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Azula is thinking about what she wants. Set about a year after the war.

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Azula really didn't want much. She wanted her father to love her and look at her the way he would have if she was a boy. She wanted her uncle Iroh to teach her strange life lessons the way Iroh taught Zuko. She wanted to be better then Ty Lee at acrobatics and boys. She wanted to have Mai's life. She wanted her mother to comeback. She wanted Zuko to love her like he was supposed to. Above everything else she wished her keeper knew her feelings.
Azula knew how to get what she wanted, she had to be perfect her firebending form and be the best.
Azula knew her father loved her more then Zuko but she also knew if Zuko could bend like she did, her father would love him so much more.
Azula didn't like to admit it because Uncle Iroh was a weak fuddy duddy, but she wanted him to teach her strange things as well.
Azula knew she had no hope at being better then Ty Lee at acrobatics but it was a goal she could strive for. And if Ty Lee knew what was good for her she wouldn't be showcasing her skill around Azula. She wished she could talk to boys like Ty Lee could. Azula hated the fact that she was falling for someone. But she couldn't talk to him and Ty Lee could and would frequently.
Azula wished she had Mai's life. Mai had a family who weren't trying to kill each other. They were rich. And Mai was allowed to fall in love. But then Azula would remember how Mai betrayed her and Azula wouldn't want to be Mai anymore.
Azula ,sometimes in the middle of the night, when the hurt becomes so unbearable, wishes her mother would come sweeping in, pick her up, hold her close and whisper reassurances. But her mother never came.
Azula wanted her brother to love her. She had always loved him. Even when he was being mean and stupid she loved him. He didn't understand that she didn't love him enough to help him save the world. Her duty to their father and country came first. Everything else came second. But it still hurt to see him curled up, on the ground fighting for his life. Because of her. Nobody knew but Azula cried the night he was banished. Every night Azula would pray for Agni to reveal to him why she did what she did.
Azula knew that he was just a keeper. An apprentice to a healer. But there was just something so sweet and nice and beautiful about him. He was the highlight of Azula's days in the hospital. He made it bearable.
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