out. The other four boys shuddered.

"You win," Harry said.

"Would Luna even notice if you forgot?" Ron teased.

Harry scowled. "She would, but she would never admit it. She would just make sad eyes at me and talk about fwoopers."

"How about you?" Seamus asked Dean. "What would Parvati do to you?"

"Parvati wouldn't do anything," Dean said.

"That's not bad, then," Ron said.

"No, you don't get it," Dean said, "and neither would I."


Harry elbowed Ron. "Parvati wouldn't do anything to Dean . . . or anything WITH Dean."


"Thanks for reminding us, Dean," Harry said, and the other boys added theirs as well.

"So, we've got two weeks to think of something," Seamus said.

"We had better come up with several things," Harry pointed out. "Several different things at that."

"Right," Dean agreed. "If we all did the same thing, it would have to be something really spectacular, or they'd be angry we weren't original."

"And worse, we don't get to go into Hogsmeade until the Fifteenth," Harry added.

Ron, Seamus, and Neville all sighed nervously, while Harry and Dean thought furiously.

"Neville," Dean said after a few moments, "would it be at all possible to get the girls flowers?"

"What kind?" Neville asked.

"Anything that's attractive," Dean retorted. "Anything that isn't conjured. You know those fade too quickly."

"Are there any flowers you can fast-grow?" Ron asked.

"Maybe, if I could get the seeds," Neville said. "Let me look." He went to his trunk and pulled out some seed catalogs.

"Okay, first of all, let's admit we can't think of five totally different things, for each girl," Harry said.

"And where does that get us?" Seamus asked.

Ron took a deep breath, and turned to Harry. "Well, first of all, I have to do something I swore I would never do. Harry . . . can I borrow some money?"

"Sure, how much?" Harry answered, surprised. He had a fair amount of cash on hand, as well as a new set of Gringotts' cheques.

"Enough to book a private room at the Three Broomsticks, for ten," Ron answered.

"Good idea!" Seamus said.

"Right. We can't take them out to dinner on Valentine's Day, but we can have a group lunch at the Three Broomsticks," Ron said. "We can tell them about it on Valentine's Day. At least that way we're not in with the crowd." He turned to Dean, "Once Harry has the room booked, could you. . . ."

"Make up matching invitations? Sure. Why don't I do them as individual Valentine's cards?"

Meanwhile, Harry had gone to the small fireplace and tossed in some floo powder. "Hogwarts' kitchens!" he said, and stuck his head into the fire.

As soon as Harry pulled his head out, Ron demanded, "Since when can we do that!"

"Have you ever tried?" Harry asked.

"Could we look through to the girls' rooms?" Seamus asked.

Dobby appeared with a pop, and answered before Harry could. "No, sir. Boys and girls cannot look into each others' rooms. Dorm room fires are one way only." He turned to Harry. "What can Dobby do for Harry Potter?"

"Can Dobby . . . I mean, could you go to Hogsmeade for us? Failing that, could you bring my owl here?"

"House elves are not allowed to be bringing items back from Hogsmeade, Harry Potter."

"But you could take written messages, and bring back verbal responses?"

Dobby looked torn. "Maybe. Dobby is not certain."

"We want to book a private room for ten for the Fifteenth at the Three Broomsticks," Harry said.

"That Dobby can do. Dobby can also take orders to Hogsmeade for pickup, but not for delivery."

"Can you stop by Honeydukes and get some order forms and a price list?" Harry asked.

"Yes, Harry Potter. Heads of House may give written permission to owl-order from Hogsmeade shops."

"Thanks!" the boys chorused. The group then looked at each other. "Sounds good enough," Neville said, before going back to the seed catalogs.

"Are we all agreed?" Harry asked. They all nodded.

"Dobby goes!" He popped off.

Meanwhile, Ron had been first rooting around in his trunk. He now asked permission to do the same through Harry's, which Harry gave him.

"What else can we do?" Harry asked.

A moment later, Ron held up a package in triumph. "Balloons!" Harry had gotten those in a Christmas cracker way back in his First year, and had never used the magical, unbreakable balloons. "These are not only spelled to be unbreakable and to float, but they also take colors really well," Ron said. "Between the two of us, we have two dozen. That's four balloons per girl." Ron knew these girls well enough to know that most would notice and feel hurt if someone got extra balloons.

"I can't do roses or anything like that in two weeks," Neville said. "I could do a wide variety of wildflowers."

"Flowers, balloons, the invitation cards and maybe sweets, on Valentine's Day, and lunch the next," Harry said. "That's a good start."

