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Yelling and Tears

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bad words as always

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"That was the best dinner i have ever had in this place!" I say hanging on Draco's arm.

"Ow! My arm is not for you to dig your nails into!" He say wile laughing.

"Sorry, I hate it when theses damn things dig! But I have to keep them. It feels weird...." I drift off looking at my nails. They are long.....

I feel an arm wrap around me and lips on the top of my head. "And this is why I love you."
He says with sparkling eyes. I just smile up at him. My silver medal winner. (gold going to my friend Amy at home)

I take hold of his arm. It feels wet where I clawed him. "Shit your bleeding! I'm so sorry!" I go to pull up his black sleeve. "No!" He yanks his arm away "No, no I’m...I’m fine. Nothing to worry about." His smiles is nervous and his hand shaky.

"It's bleeding! Just let me look!" And with that I took his arm and pulled up his sleeve. I saw no cuts. I saw no blood. Just a snake running through the eyes and mouth of a skull. It moved in a mocking way. It looks as if it owns his arm.

When a drop feel on his arm is when I was shocked back into life. I look up with watery eyes. He wasn't looking at me. I threw his arm and started to run.

"Abby wait." He touches my arm. I move even quicker. "Leave me alone." He calls my name again and touches me. "I said leave me alone." I yell. I'm crying uncontrollably now. Again, he touches me. I slap him on the face. "Leave me the fuck alone! I want nothing to do with you! You lying son of a bitch!" He stands now. Silent and still. He shed a tear of his own. I don't give a shit.

"coldren cakes." I gasp to the fat lady.

"Honey what’s wrong?" she ask in worry

"Please. Just let me in." She nodded and swung open.

I just run up to my room, not even looking to see my friends. My face took a home into my pillow. I scream once just to ge it out. The rest was slient. I wouldn't know though. I couldn't hear. I couldn't breathe or see. All I could do it feel the tear and hot.

I hear the floor move. Hermione. I just know it. She sits next to me. I immediately move to her lap. She starts to stroke my hair.

"What happened?" She asked in a hushed whisper.

"I should have known! I should have known!" I cry.

"You should have known what?" She shhs me after a cry.

"I should have known there was no such thing as a fairy tale endings."
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