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First class

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Olivia takes up a history class and quickly finds herself in a situation she never thought she would be in. Having a huge crush on her teacher. She cant date him but doesnt mind showing up to class...

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"You begin that class tonight?" Elliot asked as he put on his jacket. It was 8 o'clock and they were getting ready to go home.

"Yea" Olivia answered putting on her own jacket. "It's American history"

"How come you choose that?" Elliot asked looking at her.

"I was always interested in that so thought I take it up" Olivia answered as they started walking down the hall.

"That's great and everything but how will you find the time?" Elliot asked smirking as they stepped on the elevator.

"I'll go when I have time, plus I need something to keep my mind off of work," Olivia answered with a small shrug as they stepped off the elevator.

"Well have fun learning about dead old guys who changed the world and other stuff," Elliot teased as they walked to there cars.

Olivia just laughed "Well its American history not world history, partner"

"Whatever, good luck and have fun," Elliot said smirking as he pulled out his car keys

"Thanks" Olivia said with a small nod as she opened her car door.

"Hey liv?" Elliot called from his car.

"Yea?" Olivia called back.

"If you want an extension on your homework just show the teacher your badge and I'm sure you'll get it" Elliot called back not being able to resist not messing with her.

"Funny" Olivia called back smiling. Elliot laughed hysterically and got in his car and took off. Olivia rolled her eyes and got in her own car and took off as well.

She got at her home around 8:30. She took a shower and got ready to go to her class that started at 9. She grabbed a notebook and pen and headed to the college where her class was.

She walked in at 8:55 and was extremely nervous. Most of the people were younger then her and talking to each other obviously knowing each other from other classes in the college. She sat down quietly and waited for the teacher to show up, which she was hoping was nice cause she wasn't going to spend her nights learning about something she loved from a mean teacher.

She said there quietly and waited. She saw a man walk in looking about her age and sat down by her. She smirked a little thinking that he was extremely cute. He was wearing faded jeans that hugged around which Olivia thought was the nicest ass she ever saw. A The Ramones t-shirt that pressed against his body which Olivia could quickly tell he had some nice abs under it.

"Hi" The man said smiling. Olivia quickly realized she was still looking at him.

"Hi" Olivia said with a small smile and played with her pen nervously.

"Nervous?" The man asked.

"Sort of, my first day" Olivia answered smiling.

"You don't say? Well the teacher is horrible, I mean I don't mean to give you the bad impression of the guy but he is really mean," The man said almost whispering.

"Well thanks," Olivia said smirking a little.

"Name is Michael by the way, call me Mike everyone does" The man said with a charming smile putting his hand out.

Olivia smiled "Olivia" She said smiling shaking his hand.

"Be nice to the teacher will you?" Michael asked raising an eyebrow.

"Sure" Olivia said sort of confused.


"Um...yea" Olivia said even more confused now.

"Good." He said looking at his Swiss army watch. "Well time for class to start" Michael said getting up from the seat and going in front of the class. Olivia almost started laughing realizing he was the teacher.

"Hi my beautiful boys and girls" Michael said smiling as he sat on his desk and looked at the class. The whole class got quiet.

"Nice shirt Mike" A kid from the back yelled out.

"Your mom liked it also," Mike said smiling. The kids started laughing. Olivia just smiled not wanting to believe she was starting to have a crush on her teacher. Of all the people she found her teacher to find attractive.

"All right guys, like you heard from my other students I'm extremely sexy so don't try to hit on me cause it wont get you a better grade" Mike teased as he picked up a piece of paper from the desk. The kids just laughed, including Olivia.

"We have a new person in the class, everyone meet Olivia Benson" Mike said pointing to Olivia as he read her name on his paper. Everyone turned to look at her. Olivia smiled and waved slightly. "Be nice to her or I will fail you" Mike warned as he got off his desk.

"Someone please tell Olivia the rule about answering my questions in the class" Mike said looking at all the 20 year olds that filled the class.

One kid raised his hand. Mike pointed to him "You have to name a song by The Ramones, AC/DC, Guns and Roses or any of those crappy bands that Mike likes" The kid answered. Olivia raised an eyebrow at the weird way to answer a question.

"Hey Alex you offend my bands again I'm going to hurt you" Mike said smiling pointing to the guy that answered "I need to get you kids off that crazy rap that is completely useless and not real music since its only mumbling with a small beat in the background" Mike said looking at all the kids. Next thing he knew about 20 paper balls were flying his way. Olivia just laughed thinking how cute it was that he interacted with the kids.

"You done?" Mike asked grinning holding out his arms. About ten more paper balls came hitting him. "Done?" he asked. All the kids laughed and settled down.