"Right. Now we just have to individualize everything," Seamus said.

Harry snapped his fingers. "Colin!"

"What about him?" Ron asked.

"He has loads of photos. He must have half-decent ones of each of us, I mean, of us in couples."

"He does," Dean said. "I've seen some." He frowned. "I could put one in each card." He did not seem too certain.

"No," Ron said. "Maybe I could make some simple frames. . . . No, where would I get the wood and glass? I could make the frames with any wood scraps, but where could I get some?"

"We could use some of the wood down in Greenhouse Three," Neville said. "You know, from the trellises I made last term." He thought. "Are you really any good charming glass?"

"Wood, yes; glass, no," Ron admitted.

"I am," Harry said. He pointed to his glasses. "I spent a week learning how to adjust lenses, and I had to learn how to manipulate glass in general. But I would need some actual glass."

"How about a pane or two of greenhouse glass?" Neville said. "I know where there are some broken panes."


"Seamus and I will get the photos from Colin," Dean said. Seamus frowned, but did not complain, since the others were helping him.

Dobby popped back. "Madam Rosmerta says for Harry Potter, a room with no charge, as long as he promises to order ten lunches and at least two rounds of drinks."

"Tell her we agree, Dobby. And could you tell Hedwig we'll need her at breakfast?"

"Yes, Harry Potter." The elf handed Harry the Honeydukes information.

"Thanks, Dobby, you're a good friend."

Dobby flushed and disappeared.

"Let's decide which flowers we're doing," Neville said, "that way I can sends the order out tomorrow."

"We can order the sweets then, too. I have to meet with McGonagall tomorrow anyway. I'll ask her permission, and then send the sweets and flower orders with Hedwig. I'll pay, and we can divide up the costs later," Harry said.

Seamus spoke up, as an idea struck. "You know, my Muggle aunt owns a perfume shop in Belfast. We could order some floral scents to go with the flowers, if you know what the girls like. Lavender is easy." Lavender really did love lavender. The other boys had no idea, except for Ron.

"Well, there's this perfume Hermione likes. . . ."

"Ron, that stuff is awful!" Harry said. "You've already bought Hermione so much of it that she could wear it every day for five years as it is. She appreciates the thought, not the perfume. Whatever it is that she usually wears is a lot more subtle."

"Have you been sniffing Hermione?" Ron demanded.

"Ron, that stuff you gave her smells like rotten fruit," Neville said. "Trust me, that's not Hermione."

"She's never complained!"

Harry shrugged. "I'll just ask Remus and Tonks." The pair was sharing the Defense position that year, as well as providing dueling lessons.

"How would they know?" Dean asked.

"Remus has that keen werewolf sense of smell, remember? And if he doesn't know, I bet Tonks can find out."

"Well, we need in the info by Monday, if we're going to get anything back in time," Seamus pointed out.

Over in the Sixth year girls' dorm, Lavender was busy brushing Parvati's hair, Parvati having finished grooming her best friend. Hermione and Ginny had been doing each other's nails.

"Do you suppose the boys have any clue yet that Valentine's Day is in two weeks?" Ginny asked.

"Probably not," Hermione said. "Ron and Seamus are generally clueless, and Neville and Harry aren't too much better."

"And I doubt if Luna would mention it to Harry," Parvati said.

"I told her the Plan," Ginny said. "She shook her head, but agreed not to mention it. If the boys forget, we'll at least get a good meal out if it the next day when we guilt-trip them."

"Dean might remember," Parvati pointed out.

"He might," Lavender agreed. "He did the best at Christmas."

"Neville spent more, even if what he bought was silly," Ginny said, defending her boyfriend.

"It was better than that awful perfume Ron keeps buying. I swear, that's going to attract fruit bats some time," Lavender teased.

Hermione sighed. "I know. Still, he tries."

"So we still agreed? No hints, subtle or otherwise?" Ginny asked.


Friday, February 7, 1997

"Stupid boys," Lavender said. There was no clue that the girls had picked up that any of the boys were going to do anything for Valentine's Day.

"Maybe we should hint. . . ." Luna suggested.

"No," Parvati said firmly. "We agreed to this test. We have to keep then on their toes."

"By tripping them up?" Luna asked. Hermione and Ginny looked doubtful of their actions.

"Trust us," Parvati said.

"We know what we're doing," Lavender added. "We're the dating experts."

"I suppose so," Luna said, doubtfully, but willing to fit in.

"Wow, Dean," Neville said.

