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Formal Parties could be fun

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Olivia goes to a party with Mike after seeing him where she thought she would never see him.

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Couple of months later...

"Bye my little scholar" John teased waving at Olivia as he went out of the squad room. Olivia smiled and waved. It was 7 at night and they just finished up their case.

Elliot came out of the bathroom and suddenly stopped noticing the squad room was empty except for Olivia. Olivia looked up and started laughing at the confused look from her partner.

"They went home," Olivia explained grinning.

"How long was I in there?" Elliot asked shaking his head at how quickly everyone went home. Olivia just smiled and looked back to her papers. "Hey liv?"

"Yea?" Olivia asked looking up from her papers.

"Are you ok?" Elliot asked knowing this certain case hit too close to home for her.

"I'm fine," Olivia answered knowing what he meant since she could recognize the concern in her friends voice.

"I know that this case was sort of like your relationship with your mother so in case you need to talk..."

"I know El, I'm fine, really" Olivia interrupted with a small smile of appreciation. Elliot just nodded. "I don't have classes tonight so I'm going to go home and enjoy a nice bubble bath" Olivia said smiling as she got off her chair and put her gun in her locker

"Your such a girl" Elliot teased as he put his gun in his locker as well.

"I'm a girl with a gun and who can kick your ass so watch it" Olivia teased as they walked to the elevators. Elliot just laughed.

They walked to their cars and went their separate ways.

"Goodnight liv" Elliot called out as he went in his car.

"Goodnight" Olivia called back and got in her car and drove off. Elliot drove off after her as well.

Olivia knew she had to do something she hasn't done for a while. Visit her mother's grave. This case was just too much like her life.

She got to the cemetery around 8. It was pretty dark which made it creepy and she didn't have her gun with her so she convinced herself that no dead people were going to get her tonight. She chuckled at her weird way of calming herself down but that only made her get freaked out since it was completely silent.

She walked down the rows and finally found 'Serena Benson' as she was about to sit and just look at the tombstone like she always did she saw someone else sitting at another tombstone a little further from her.

She didn't know how much she liked it that someone was there and she was all alone and it was dark. She shrugged it off and just sat down in the grass.

She couldn't help but take peeks at the person at the other tombstone cause the figure looked so familiar. The detective in her took over and she almost felt like going up to the person and seeing who it was.

"Your such a weirdo Olivia" She mumbled to herself and looked at her mother's name etched into the stone.

"Yes you are" She heard the person by the tombstone say out loud she jumped a little getting freaked out "It's not the grave talking its Mike, over here livvy" she heard him. She knew that livvy was his nickname for her after she teased him and called him Mikey.

She looked up and saw Mike waving by the tombstone he was sitting by.

"Oh hi" Olivia called out waving "What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for a date" Mike answered sarcastically "I'm visiting my grandma's grave. You?"

"My mom's" Olivia called back

"Sorry about that" Mike called back

"You too" Olivia called back.

"Is it just me or is it weird that we are talking so loudly in a cemetery" Mike called back smirking. Olivia smiled and nodded. Mike got off the grass and walked over to her. He was wearing a leather jacket with blue jeans that hugged around Olivia's favorite part of his body. His butt. He was wearing a black dress shirt with baby blue lines going horizontally and it wasn't tucked in.

"Mind if I sit next to you?" He asked standing by her.

"No, I could use the company." Olivia said with a small smile. Mike smiled and sat down by her in the grass.

"How did it happen?" Mike asked pointing to her mom's tombstone.

"Accident. Your grandma?" Olivia asked looking over at him.

"Stroke" Mike answered.

Olivia just nodded. "You always visit her grave?"

"Only when I need to go to my families house since she was my favorite relative" He answered with a small shrug.

"What about your parents?" Olivia asked looking over at him.

"I'm a disappointment to them," Mike answered smirking a little "My father is the Assistant Director for the FBI, my mom owns a high price company, my oldest brother is a fed and my other brother is a fireman."

"And you're a teacher" Olivia said nodding realizing why he would be a disappointment.

