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10 Minutes in Heaven

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When "YOU!" go to a party you find something more than a good time.

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First story I've tried on Ficwad pls forgive me if it isnt good.

"Are you sure i should do this?" you asks your friend ____. "I haven't gone to a party since third grade!" It'll be okay, just stick with me, and drink this, she handed you a red bull. "Its just red bull right?" "Of course! What kind of person do you think i am?" "Your right, come on its almost time to go." you yelled.
15 Minutes later

"Man i like red bull today!" you giggled. "Good now you'll enjoy the party then right?" "Dude, totally!" As soon as you walked in the door you heard the host of the party yell, "Time for 10 minutes in heaven!" Every one including you sat in a huge circle and each put an item you all had with you in the box. After the box went around a couple of times and the excited couples were sent into the tiny room, it was finally your turn to grab an item. You held up a bag of skittles and a guy you knew from your science class but never talked to stood up and smiled at you. You two walked into the room and someone closed the door. you sat down and there was a small moment of silence. until you looked up and saw he was staring down at you, the first thing you noticed were his big lovely Hazel eyes, they had a special sparkle in them, you also noticed his black hair that came down to his shoulders, he had pale flawless skin and it seemed to glint with the shine of his pearly white teeth, I was amazed how beautiful he looked, you never really got to get a good look at him at school because he always hid himself in the back of the classroom. I was still looking at him until i noticed his eyes flicker to the floor, them i realized that i had been staring up at him for more than necassary. Then he sat down next to you, "I think your in my science class, right?" "Oh, uh, yeah." You blushed. "Sorry I'm not talking I'm just kinda scared." "Scared of me?" he brought up your chin to look at your eyes, "Why would a pretty girl like your self be scared, and I'm not as scary as i may seem." he chuckled. "I'm sorry I-i just thought you wouldn't like me or would be mean or I-i'm sorry..." you looked down. "No i just. No it's okay, it Isn't the first time Iv'e been judged before someone knows me, it's not like you would've liked me like that anyways..." he trailed off. "Do you like me like that?" You stuttered. "Do you ____?" You answered by kissing him gently, then you pulled away quickly, your face was tingling and pretty sure you were as pink as bubble gum. And you couldn't stop smiling. He couldn't stop smiling either, and the look he had plastered on his face was glowing as if he was seeing you for the very first time. He put his finger tips below your ear and trailed down till it was at your cheek then stopped there, then he slowly moved closer until you were shocks apart, you held you breathe and your heart was pounding against your rib cage, Until he finally leaned in all the way, the fireworks went off, you heart had never gone down this path before, this was something new and you loved it! He pulled back, "I'm sorry my name is Gerard, he smiled at you, "I'm ____." "Well _____. would you like to go out with me?" he wispered into your ear. "I would love to!"
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