"Good. Now for the civil war that had our politicians go crazy" Mike said loudly as he jumped on his desk and opened a book. The kids groaned and opened their books. Olivia just looked around realizing she didn't have the book.

Mike saw her looking around and looking extremely nervous. He jumped off his desk and walked over to her. He gently placed his own book in front of her and walked away to his desk. Olivia just smiled and opened the book to the right page.

About half way through the class she heard two girls behind her whispering.

"Personally I took this class cause of the teacher" One girl whispered.

"Same here, I mean he has to be the hottest teacher on campus. Too bad it's against the rules to date the students cause I sure as hell wouldn't mind him taking off that shirt," The other girl whispered back. Olivia smirked thinking the same thing.

"Its so sexy that he lets his students call him by his first name, makes him human" The girl whispered. Olivia felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around. "What page are we on?" The girl whispered.

"Ladies in the back" Mike interrupted. Olivia quickly turned around. The two girls got quiet and looked up. "Anything you want to share?" Mike asked looking at the three. Neither said anything.

"Olivia?" Mike asked looking at her. Olivia said nothing "Kelly?" The girl said nothing. Jenny?" The other girl said nothing. The whole room looked at them. Olivia wanted to smack herself for even turning around since now she could feel her face blushing.

"Olivia what was the last thing I said?" Mike asked looking at her.

" said..."

"Song?" Mike interrupted smirking.

Olivia smiled and quickly thought of the song she loved from The Ramones since that was her favorite band "Rock & Roll High school"

"My favorite song by the way. Now answer" Mike said smiling.

Olivia smiled thinking that had to be the nicest smile ever "You were talking about the civil war" She said even though she new it was crappy answer. The kids just laughed.

Mike let out a deep breath "Are you trouble Olivia?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"No" Olivia answered smirking a little feeling her face blush. "You were talking about the civil war so it's not like I'm lying"

Mike just looked at her for a couple of seconds "You're not lying but what do you know about the civil war?"

"Sheena is a punk rocker" Olivia said another song from The Ramones. Mike smiled with a small nod "It was a war" Olivia teased knowing she just had to mess with him since she found him extremely cute. The kids laughed again.

Mike shook his head with a small smirk "Class clown alert" The kids laughed again. "Someone please tell me what you learn something from me before I get fired"

One boy raised his hand. Mike nodded at him "Um...Rock & Roll radio?" Mike nodded "The civil war was about slavery"

"That's crap," Olivia mumbled not even realizing she said it rather loudly. Everyone looked at her.

"Care to share?" Mike asked as he sat on his desk.

"Um...I'm just saying that slavery was a cover up reason," Olivia answered.

"That was the only reason," The boy snapped back.

"That's because your brainwashed and you believe that crap. It was about power," Olivia argued.

"Good point. I would let the debate go on but we are running out of time and I'm scared Olivia might hurt Andy. Homework is to write a paragraph about what you think the civil war was about" Mike interrupted. The kids nodded and got up and headed out the door. "Olivia can I see you for a second" Mike called over the noise looking at her.

Olivia looked up and grabbed her notebook and walked over to him. "I'm sorry about the earlier remark about you were talking about" She said as she placed the book he gave her on his desk. She smelled his cologne and totally got turned on since it was on of her favorite men cologne.

"What job do you have?" Mike asked as he sat down on the desk.

"Um...I'm a detective for the NYPD" Olivia answered nervously.

Mike quickly looked surprised and impressed at the same time "Really?"

"Yea. SVU"

"Oh, well that's pretty impressive."

"Thanks" Olivia said with a small shrug.

"Look it's your first class and I don't want you to think I'm mean but I would appreciate it if you didn't make me look like an idiot in front of my class just like you wouldn't want a witness to make an idiot out of you well your on the job" Mike said with a small smile.

"Sorry" Olivia apologized sincerely.

"It's ok, have a good night," He said as he got off the table and gathered some papers.

"I never got your last name"

"Peterson" He answered looking up "But don't call me Mr. Peterson cause it reminds me of my father"

Olivia chuckled "Michael it is" she said smiling.

"You got it, goodnight," He said smiling as he grabbed some papers and headed out the door. "You coming?" he called out holding the door open. Olivia smirked and walked out of the room. Mike closed the door. They walked silently down the hall until they got to the parking lot.

"Goodnight Michael" Olivia said smiling as she walked to her car.

"Goodnight Olivia" Mike said smiling as he got on a motorcycle. Olivia unlocked her car door and saw him on his motorcycle, which she found extremely sexy. He waved and rode off. Olivia waved and got in her car.

She let out a deep breath finding hating herself that she was attracted to her teacher. Even more hating it that she wasn't aloud to date him since she was the student and he was her teacher. Why the hell did she need to get a sexy teacher?
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