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Abby, October 27, 6th year. Three years have passes. It almost seems like a dream.

"Come on! We can't be caught! I'm already down two strikes!" I play. Pulling him along. He's blushing and laughing which is hilarious because he tries to hide his face with in his hair.

"You only get strikes because you’re the heir of something. If we get caught we're in detention like that. “He snaps "Plus your Dumbledore’s second favorite! He won’t give you anything! And your on your way to the top of Slughorns!" He toys with me. I'm in the slug club and hate it. It sucks. I guess the only good part will be the party in december. I just draw him closer and kiss him.

He move closer to the fat lady hand and hand. "Don't leave me." He whispers. A kiss. "I wouldn't if I didn't have to." Another kiss. "Good night." A solid hug. "Good night."

"Hornets buzz." I say to the fat lady.

"It's about time you two! I was about to lock up for the night! Get in! Now!" I thought it was the fat lady not my mother.

I step in. Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Just as i though. Around the fire having cocoa. Yummy.

"Was the fat lady yelling at you....?" Harry asked

"Yep! Hand me a cup?" He lifts the one left for me. I heat it in my hands. Nice and hot. Yum.

"Ready for the week end!" Ron wined.

"Shut up! It's one more day!" Hermione snapped at him. They maybe together but they fight like they're enemies.

"Both of you shut up okay? God it’s only the second month of school and I’m tired of you!" Harry popped.

"Well I’m sorry Ronald is so annoying." Hermione scoffs.

"And I’m sorry Hermione’s such a know it all. Sorry mate." Ron slurps his cocoa as loud as he could just to annoy Hermione.

"UGH!" She screams and stomps off.

"Well that was pointless." I say to Harry. He nods.
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