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Ty Lee's Letter

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Mai finds a letter and it reveals a secret or two. Implied Mai/Zuko implied Ty Lee/Zuko. Set about a month after the war is over.

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Mai found for the second time in her life a goodbye letter sitting on her bed. Mai broke the seal and read it, feeling a sense of dead in the pit of her stomach.

Dear Mai, Zuko, Azula and the rest of the world,(The letter read)
I am tired of everyone thinking I am a stupid, ignorant child. I know what you think, Azula, you think, I let my flaws take a hold of me and instead of bottling them up I embrace them. Look where bottling your flaws up got you Azula! The nutty farm! I know what you think Zuko, you think, I don’t know the world yet, you think, I don’t know loss. Maybe I don’t know the world yet, I am only fifteen, but I do know loss. I ran away, If you remember Zuko? I left everything behind! I lost my best friend! And I lost YOU! I loved you Zuko! Did you love me? Of course you didn’t. It’s been Mai. It’s always been Mai. Even when we were children. Even when I kissed you, when I was twelve and you were thirteen, you jumped backwards and muttered something that sounded like Mai. I know what you think Mai, you thought I was your friend, you thought, I can’t lie or hide my emotions. Well I am not your friend! Sometimes I wish you were dead. And I can lie! And I can hide my emotions! I have manage hide my emotions and live a lie since we were eleven! But I am done lying and hiding, which is why took one of your knives and am writing this letter. Looking back on this letter I realise, Mai, that I was once your friend, but that was a long time ago. This is my suicide letter. I love you Zuko. Goodbye Azula.
Goodbye Mai.
Ty Lee

For the first time since Zuko left Mai cried.
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