"My grandma was the only one that told me to do what I want and not follow what my father wanted me to be"

"That's nice of her," Olivia said with a small smile. Mike smiled and nodded.

"Your mom?" Mike asked looking over at her.

"Bad case at work so I thought I come here" Olivia answered with a small shrug

"You two were close?"

"Not really, but the case hit close to home and I haven't visited her grave in a long time" Olivia answered still looking at her mother's name in the stone.

"What about your dad?"

Olivia shrugged a little "Never met him"

Mike just nodded not wanting to push her anymore "You want to go to a very formal party with me Livvy?"

Olivia just chuckled "Formal? I'm wearing jeans and a button up shirt"

"So? I'm not going to fit in either with my leather jacket and my shirt not tucked in. It's my mother's party that she is throwing for some of her rich spoiled colleagues who smell like smoke, join me in crashing the party" Mike said with a extremely cute smile.

"I don't know" Olivia said shaking her head.

"C'mon it'll be fun, you can be the person my parents approve of and wish you were their kid since you're a cop and I can be the person my parents disapprove of and call me a coward for being a teacher" Mike said grinning as he got off the ground "I'll give you a good grade on your essay" he said smirking holding out his hand to her.

"You bribing me?" Olivia asked looking up at him.

"Maybe" Mike whispered still holding out his hand "Please Livvy?" He whined playfully. Olivia laughed and took his hand and pulled herself up.

"I thought teachers and students shouldn't see each other outside of class" She teased smiling.

"Well maybe you know my parents for some odd reason, maybe I saw you there and by accident started talking to you. It could happen" Mike said smirking.

"It could"

"Will it happen?"

"I have nothing else to do tonight so ok," Olivia said nodding.

"Ok then" Mike said as he turned around to walk away from the cemetery "You want to ride with me or follow me with your car?" He asked as she walked with him.

"I don't know" Olivia said shrugging even though she wouldn't mind sitting behind him on his motorcycle and being close to his muscular body.

"It's up to you" Mike said as they walked into the parking lot.

"I never been on a motorcycle so ok I guess" Olivia said smiling looking at his black Ducati.

"You have never been on it? What kind of cop are you?" Mike teased as he pulled out the keys

"Shut up. This thing looks expense did your mommy buy it for you?" Olivia teased smiling looking at the shiny sports motorcycle.

"Yes she did" Mike answered in a baby voice that made him sound adorable. Olivia just laughed. "C'mon sit and stop investigating"

Olivia smiled and sat down on the bike. Mike took off his leather jacket and put it over her "It gets very windy on this thing"

"Thanks" Olivia said smiling smelling his cologne that was on it. Mike sat in front of her and turned on the bike.

"Hold on detective" Mike warned as he grabbed the clutch. Olivia wrapped her arms around his stomach and could immediately feel his rock hard stomach. She rested her palms over his shirt and could feel were his abs were, which made her smile a little immediately getting turned on.

Mike took off and gave the bike speed. Olivia held on tighter being surprised by the speed.

"Scared?" Mike called over the noise as he dodged traffic.

"Never" Olivia called back smiling "C'mon Mikey where is the adrenaline rush" She teased and moved closer to him pressing her body against his more.

Mike smiled and did a wheelie, which made Olivia scream and hold on to him more.

"Scared now detective Benson?" Mike called smiling completely getting turned on by her perfume and her body pressed up against his.

"Screw you" Olivia called back smiling. Mike just laughed as he stopped at a red light.

"It's ok, I wont let my students fall off my bike" Mike said smiling touching her hand on his stomach. Olivia just smiled feeling his touch and rested her head on his back, which made him smile.

They rode for a while longer until they got to upstate New York and they pulled into a parking lot in front of a huge expensive looking house.

"Get off Livvy my dear" Mike said smiling turning off the bike. Olivia smiled and looked at the huge house.

"This is your house?" Olivia asked as her mouth dropped. There was a huge fountain in front of the house and the house looked like it could cost millions of dollars.

"Grew up in it but I live in a apartment in Brooklyn cause I really don't like the whole rich people scene" Mike answered as he got off the bike.

"So you're not a rich spoiled brat?" Olivia asked smirking as she got off the bike.

