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I'll treat ya better - Chap 1

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Patrick confronts Gerard, and Gerard wonders about him.

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Ok this isn't my first Fan Fic but it is my first in this one so just tell me what you think.

Gerard's POV

I looked in the mirror then turned to Frank, "what do you think?" I smiled i had dyed my hair red and i wanted to know what he thought.'Why on earth no, no why in hell would you do that to your hair" Frank was my boyfriend for a year and a half now. "you don't like it?" "No but its ok." I frowned Frank was always doing things like this telling me what is good and not good, even at times what i should do commandingly. Now i did ask his opinion,but e could have at least told me no in a nicer way. I frowned for a second but then i thought about the one person who wouldn't be mean to me.

"Dude it looks Sweat!" "Thanks, i asked Frank then he told me y would i do that>" Patrick was a really good friend. He wasn't gay like i was or as i suspected he never made it obvious or told me about crushes or anything. "I like it Fuck Frank, no fence." "its all right." I smiled, we laid back on his bed. "y do you still love him." he turned to me "because i love him." he shook his head lightly and pulled a piece of his blond hair behind his ear. Now Patrick was just a friend but i thought he was so adorable or hot was more like it. I always told him and he didn't mind his gay friend hitting on him much. He had his ipod on so he really wasn't paying attention to me. I hugged him. Without turning his head, "why did you do that." "because your a good friend." He smiled and blushed. "i bet if i was going out with you I'd treat you better." where did this come from. "what does that mean." "Gerard don't be dumb you come over every other day crying. Why because Frank is being a Jackass to you. Iv told you so any times to break up with him." "you don't even really know him, yeah it does look bad when i come crying to you. But he's sweet at times." "at times." "Patrick please i don't want to argue." "Fine" He went back to his ipod, but muttered something under his breath. He took my hand and held it as if he didn't want to let go.

He was my friend but in the back of my head i wondered what would happen if i were to break up with Frank.
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