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Chapter 7

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Mikey carries on writing... He tells Gerard what he did at Jemma's house and gets a girlfriend...

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Dear Diary,
I want to write that this is the end. I want to stop informing you about all the events that happened after me and my brother were friends again.
But it's my life, and I bet in about 30 years time I will be looking back at this and laughing. I wonder what will happen in the future. It's really scary that in those 30 years, when I am laughing at this diary, I will know the answers.
I tried speaking to Alicia again today. She wasn't mean to me, she actually replied. She was being really nice to me, until Pete Wentz noticed us. Then she slapped me.
What does that mean!?
Girls are weird.
Jemma came over today after school. Not to hang round with me though, Gerard was helping her with her maths homework. She didn't say a word to me, and didn't say goodbye when she left.
When she'd gone, I went into Gerard's room and I asked him for advice. I told him what I did at Jemma's house. And he told me to talk to her about it properly, and see if she understands.
And if she doesn't understand, I guess we're not friends anymore.
The trouble is, I'm scared to talk to her. I'm scared that she'll only get angry or upset or will just ignore me all togethor. I'll have lost my best friend over something so stupid...
Gerard showed me some of his latest sketches. They're really good.
I'm bored and scared at the same time. I'm going to go and see Gerard again...
Oh. He's alseep. I know, I'll just slip into his bed.
~ Mikey

Dear Diary,
Gerard didn't get mad at me for sleeping in his bed last night. He understood. That's what I love about Gerard, he always understands.
So I went and spoke to Jemma today. It was the most awkward thing ever.
Mikey - Remember what I did at your house the other day?
Jemma - Yes. I remember.
Mikey - Well, I just wanted to know, how you felt about that.
Jemma - I don't know.
Mikey - Neither do I.
Jemma - Then why did you do it?
Mikey - I don't know.
Jemma - I don't know how we're going to get past this.
Mikey - Can we pretend it never happened?
Jemma - Well, we could... But- Never mind.
Mikey - Come on, what?
Jemma - I don't think I want to.
Mikey - Well... Neither do I, I think.
Jemma - So... Do you want to try it again?
Mikey - But what if it makes things awkward?
Jemma - If we decide we don't like it, we'll block it out for the rest of our lives.
Mikey - Okay. When do we try it again?
Jemma - Tommorow. My place. After school.
Mikey - Untill then?
Jemma - We forget it ever happened.
So we did. And now I'm worried about tommorow. I'm scared I won't be able to block it out!
You might be wondering about what I did with Jemma. I would tell you see, but I'm not sure I want to yet.
Tommorow. I will definantly write it down tommorow, after school, after I see Jemma.
~ Mikey

Dear Diary,
Today has been pretty eventful...
- Gerard got an A in art (Nothing new...)
- Mom tried a new recipe out for dinner. It was pretty nice.
- Alicia told me she doesn't want to be more than friends
- I got a girlfriend
So, I went over to Jemma's after school. And we were about to do what we had planned to do yesterday, when Emily suddenly walked in and asked me out.
I know, it sounds very strange, but I got worried and panicked and said Yes.
Emily is nice anyway, and I didn't want things to get anymore awkward with Jemma.
I suppose I've been putting this off too long. You're probably dying to know what I did at Jemma's house.
Gerard's calling me. He wants to talk to me about something.
Better go.
~ Mikey
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