"Hell no" Mike answered grinning.

"Good" Olivia said nodding handing him his leather jacket.

"Just to warn you these people are all formal and if you say something modern or if you say a curse word they will look at you like your out of your mind" Mike warned as they walked to the huge house.

Olivia looked at him for a second "You say like you had an encounter with that before" She teased with a small smile "Michael Peterson are you the trouble in the family?"

"I'm proud to say that I am the one that made my mother appalled" Mike answered in a fake British accent. Olivia just laughed.

"Oh god your not going to set anything on fire will you?" Olivia teased smiling as they stopped in front of the door.

"You're my partner in crime tonight" Mike said smiling proudly "Irony is that you're a cop" He added and started laughing.

"Dork" Olivia said under her breath looking at him.

"I'm a sexy dork excuse me very much" Mike corrected smiling widely. Olivia laughed and rolled her eyes. Mike rang the doorbell.

After a couple of seconds a women answered the door dressed in a gray outfit obviously being the maid.

"Hello Mr. Peterson" The woman said smiling as she saw Mike.

"We talked about this Estelle its Mike, c'mon I'm not my father" Mike whined rolling his eyes.

"Can I take your jacket sir?" Estelle asked with a small smile.

"No you may not, I can put it in a closet myself I am a gentlemen but thank you" Mike answered smiling as he took off his leather jacket and opened a closet and put it in there. "Hey Livvy look at this" Mike said smiling. Olivia turned around to look at the closet. "Funny how my jacket is the only good one under 500 dollars"

Olivia smiled looking at all the trench coats and expensive fur coats inside. "Congrats Mikey"

"Thank you" Mike said smiling proudly as he closed the closet.

"Michael I was hoping you would show up" A woman behind them said. She was dressed in a beige gown and had a lot of expensive jewelry on.

"Hi mom" Mike said smirking as he gave her a hug.

"I told you it would be formal, why aren't in a tux?" The woman asked looking at his jeans and dress shirt.

"I thought this was formal enough, mom this is my friend Olivia Benson, Olivia this is my mom, Emma" Mike introduced pointing to each woman.

"Are you a teacher also?" The woman asked.

Olivia smiled and looked at Mike not sure if she should lie so he wouldn't look bad. Mike just smiled seeing that she was trying to spare him "Olivia is a detective, she works with murders and rapes, she carries a gun and badge around and yes mother she could probably kick my ass" Mike answered with a huge grin. Olivia quickly suppressed her laughter.

His mother just shot him a look "Well nice to meet you Olivia." Emma said smiling at her obviously liking her already.

"You too" Olivia said smiling politely.

"Excuse me I have guests to attend" Emma said and walked away.

"That was priceless" Mike said laughing.

"Why do you do that?" Olivia asked smiling.

"Tell the truth? I don't know it's just the nice person in me," Mike answered grinning.

"No, make yourself look bad?"

"I don't care what they think, plus you probably could kick my ass if your tried, cause I really think you have some rage under that sweet heart of yours"

Olivia smiled and blushed "Are you flirting with me?"

"Of course not that would be completely out of line since you're my student. I'm just simply stating the obvious" Mike answered smiling. Olivia just blushed even more.

"Michael how are you?" A tall man said approaching them. He was wearing a fancy tux and hair was nicely combed compared to Mike's hair that was spiked up in the front.

"Kill me now, kill me now" Mike whispered threw a smile. Olivia just smiled.

"Is this your girlfriend?" The man asked looking at Olivia.

"No sir, she's just a friend," Mike answered as he shook hands with the man "Dad this is Olivia Benson, Olivia this is my father, Richard" Mike introduced.

"Nice to meet you Olivia" Richard said smiling putting his hand out.

Olivia smiled politely and shook his hand "You too"

"Emma tells me that you are a cop"

"Yes dad, she is" Mike said annoyed rolling his eyes.

"Well if you don't have a problem with a woman who has more authority then you then ok" Richard said glaring at Mike. Olivia just looked back and forth at the two men.

"No I don't, a girl with a gun, what's not to love" Mike said a huge grin looking at his father.

