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You make me happy

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Izzi left after the strike in 1899 taking her secret with her. She left her friends and true love Blink behind. Now it's been 5 years since the strike and Izzi decides its time for a visit. What wi...

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Chapter 1- Friends Forever…

I sat on my bed thinking about my old friends. The newsies. It had been 5 years since the strike ended and I left. I kind of wanted to visit them. I wondered if they all left. Had Jack married Sarah? Did David and Les leave? I wanted to find out the answer to all of these questions. I was now 22 and living on my own in Virginia. I was doing pretty good to. I wrote books and sold over a million copies of them. I lived in a mansion with my daughter. She was also part of the reason I left. She is 4 and let’s just say I never told her father about her. She ran into my lap and giggled.
“Hey sweetie!” I said kissing her cheek and tickling her. She giggled even more. “You wanna come to New York with me and meet my old friends?” I asked smiling. She smiled.
“Yes mommy! Can we go now?!” She said jumping up and down. I told her stories about them and she loved them. I smiled.
“Let’s go pack you up and we can leave tomorrow morning. Okay Gabby.” I said standing up. She smiled. I held out my hand. She held it and we walked upstairs into her room. She ran and jumped on her bed.
“Mommy, can I color while you pack?” She asked being cute. I smiled and nodded.
“Of course sweetie.” I said smiling. I took out her suitcase and started packing. I packed all of her favorite dresses and a couple of her dolls and coloring books. When I finished packing I closed the suitcase and went to sit on the bed with her. I looked at what she was drawing and I smiled.
“That’s beautiful sweetie.” I said holding it.
“It’s of us and your friends!” She smiled and ran out of the room. I walked out of the room and took the picture with me.
“Where are you going?” I called to Gabby. She appeared again holding a juice box. I smiled.
“Come on sweetie. It’s time for bed.” I said. She frowned.
“I don’t want to come to bed!” She said. I half smiled.
“Come on. The sooner you go to bed the sooner tomorrow will come.” I said. That made her come upstairs. She walked into her room and went into bed. I sat on the bed and ran my fingers through her long blonde hair.
“Lullaby, and good night,
With pink roses bedight,
With lilies overspread,
Is my baby's sweet head.
Lay you down now, and rest,
May your slumber be blessed.
Lay you down now, and rest,
May thy slumber be blessed.
Lullaby, and good night,
You are your mother's delight,
Shining angels beside
My darling abide.
Soft and warm is your bed,
Close your eyes and rest your head.
Soft and warm is your bed,
Close your eyes rest your head.

Sleepyhead, close your eyes.
Mother's right here beside you.
I'll protect you from harm,
You will wake in my arms.
Guardian angels are near,
So sleep on, with no fear.
Guardian angels are near,
So sleep on, with no fear.

Lullaby, and good night,
With pink roses bedight,
With lilies overspread,
Is my baby's sweet head.
Lay you down now, and rest,
May your slumber be blessed.
Lay you down now, and rest,
May thy slumber be blessed.” I finished and she was fast asleep. I got up and turned off her lights. I walked into my room across the hall. And soon fell asleep.

(The next morning)

I got up early and started packing. When I was done I got into a sky blue dress that Medda had given to me as a good luck present when I left. I my hair up into an up do and smiled. I got my bag and put the picture that she drew in it. I walked into the hall.
“John!” I called our butler. He ran upstairs. “Please take my back downstairs into the carriage and be very careful. I am going to wake up Gabby and when she is up and ready please take her bags as well. We are going on a trip to Manhattan. I’m leaving you in charge of the house and staff while we are away.” I said. He smiled.
“Yes Ma’am.” He said. I walked into Gabby’s room to see her sitting in her bed. I smiled. Melissa, her maid helped her get ready. I smiled at Melissa an she smiled back.
“Thank you Melissa.” I said. “You may go.” She left the room. Gabby ran into my arms.
“I can’t wait mommy!” She said smiling.
“Neither can I sweetheart. Neither can I.” I said thinking about them. I carried her downstairs and into the carriage. Soon we were off.


