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Me and you forever

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In this chapter something very unfortunate happenes in the newsie's lives. And Blink prays that nothing will happen to the girl he just got back...

Category: Newsies - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Crutchy,Jack Kelly,Kid Blink,Mush,Racetrack Higgins - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2010-10-14 - Updated: 2010-10-14 - 758 words

Chapter 2- Me and You forever.
(sorry this chapter is kind of short...I promise the next one will be somewhat longer. and please R&R. I don't know if you guys like this story or not so maybe I'll just stop writing it...)

Blink ran upstairs with Gabby in his arms. She was smiling so he knew she hadn’t seen what he had. Izzi was lying on the couch bleeding like crazy. Crutchy walked into the bunkroom.
“Heya Blinky, I’se can watch Gabby for ya if ya wanna go downstairs.” Crutchy said. Blink nodded to Crutchy and ran downstairs. He bumped into Mush.
“You’se better go ta Melody cause she is hurt pretty bad and she really wants ya.” Mush said really fast. Blink ran over to the couch and glared at all his friends. They all knew what Blink was capable of when he was angry. They all exited the room before Blink could do anything to them. Especially Race.
“Blink?” Izzi said weakly. Blink took her hand in his and held back tears.
“Oh god Melly, what happened? I‘m gonna kill Race.” He said moving the hair out of her face and kissing her cheek. She coughed.
“It wasn’t his fault Baby.” She said squeezing his hand. He looked at her. “I got mad at him because he was smoking and said something really mean to him. You know me and my big mouth.” She tried to laugh but couldn’t. “Anyway, he went inside the lodging house to go get someone else to watch me and I was so mad at him that I went across the street and I was about to go into Tibby’s when Morris and Oscar pulled me into an alley way.” She said. Blink frowned.
“I’m gonna kill those two!” Blink yelled. Izzi looked up at him and she put her cold hand on his cheek. Blink put his hand on top of it.
“They were hired to beat me up by some girl, which I’m guessing is the girl that you broke up with for me. Anyways, Mush found me and brought me back. Listen, if I don’t make it…” Izzi started. Blink stared at her.
“Don’t you dare say that Izzi! Your going to make it and after-after we are going to get married and have a family and grow old together! I won’t let some stupid girl take you from me!” Blink said letting the tears fall. Jack, Mush, Race, Skittery, and Dutchy who were listening from the top of the stairs were in shock. They had never seen Blink so upset and he wanted to get married. Izzi looked at Blink and started crying.
“Blink, you know that was always what we planned but sometimes things change.” Izzi said. Blink held her hand and cried.
“I just got you back Iz. I can’t loose you again. I’ll-I’ll kill myself to be with you.” Blink said. Izzi frowned.
“Don’t you dare do anything stupid like that Blink. Just because I may not be with you in person, doesn’t mean that I won’t be with you in your heart. I love you Blink.” Izzi said coughing. Blink kissed Izzi’s forehead.
“I love you too and I promise I won’t let nothin happen to you.” Blink said. Just then Kloppman entered with a doctor. Izzi pulled Blink close to her.
“Let me go Blink.” She said. Blink stood watching her leave in shock. Once the door was closed he ran upstairs past his friends and walked over to the window and went outside. Gabby walked over and sat next to him. He pulled her onto his lap.
“You okay Daddy?” She asked wiping his tears away. Blink smiled. She reminded him of Izzi. He nodded.
“Everything is fine sweetie. Everything is fine.” He said. She was starting to close her eyes.
“Where’s mommy?” She asked before falling asleep. Blink looked up into the sky.
“I’m not sure Gabby. I just hope she’s still here with us.” He said under his breath. He held Gabby there in his arms stroking his fingers through her long blond hair and humming to her. The other newsies all listened to Jack when he told him what happened. They all looked outside to their friend with his daughter in his lap. They were worried that this time he won’t be able to get over it if Izzi never came back.
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