"Michael you could have been somebody not a teacher, for gods sake you have brains and the strength, you were in the navy Michael"

"Dad not now" Mike said rolling his eyes.

"Well Olivia good luck with my coward of a son" Richard said giving a look to Mike and walked away.

"Thank you father, I love you too" Mike called out playfully after his father and then turned to Olivia "See why I don't like rich people?"

"They are mean to you" Olivia said shaking her head.

"That's because of you and your career, if I walked in with a girl who was another teacher they wouldn't say anything" Mike said smiling. "C'mon lets get something to drink and you can make me look bad in front of my brothers," He said pointing to a room.

Olivia followed him "I could have lied you know?"

"And have them be nice to me, why in the world would I do that?" Mike said smiling as they went by the table full of drinks. Olivia just laughed. "What do you want? Something expensive or something for normal people like a beer?"

"Beer sounds good" Olivia answered.

"I'm going to give you a glass so they don't say your not being proper" Mike said as he poured beer into a glass "I'm going to take a bottle so I can piss them off" He smirked as gave her a glass and sipped beer from bottle. Olivia just smiled and took a sip of beer.

Two men came walking over to them. Both looked a lot like Mike and were dressed in expensive tuxes and their hair was combed nicely.

"Hey look its the teacher" One teased looking at Mike.

"The history teacher, how cute" The other added. Mike just rolled his eyes and turned to look at them.

"Hi guys, you fight any fire lately or get beat up by a national criminal?" Mike asked looking at two. Olivia quickly realized it was his brothers.

"So we hear that your friend has more balls then you" One said smiling.

"More then you two" Mike answered grinning. "Guys this is Olivia Benson, Olivia these are my brothers, Dick junior the fireman and Eric the fed"

"Name is Rick get it right squirt" Dick said looking at him.

"Oh sorry I was talking about your personality, Dick" Mike provoked. Olivia suppressed her laughter.

"Screw you" Rick said rolling his eyes.

"Excuse us gentlemen" Mike said leading Olivia by them "Don't get your nice tuxes messed up" he teased and on purpose fixed each of there bow ties and walked away with Olivia and led her up the stairs.

"Where are we going?" Olivia asked looking around the nice house.

"My room" Mike answered as he reached a door "I wonder what they turned it in to" He opened the door to the room. The room was filled with sports posters and sports equipment "Damn it looks the same"

"Nice room Mikey" Olivia teased walking in.

"Thank you Livvy" Mike teased as he closed the door behind him. Olivia looked around the room and looked at pictures. She saw a picture of him in the Navy with his shirt off. She smiled seeing he had an amazing body even then.

"I feel like I'm breaking some kind of rule," He said smirking as he sat on his bed.

Olivia turned around to look at him and smiled "I think you're breaking a lot of rules"

"Why cause I'm in a room alone with a student?" Mike asked grinning.

"Yes" Olivia answered smiling as she sat by him.

"You want to walk in the woods?" Mike asked grinning.

"What?" Olivia asked confused.

"The woods. You know that thing with trees and nature. We have woods behind the house, you want to take a walk with me there?" Mike asked putting his beer bottle down on the nightstand.

"Sure" Olivia answered putting her glass down by his.

Mike got up and opened the door "C'mon my friend" Olivia got up and followed him down the stairs. Mike grabbed his jacket from the closet and went out the door. Olivia followed.

"May I?" Mike asked showing that he was about to put his jacket over her. Olivia smirked and nodded. He gently put his jacket over her shoulders. She put it on and it was big for her and her hands weren't even visible any more.

They walked behind the house and slowly approached the woods.

"How does this not creep you out?" Olivia whispered moving closer to him.

"Why are you whispering your weirdo?" Mike whispered grinning. Olivia just smiled.

"May I?" She asked slowly wrapping her arm around his. Mike just smiled as they kept walking through the woods.

"You like nature?"

"Your such a weirdo" Olivia teased smirking. He just laughed. "Yea I like nature"

"Does the dark creep you out?"

Olivia smiled and rolled her eyes "Not all the time"

"You're a cop c'mon toughen up" Mike whispered as they walked.