I stepped out of the carriage and helped Gabby get out. I walked into our hotel and went upstairs. The driver brought our bags up.
“Anything else Miss?” He asked.
“Nothing else. You may take your break.” I said. I wanted to walk with Gabby around the park today. And then to Tibby’s. But when I passed Tibby’s I saw a couple of my old friends sitting at a booth. I took Gabby’s hand and walked inside towards Richie. He was the owner of Tibby’s. He smiled when he saw me.
“I was startin to wonder if you’d ever come visit.” He said laughing. I laughed too.
“It’s so nice to be here Richie! I just love Manhattan!” I exclaimed. He smiled.
“Who’s this lovely young lady?” He asked smiling at Gabby.
“This is my 4 year old daughter Gabriella. But call her Gabby. She hates the name Gabriella.” I smiled. Gabby blushed. Richie bent down.
“Well, it’s so nice to meet you Gabby! Your mother used to come here everyday and order the same thing!” He smiled. Gabby smiled back.
“Fruit Salad!” Richie and I both yelled at the same time. We laughed. That caught the boys attention. They just rolled their eyes and went back to their conversation. Gabby looked tired so I picked her up.
“I’m surprised the boys haven’t come over yet.” I said. “Hey Richie can you watch Gabby for a minute?” I asked. He nodded. I put Gabby down in a chair and Richie started talking to her. I walked over to where the boys were sitting. They still didn’t notice me. I put the picture Gabby drew in front of where Jack was sitting. That caught their attention.
“I can’t believe you guys don’t recognize me.” Jack was staring at the picture. “It’s me, Melody.” I said. They stared at me.
“Melody?” Jack asked. I nodded. They all got up and hugged me. Blink was the last to hug me. We both looked at each other. I smiled. He gave me a huge hug. I hugged back.
“Guys, there is someone I want you to meet.” I said. Gabby was clinging to my side. I picked her up. “This is my daughter Gabby.” I said. They all stared at me in shock. Especially Blink. Soon they all smiled and said hi to her. Gabby smiled. I let her down and she started talking to Jack, Racetrack, Mush, Spot, and Skitts. Blink walked over to me.
“She’s beautiful.” He smiled. But I could see sadness in his eyes.
“Thank you Blink.” I said smiling.
“Who ever her father is, is a lucky man.” He said. I frowned.
“Yes you are a lucky man Blink.” I don’t know what made me think I could say that. I hadn’t seen him in 5 years! He might have a family! He surely didn’t care about me.
“What?!” He said. I looked down.
“Guys, take care of Gabby for a couple minutes. I need to talk to Blink.” I said. Jack looked up and knew immediately what was going on. I grabbed Blink’s hand and pulled him outside.
“Look Blink, when I left 5 years ago it was because I was scared and nervous. I was 17 and pregnant with my boyfriends baby. I didn’t know how to tell you and what your reaction would be. I wanted to stay. I really truly did but I convinced myself that you wouldn’t want me once you found out.” I had started crying in the middle. I looked in the window and saw Gabby laughing. I turned back to Blink. “I understand if you never want to talk to me again but that’s your daughter inside that diner.” I cried. He pulled me into a hug.
“Well, I want to be a part of your life Izzi.” He said hugging me. That was the first time he ever called me Izzi and not Melody. He frowned. “Listen, tonight I’m going to break up with my girlfriend-” He started.
“Oh, Blink. Don’t be silly.” I said. “I’m just the same girl I was 5 years ago.” I said looking down. He pulled my chin up. He looked me in the eyes.
“That’s exactly why I’m leaving her Iz. I never stopped loving you.” He said smiling. I smiled back. I watched more newsies walk into Tibby’s. A girl with curly golden hair walked towards me and Blink.
“Hey Blinky!” She said. “Who’s this?” She asked.
“Listen, Goldilocks. I don’t think this is going to work out anymore.” He said. Her smile turned into a frown.
“Why?!” She said glaring at him.
“Well, I’m a father.” He said. She looked at me.
“Is she the slut that stole my boyfriend?” she said walking closer to me. Blink stepped in front of me.
“You do anything to her and I won’t be afraid to hurt you.” He said. Golilocks stared at him.
“I thought you loved me Blinky?” She said on the verge of tears. I could see in his eyes he still loved her a little.
“I can’t do this.” I said. “Just face it Trey. You love her not me.” I said. Before he could say anything I walked inside and went over to Gabby. All the guys seemed very entertained by her. Once she saw me she ran over and hugged me. I knew she could tell something was wrong. She wiped a tear from my eyes.
“What’s wrong Mommy?” She asking. I smiled.
“Nothing Sweetheart.” I said. She smiled back. She ran back over to where Skitts,, Spot, Race, and Mush were sitting. She sat down next to racetrack. I smiled. Jack walked over to me.
“So how is you’se doin Melody?” Jack said.
