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I can feel it.

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I can feel it now. I can feel myself getting softer. I don't know how. I just can. As soon as he almost kissed me I could feel it. I don't like it. I don't like this feeling. Never again.

"So when are they coming over so we can go on our next mission. I just saw A heard of addas beging taked away. There was a fricken 10 year old in the group! Not cool shit heads!" Izzy poped a can of soda. "And he looked scared! I'm going after him!" She chuged.

"Tonight I'm planing on going With you guys. Anna better be the decoy." I look over a map we found. It has the whole case land. It's very detailed. I'm proud of my girls. They did well with this one.

"What time?" She plays with her hands.

"Around 4ish. 6 we'll get moving."

"So in 5 minutes?" She looks at the clock I have hanging.

"Yep." I say.

Knock Knock

"Go get it." I mumble

She groans and opens the door for her sisters. They all gather around me and we start to go over the plan for tonight.

"Get in, get in! Hurry!" We got Izzy's little friend. He was nine. Our girls lined the halls as Izzy, Amber, and I bust the locks and bars. Their dim eyes would look up and brighten as they see us. They run to the hole we made and climb out like it was their last chance at life. Their weakend legs shake as they run down the hall of girls leading them to a safe exsit.

We got all the way to the end. Some are too close to the lab where they process every thing so we couldn't get to them. Lany told me there were 100's more inside the lab. Perfect. But I think We're fine for now.

Right as I start to go down the trap door, A light flicked on. I don't bother with the lader any more. I yelled to go down and jump from there. The door slams shut as I fly down. Not many are down here now but I still yell at them to go faster. Only when we are back to my tree house do I relax.

I slam the door and take a deep breath. Most of the team is delivering the addas to their homes. Three where here. Victoria, Izzy, and I.

"Hey, Melody, wwanna come to a party tomarrow at my place?" Vicky asked me.

"Whos going to be there and what time?" I say still trying to catch my breath.

She starts to name off people in pairs and said about 8.

"N-No, I have some shopping to do. Izzy is drinking my last soda and I need food. The best time to go is at night to aoviod the crowed." I smile slightly.

"It's true!" Izzy says raising the soda and taking a sip.

"Oh, rotten luck. Next time then?" She asked making her way over to the door.

"Yeah, next time." I smile and nod and let her out.

Izzy comes next to me, puts her hand on my sholder. "We both know you don't need more food." She turns and leaves me. Alone. Again.
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