"Shut up" Olivia mumbled smiling.

"Can I kiss you?" Mike asked.

"You are weird" Olivia teased smiling.

"Is that a no?" Mike whispered.

"What? Are you serious?" Olivia asked raising an eyebrow at him as they kept walking.

"Only if you say yes, if you say no then no I'm not serious." Mike answered grinning.

"If it's a good kiss then yes your allowed to kiss me, if it's bad then no"

"Are you allowing me to kiss you?" Mike asked smirking.

"I would be offended if you didn't" Olivia teased smiling. Mike smiled and put his hands on her waist and pushed her up against a tree and met his lips with hers and gently kissed her. Olivia completely melted feeling the warmth of his tongue against hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

They stood there what seemed like a good five minutes just making out in the woods.

"Oh my god" Olivia mumbled with her eyes closed as he started kissing her neck. "Oh my god Mike"

"I'll take that as a good kiss" Mike whispered gently kissing her cheek. Olivia smiled and bit her lip and grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to her. His body pressed up against hers and her body against the tree. He gently started kissing her again on the lips.

Olivia wrapped her leg around him and moved as closely as she could to him being completely turned on by his gentle lips. He gently picked her up and moved closer so it was easier for her to stand. She wrapped her other leg around him and kept kissing him. She slowly grabbed his belt buckle and started undoing it.

Mike broke the kiss "In the woods?" He whispered

"Problem?" Olivia whispered smiling playfully as she undid his zipper. Only the light of the moon on them.

"No not at all" Mike whispered slowly bringing his hands to her belt buckled and running his hands over her middle part gently. Olivia moaned and leaned her neck back on the tree and closed her eyes. Mike started kissing her neck again.

"Put it on the ground" Olivia whispered taking off his leather jacket. Mike stopped kissing her.

"This is a 200 dollar jacket," He whispered taking his jacket.

"And this is a one time offer" Olivia whispered smiling.

"I never said I wasn't going to do it, I'm just saying that its expensive." He whispered smiling as he threw the jacket on the ground.

Olivia smiled and grabbed his butt that she was waiting forever to touch since it was perfectly round and she was sure it was made out of steel.

Mike jumped up a little and then pushed her against the tree and kissed her again. Olivia kissed him as they slowly fell on the ground and on to the jacket. Olivia sat on top of him and unbuttoned his shirt not being able to wait to touch his body.

"In the woods, well I don't know about you but this is a first for me" Mike whispered placing his hands on her waist that he was waiting forever to touch.

"First time here also, of all the places I never thought I would do it in the woods" Olivia whispered as she got the last button undone and just looked at his body. He had what seemed like an eight pack. He had a lightly tanned body and had nice pecks that turned her on even more. She just ran her hands over his body and smiled.

"Or with me" Mike whispered pulling her closer as he ran his hands up her shirt slowly and explored her body. He gently cupped her breast over her shirt and then moved his hands behind her back and unhooked her bra.

Olivia smiled and pulled his boxers down and pulled out his penis. Her mouth dropped when she estimated that it had to be about 8 or 9 inches.

"Yea I know" Mike said smiling seeing her surprised and impressed expression.

Olivia just smiled and moved down his body and slowly took him into her mouth. Not caring that they were in the woods only caring about pleasuring her lover at this moment. Mike let out a loud moan and quickly covered his mouth. Olivia slowly stroked him. Mike quickly gripped whatever was by him so he wouldn't moan loudly. He held his jacket in a complete fist. Slowly twisting the leather with every stroke she took.

"Stop Olivia..." he panted "Or I wont be able to..." He whispered almost tearing his jacket into pieces how much pleasure he was getting. Olivia slightly smiled and took him out of her mouth and kissed his muscular body.

"Hey Michael?" Olivia whispered as she lay on top of him and kissed his neck softly.

"Yea?" He whispered gently putting his hand on her butt and slowly messaging it.

"You have a condom?" She whispered kissing his cheek. Mike just nodded and removed his hand from her butt and pulled out his wallet from his back pocket and pulled it out. She playfully snatched it from him. He just smiled as she opened the small package and gently placed it over his already formed erection.

