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*Please read dream come true first. every thing will be explained there* Abby sharp. Happily with draco malfoy for two years. She believes hes changed because of what she did in fourth year. He has...

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Draco, day before school, just waking up.

The light shines bright in my eyes. I block it with my right arm. It stings less that way. I pull my left fingers through my hair as normal. But something. Something is different. I look down at my left hand. Nothing. My eyes moved down. As soon as my eyes rest upon it, it burns.

Anger floods in me. He did this. He does everything to me.

I crash through my doors. I have to find that bastard. I skip steps at a time. Trying to get there faster. Even though he'll still be there. He'll still act as if nothing’s wrong. The jack ass only cares about himself.

The kitchen shook as i stomped in. He was sipping tea out of his new china cups. I snack it out of his hand. Tea and glass were everywhere. He acted unfazed.

"Why did you do that? I wasn't done yet." He says calmly.

"Shut up you son of a bitch! What did you tell him?!"

"Is that any way to talk to your father?" His gray eyes look up at me.

"What did you tell him?!" I yell again.Ignoring his shit.

"Tell whom, son?"

I scrape him up and slam him agenst the wall. "You know damn well 'whom' I’m talking about!" I punch him under the ribs. Air comes out and a weez follows.

"Why the fuck is this on my arm! I know damn well It wasn't there when I went to sleep last night!"

"You'll find out as the year goes by, son." An evil smirk grew on his face. I punch him in the gut once more. I hope for his sake I don't.

And so it begins.......
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