"Those are gorgeous," Seamus added. "What?" Seamus demanded when his four friends gave him a funny look.

"'Gorgeous'?" Ron asked.

"They are!" Seamus protested.

"I suppose so," Neville said, giving Seamus a funny look.

"They're perfect, Dean," Harry said firmly. "The girls should love them."

"Where did you get the poetry?" Seamus asked.

Harry and Dean looked at each other, and shrugged. "Harry wrote the ones for Hermione, Ginny, and Parvati. I wrote the ones for Luna and Lavender."

"Why didn't you write the ones for your own girl friends?" Ron demanded.

Harry broke in before Ron could work himself into a full rant. "We wanted the poems to be romantic, not . . . mushy."

"Oh . . . alright," Ron said. "Did the sweets come?"

"Oh, yes," Harry said. "Yesterday. Honeydukes delivered it to Professor McGonagall."

"Oh," Ron repeated himself. "When do we get it?"

"Thursday night."

"Why not until Thursday?" Ron asked with a frown.

"She suggested that was the best way to make certain the sweets go to the girls," Harry said drily.

Ron flushed. "Just because. . . ."

"Yes, just because you ate all of Hermione's sweets before her birthday," Harry pointed out. He turned to Seamus. "Has your mother written back?"

"Yes. Auntie is bringing her the perfumes tomorrow. Mum will express owl it to us. It should all be here Sunday." He turned to Ron. "She's sending it in a box of shortbread and other things, so you should be able to lay off the choccies."

Friday, February 14, 1997
The Room of Requirement

"Stupid boys," Lavender grumbled.

"It's still early," Hermione pointed out.

"They did remember to at least say something this morning," Ginny added.

"And that's been all they've done," Parvati said. "Stupid boys."

"Well," Lavender demanded, looking at Luna, "don't the you have anything to say?"

"Harry wished me a Happy Valentine's Day, and kissed me at breakfast, in public, for the first time. He told me he loved me. What do I have to complain about?" Luna asked, coming out of a reverie. After hearing no answer, she went back to humming a little tune she had composed in honor of the rare Valentine Fire Nargle, which was found on hothouse roses.

Parvati frowned. "I thought you sent us a message to meet us here?"

Luna stopped humming. "Don't be silly. You know perfectly well that the Headmaster passworded this room. Harry and Hermione are the only students who can get in."

"Oh," Hermione said, "I thought Harry had given you the password."

"No," Luna said with a frown. "I thought you. . . ." Luna glanced over to the far corner.

At that moment, five small boxes appeared, each with four colored balloons floating above them.

"Oh," Hermione said in a soft voice, very unlike her normal tones, "they didn't forget!"

"What?" Lavender demanded. Then she saw her name on one of the boxes.

"I guess we had better open these," Ginny said. She pitched her voice a little louder and higher, "And remember, boys, I am not the one who called you stupid, if you can hear me!"

"Do you think they can?" Parvati yelped.

"They're almost certainly here," Luna said, "but they probably can't reveal themselves until we either open the presents or leave."

"Right," Ginny said. She removed the balloons and held them out to Luna. Luna tied them onto Ginny's left wrist, and then had Ginny do that for her, and then Hermione. Lavender and Parvati followed suit, by which time the other three girls had opened their boxes.

Each had a large thick Honeydukes chocolate heart, and a small vial of floral essence. Each girl sniffed, and smiled. Under the heart, each girl found a framed wizarding photo, each capturing the couple holding hands or hugging, and then kissing lightly.

Above the frame had been a sealed envelope. Opening them, each girl found a card in their favorite colors, with stylized hearts over the date. Opening them, they each found a different, short romantic poem on the left side, and the invitation to lunch on the right.

It was at that point that the five grinning boys appeared in the far corner of the room. Parvati went over to Dean. "I'm sorry I called you stupid," she said, putting her hands on the bottom of Dean's collar.

"So am I," Lavender agreed, coming over to Seamus.

"I never thought you were stupid," Hermione told Ron, "but I admit I did wonder if you would remember."

"Well. . . ." Ron said. "OW!" Ginny had kicked him.

"Shut up and kiss her while you're ahead," Ginny commanded. She turned to Neville. "You. . . . mm'phhff!" Neville had pulled Ginny into a deep kiss, which set off the other four boys.

When the kisses broke off, the five girls smiled at the five boys. "We're the luckiest five girls at Hogwarts," Lavender said, and the other four girls agreed.

Five boys were happy a disaster had been avoided.
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