"Ready?" She whispered moving closer to his body. He smiled and nodded as he gently slid off her panties. Olivia smiled and slowly let him come inside of her. Both of them let out a small moan and interlaced their fingers with each other's.

She slowly started moving to pleasure him. Mike wrapped his arm around her waist and gently turned around so she was lying on the ground as he trusted to give her more pleasure. She just smiled and grabbed the back of his neck and held it as he moved for her.

After what seemed like half an hour they both reached their orgasm. Mike turned around so she could lye on top of him. She lay on top of him and breathed hard.

"That was amazing," He whispered holding her and breathing hard.

"Wow, that was incredible" She whispered smiling and lightly kissed his neck.

"Maybe we should get out of the woods," He whispered grinning.

"I can't believe I had sex with my teacher in the woods" she said smirking as she got off of him and zipped up her jeans.

"Hey Olivia?" Mike asked still lying on his jacket and looking up at her as she hooked up her bra.


"You know we can't tell anyone about this, because if we do I'll get fired"

"I know, c'mon take me home" Olivia said smiling putting her hand out toward him. He smiled and took her hand and got up.

"My poor jacket" Mike whined playfully looking at his jacket on the ground as he zipped up his jeans. Olivia smiled and picked it up for him.

"Not that dirty." She said smirking looking at the dust his leather jacket had on it. He smiled and buttoned up his shirt. "Do you know how we get out of here?"

"I thought you knew," He said with wide eyes looking at her.

"What?" She asked in a louder voice.

"Just kidding," He said with a big grin as he put his arm around her shoulders and led her the way they came.

"That's mean," She said smiling and slapped his butt. He smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek as they walked. He took the jacket so she wouldn't have to carry it.

They reached the house in a couple of minutes of walking.

"Aren't you going to say bye to your family?" Olivia asked as he pulled out his keys for his motorcycle.

"They don't even know I'm gone, once they realize it they will call my cell and I can make them feel guilty by saying no one was talking to me so I left" Mike said smiling as he brushed his leather jacket and put it over her. Olivia put it on and sat on his bike. He sat on the bike in front of her.

She wrapped her arms around his stomach as he turned the bike on and took off.

They reached her car in the parking lot of the cemetery around 10 at night.

"So I want that homework on my desk on time" Mike teased as he turned off his bike and got off.

Olivia laughed as she got off and took off his jacket "Thank you for the jacket"

"Your welcome" He said as he took it and put it on. Olivia smiled seeing that he looked extremely sexy in it. "Can I walk you to your car?"

"I would be offended if you didn't," She teased smiling as they walked to her car together.

"Thank you for agreeing to keep this a secret" Mike said as they walked.

"Not a problem. Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course"

"Are we dating or just having sex secretly?" Olivia asked as she came to her door.

"Up to you. But personally I would like to date you Olivia Benson only if you let me"

"Then we are dating secretly Michael Peterson" Olivia said smiling as she unlocked her door and opened it.

"Goodnight Olivia Benson" He whispered giving her a small kiss on the cheek.

"Goodnight Michael Peterson" She whispered giving him a small kiss on the cheek and got in her car. Mike smiled and waved as he went to his bike.

He sat on his bike and pointed to the exit signaling for her to go first. Olivia smiled and pointed to the exit as well. Mike shook his head and pointed to it again.

Olivia smiled and opened her window. "Are you going to go or what?"

"I'm a gentlemen ladies first" He called back.

"Fine you stubborn ass" Olivia teased smiling as she put her car in drive. Mike just laughed as he turned on his bike. Olivia waved as she pulled out of the parking lot. Mike just waved back and followed out. Both went in different directions.

Olivia smiled and headed home. She looked at her rear view mirror and looked at herself and just groaned. "He's my teacher," She groaned to herself. She stopped at a red light and let out a deep breath. She finally met an awesome guy and she had to keep it a secret. Why did he have to be her teacher? She smiled and just thought he could be a teacher in the reproductive system cause he sure as hell was good tonight.
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