“Okay. I’ve been better though.” I said. Jack hugged me knowing something was wrong. We sat down at a table. I watched Blink walk in with Goldilocks trailing behind him. But then he stood up and stormed out of the resturant. Jack sighed.
“What happened?” He asked. I told him everything. Starting from the day I left 5 years ago. He was shocked by what I told him. When I was done talking to Jack Gabby walked over to me. We had spent hours talking. It was 6:00.
“Mommy, can I sleep in the lodging house tonight with Beary and Bex?” She asked. I smiled.I looked at the two girls in the booth waving to me. I smiled and nodded.
“Sure, honey.” I said. She smiled and ran back to where she was sitting before. I looked at Jack.
“Hey listen Jack. I’m gonna go back to the hotel. Please make sure they don’t teach her anything a 4 year old shouldn’t know.” I said getting up. He laughed and nodded. I walked to the door. When I walked outside I ran into someone. I looked up and saw Blink standing there. I looked down.
“I’m sorry.” I said walking past him and towards the hotel.
“Hey, Iz, wait up!” I heard him call. But I kept on walking. I felt water rolling down my cheeks. He put his hand on my shoulder. I turned around.
“What do you want Blink?” I asked looking at him. He sighed and wiped the tears off my cheeks.
“I want to tell you that I love you so much and I never want to let you go. You complete me Iz. I love you. More than I could ever love anybody.” He said. I looked up at him. I put my hands on his face.
“I love you too Blink.” I said. He leaned in and kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and he picked me up as the kiss deepened.
“BLINK?!” I heard Goldilocks yell. I heard about five other people cat calling and whistling. I stopped kissing Blink and he let me down. I blushed. Goldilocks walked up to Blink about to hit him but then she hit me. I almost fell it hurt so bad. Blink held me in his arms.
“Goldie, go before I hurt you. You better get out of my sight” He said. She glared at him. “…Or else.” He said. She yelled and stomped off towards the lodging house. Blink picked me up.
“Oh, god.” He said putting his hand against my cheek. “Hey, Jack! I’m taking Melody back to the hotel!” He yelled to Jack. Jack nodded holding the sleeping 4 year old in his arms. Blink walked to the hotel with me in his arms. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t find the words. Soon we were in the hotel.
“What room are you Melly?” He asked. I smiled when he called me Melly. He used to call me that all the time.
“4D.” I said quietly. He smiled and walked up to my room. Soon he opened the door and put me on the bed. He took off my shoes and pulled the blanket over me. He kissed my cheek and got up.
“Night Melly.” He said. I opened my eyes to look at him.
“Come back here Trey Parker. I just got my boyfriend back and he’s already leaving me. I don’t think so.” I said. He smiled and hopped into the bed next to me. “Now that’s more like it.” I smiled. He pulled me closer to him and I leaned my head on his chest. He kissed my cheek again.
“Night Melly.” He said again smiling. This time I smiled back.
“Goodnight smiley.” I said calling him by the old nickname I called him. He laughed. We slowly fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Jack walked into the Lodging house with Gabby asleep in his arms. He opened the door and found all his newsies hanging out. Beary walked over to him. She was a beautiful 15 year old girl with black hair and green eyes. Beary was going out with Les Jacobs. She was nicknamed Beary because she always gave big bear hugs.
“I’ll take her upstairs Cowboy.” She said taking the little girl from his arms. Jack smiled at her and went to go join the poker game. Of course Race was winning.
“Hey Jack, where’s Blink?” Race asked. Jack sat down next to him.
“He just took Melody back to da hotel.” Jack said.
“Sure, Blink just took Melody back to da hotel.” Race joked. They all laughed except Jack who knew why.
“Listen, dey ain’t gonna do dat. Mel’s hurt. Goldie hit her. Hard.” He said. “She’s had a tough night.” He said. Just then Goldilocks walked in with Bex following her. Goldie was red eyed and Bex looked like she was trying to calm her down.
“Just shuddup awready!” Goldilocks yelled and punched Bex. Jack got up and waled over to Goldilocks. He towered over her.
“Why da hell did you’se do dat ta Melody?” He said wanting to hurt her. Goldie frowned.
“Don’t tawk ta me Jack Kelly. Jus leave me alone.” She said. Jack glared at her. “Fine. You’se wanna know why Jack?! Because not only did she take my boyfriend but she’se da mudda of his child. He coulda told me.” She said glaring at Jack and running upstairs. Once she got into the bunkroom she slammed the door shut. Silence was in the room. They heard a small voice coming from behind Jack.
“So, who’s my dad?” Gabby said wanting to cry. Her mother never told her anything about her dad before and he was here all along. She looked at the boys with saddness in her eyes and they knew that Gabby was truly Blink’s daughter. Cause when she smiled it was exactly like Blink’s smile. Perfect.


