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Chapter 8

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It all comes out... I think. Well, just read ;D

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Dear Diary,
Sorry, sorry... It's been days since I last wrote in here. But having a girlfriend has taken up most of my time now-a-days. Mom keeps insisting it's adorable, Dad doesn't really seem to care but Gerard says that soon Jemma might start getting upset.
I asked why, and he said I might've mislead her.
There seems no point in writing down what I did with her now.
Yes there is, 'cos in thirty years when I'm laughing at this, I might've forgotten and I'll wanna remember... So here goes nothing.
At Jemma's house a few weeks ago, I kissed her. On the lips.
But now I'm with Emily, and that kiss meant nothing.
Now that I've got some free time, I might aswell write a long diary entry. Might be the last one I get in a while, because I'm a boyfriend now.
Me and Emily went on a date last night. I took her to the movies. Well, I kinda wanted to watch the movie but Emily wanted to do something a little different in the dark... It was strange. I told Gerard after and he told me it was normal.
What I want to know is, how would he know?
Gerard's had one girlfriend and it was Lyn-z and she broke up with him.
That was mean, I shouldn't have written that.
Now I feel bad.
I'll distract myself by writing about something else.
I got an A in Math today. I'm really proud of myself. So's my Mom. I didn't tell Gerard. It's getting harder to tell Gee things now, he seems so distant. I hope he's not thinking of giving up on eating again. It was upsetting the first time, I don't want it to happen again.
I don't think I want to go out with Emily.
I want to go out with Jemma!
Why am I suddenly spurting this all out!?
I only went out with Emily incase Jemma didn't want to!
I've been keeping this in for months!
I've fancied Jemma for ages and ages and I haven't even been able to admit that to my diary, let alone Jemma and now it's all pouring out like word vomit.
Going out with Jemma would be a world gone topsy-turvy.
Now I'm in a relationship I don't want to be in.
D: What do I do!?
~ Mikey
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