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Hide and Seek!

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Bands just wanna have fun.

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It's Ghost Hunters night on SyFy! Which is why I didn't update earlier. I love me some Ghost Hunters. :D

“Get up!” Mikey screamed at me as I laid behind the counter at work.

“No!” I yelled, angered he was messing up my wonderful sleeping. Stupid Mikey.

“It’s not my fault you and my brother were out late last night in the park making out.” He scowled.

“Shuddup.” I covered my head with my hands.

“Unless that wasn’t the only thing that you were doing. That could be why you’re so grumpy and tired.” I could just picture the look on his stupid Mikey face.

“Go always, Mikey. That’s the only thing we were doing.” I sighed.

“Hey, Mikey.” Elle’s voice came into the store.

“Hey, Elle.” He said back to her.

“Where is your partner in crime?” She asked him.

“I’m back here!” I mumbled. I looked up to see Elle peering over the counter. I cracked a smile at her.

“Why are you back there?” She cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Because she and Gerard were out last night having sex in the park.” Mikey lied to her.

“We were not, Mikey Way!” I snapped.

“Prove it!” He said.

“I’m sure she is telling the truth.” Elle backed me up. She is a good girl.

They stood tthere and talked for a long while. I caught up on my sleep. They talked and talked, while I slept and slept. I was in the middle of a lovely dream involving my boyfriend, when Mikey woke me up.

“What do you want?” I snapped at him.

“To talk to you about Gerard.” He told me, climbing over the counter and hanging his feet over. “Gerard told you his little secret.

“Yes, he did.” I said.

“What did you think?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, how’d you take it? He told me that you didn’t believe him at first and that he had to show you what he really looks like.” He eyed me.

“Yeah.” I trembled slightly, as the image of Gerard popped into my head. “But everything it’s alright now. He is still the same Gerard.”

“Yeah, but trust me, Hazel.” There was a serious tone to his voice. “There are a lot more vampires out there. More than you know. And not all of them are good like Gerard.”

What do you mean good like him?” I asked, my attention fully on him instead of sleeping, now.

“Gerard is a good vampire, which is why he hasn’t tried to kill you yet.” Mikey said.

“Kill me?” I felt my eyes grow wide.

“Yes, there are evil vampires out there that would kill you in a heart beat.” He pointed at me.

“Me?” I brought my hand up and rubbed my neck.

“Yes. According to Gerard, you have one of the most unique smells he has ever smelled. And that means a lot of vampires are attracted to you.”

I stared at him blankly, not knowing what to say.

“I hope you never meet an evil vampire.” I sighed as our replacement workers came into the store. We clocked out, headed to his car, and made our way to band practice.

Frank wasn’t there yet when we arrived, so Bob and Mikey suggested that we play hide and seek in the dark.

“Grown people playing hide and seek?” Elle asked.

“Yeah!” Mikey exclaimed.

“Are you on drugs?” Ainsley rolled her eyes at him.

“NO!” He glared at her.

“We just want to play hide and seek!” Bob jumped around the living room. I was starting to think they were doing some kind of drugs.

“I am not on drugs!” Bob hissed at me, glaring. Oh right, vampire. Stupid vampire.

“Would you stop that!” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Yeah,” Elle said. “It’s kind of freaking me out.” They told her about the whole vampire thing the minute she and Mikey started dating.

“You’ll get used to it.” Ray told her. “Trust me.”

“Let’s make things more interesting and turn off the lights!” Mikey yelled.

“Who said that we were playing!” Ainsley asked.

“I did!” Bob said as he ran around, turning off ever single light he could get his hands on.

“I’m it!” Mikey screamed. “Go hide! All of you! NOW!”

We started to run around blindly.

“OW!” I exclaimed as I slammed into someone.

“Gosh! People are just trying to kill me!” Ainsley’s voice whined.

I ignored her whining and took off toward the kitchen. I stopped, trying to find a place to hide. As I looked around, I saw a shadow in the room with me. No one else had come in with me. I was sure of it.

“Gerard?” I whispered, careful not to give away myself in the game.

The figure said nothing, but moved closer to me.

“Gee, this isn’t funny.” I told him.

The person still didn’t say anything, but continued to slowly move in my direction. I started to back away, but with every slight step I took, it took one with me. I started to shake slightly. I could feel fear growing in my stomach.

I let out a small yelp of surprise as I fell over a chair and took it down with me. I rolled around with it for a few seconds, then looked back up. The person was still getting closer. Panic started to rush through me. It was getting harder for me to remember how to breathe.

Another black figure rushed in front of me. I jumped out of my skin almost. I wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn’t bring myself to look away. I was certain, this was very bad.
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