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Fear of breaking

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I'm here. Alone. All my friends are at the party. I feel like the only one in this jungle. I feel singled out.

I try reading, nothing but romance. I try to study, nothing. I try cooking, nothing. I try to work out, nothing. I even try to shope, nothing. What can I do?! Wait I know! I'll do what I do best! Missions.

I think i'll get into the file cabnet again. It seems like a good enough project. I need to get out of this house. I throw on a jacket and i'm on my way.

It's dark. Perfect. I move like silk through the night. Smoothly I sneak from level to level. Even better, no thugs. I slink down the rough walls till I feel the nob. I pick the lock with my kit. I shut the door behind me. Hopfuly, I don't get cought.

I don't even get there before I feel something catch the tips of my sleeves and pants. I'm pined to the wall. I can't move. My body forms an uncomfitble X shape. I can see the out line of the thing pining me. Whatever it is, it's half way into the wall. There no way i'm getting out so quickly.

The lights go on wth a click. That, was when I relized it. I wasn't in my uniform. Too late now. He's seen me. He's noticed I have come into his office. He had a knife in his hand that matches the one holding me to the wall. He twirls it on his tips like it was his favorite toy. He runs his fingures over the blade. It didn't cut him. Didn't even draw blood.

"Ah, I knew you could stay away. Beautful yet hungery for infomation. Those things can get you killed. You know that, don't you?" He puts the knife side ways along my lower neck. I can feel my blood seeping down. Goring out and running down my chest. He could kill me right now.

Quickly he takes the knife from my neck. I most likly am looking hopless at this point/ He looks deeplyn my eyes. A hard look on his face. He kisses me. Long and hard. I sag. I have given up. I have lost this war.

He pull away and just leaves. How? How could I let this happen? I was so strong. Now i'm weak. Now I have no hope. I might be held here forever. But is that so bad? Some ones paying atention to me. I've been so distant. But getting close scares me. I don't want to be broken any more. BUt most of all. I don't want to break again. Espscally when i'm not even whole yet. I black out with that only thought.
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