I woke up to Blink taping me. I moaned.
“Hey Izzi, You’se okay?” Blink asked puttting his hand to her forehead. “Your warm. Do you feel okay?” He asked. I sneezed and then moaned again. I opened my eyes and saw Blink sitting on the bed next to me. I smiled at him.
“I’m f-” I started but I sneezed. Blink frowned.
“Izzi, I think you should stay in today. I’ll stay with you.” He said. I frowned.
“No way! I just got here and I want to hang out with everyone.” I said. Blink sighed.
“Fine but if you want to come back at anytime tell me.” He said. I sat up and sneezed again. I put on a purple dress and white boots. Blink put his arm around my waist and we walked out of the hotel room. Once we got to the distribution center Racetrack was the only one there.
“Where have you’se two been?! We’se need ya like now!” He said Blink let go of me to go talk to Race but I stumbled and he picked me up looking nervous.
“That’s an awfully kind welcome Race.” Blink said. Race rolled his eyes.
“Are you’se okay Melody?” Race asked now concerned.
“Yes, I’m fine.” I said stubbornly. I knew Blink gave Race a worried look. “Now, why do you need us Race and where is Gabby. I need to talk to her.
“Oh, Gabby. She looked her self in the bunkroom.” Race said acting like it wasn’t a big deal. I was suddenly angry.
“What did you guys do to her?!” I asked mad.
“It’s more of what you did Melody.” He said. I was shocked. “Telling her that she didn’t have a father. When he was here all along. Why?” Race asked raising his voice. I closed my eyes and looked down.
“I’ll go and talk to her.” Blink said. “Stay here Izzi.” He put me down leaning against the wall. “Can you’se watch her Race?” Blink asked. Race nodded and sat next to me.
"I couldn't tell her." I said. Race sighed.
"Why didn't you even say goodbye to us Mel. You'se is like me sista." He said. I sighed and looked away.
"I was 17 and pregnant. I couldn't tell you guys because I was scared of what you would think. I never told her about Blink because I was trying to forget him. But I couldn't so I wrote many books about how I felt. I got so upset that I moved to Virginia and bought a house and hired a staff. I thought buying things would make me happy but it didn't. I needed the newsies. Your my family. So I came here to visit you guys." I said. Race sighed and I leaned my head on him. I had a headache and started to feel horrible. We sat there in silence until...


Blink knocked on the door to the bunkroom.
"Gabby? Can I come in?" He asked. No answer. When he was about to turn around a little girl opened the door with big puffy red eyes. Blink sighed and sat on a bed with her in his lap.
"I'm sorry for never being there for you sweetie. I love you." He said. Gabby just cuddled closer to him.
"I wuv you too Daddy." She said. Blink felt important for once. He knew that in his arms was his daughter. He felt her close never wanting to let her slip out of his life.
"Come on Gabby. Let's go tell everyone your okay. They're all worried." Blink said. He picked Gabby up and started walking downstairs but once he got to the bottom step he immediatly took her back upstairs because it was a bloody mess.
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