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A realization- Chap 2

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Pete was enjoying this, he found out who i was. Gay and in love with gerard...

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Ok sorry for taking forever if you do read it. If you do thank you haha.

Three das later

Patrick's pov

"he doesn't see it like i do!" i vented to Pete about Gerard's "boyfriend". Pete was my second best friend, next on the list with Gee. "well tell him" he said. "i have he doesn't listen" "then show him or like prove it. That this frank dude is a jerk, but what is it that your trying to prove." "that frank doesn't deserve him!" i said loud in frustration. "and who may i ask does" i stood up in rage, "i do that fucker has no business with someone as god as Gee!" We both paused for a second. I sat back down on my bed, and computed what i just yelled. "How long have you felt this way?" Pete sat next to me. "I don't really remember how it started. But i always pictured myself treating him better" "like how" he said with a smirk, Pete was enjoying this he had just found out who i was. Gay and in love with Gerard. "i'm not really gonna go into specifics but i just would" "well tell him you love him" Pete gave me a look. "i never said i loved him" he gave the look again. 'i do love him, im madly in love with him." i put my head in my hands. "i knew it" he smiled. "knew what?" "you had something for him. I mean if you ever saw the way your eyes lit up when you see him or the way you smile when you talk to him" "i did that" i looked up from my hands. "yeah Andy thought it was cute" Andy was another friend. "he knew too" "yeah Joe (another friend) was actually the first one to find out" Pete smiled again. "this sucks balls everyone knew i was gay bit me! You should have let me know what you were thinking" "yeah that's something to tell your friend. Hey cool new cap oh by the way we all know you have the hots for Gerard" he chuckled "you suck" i threw a pillow at him. "that's what friends are for" he hugged me. "yeah yeah"

Gerard's pov

Since my talk with Patrick i kept thinking about what he said. How Frank didn't treat me right and how he would, yeah ok. I was spaced out the whole time i went out with Frank, he kept asking me if i was ok. "babe you sure your fine" he took my hand. "yeah im good just thinking" "of what?" he smirked. "stuff" i looked down as we walked the rest of the way to my house. We trailed up to my room and laid on my bed watching a movie. "hey babe wanna have some some" Frank gave me a devilish look. "not right now Mikey is home" "so we won't be to loud" he kissed me trying to get me in to the mood. "Frank no!" i pushed him off. "what is your problem" he sneered. "i just don't want to okay" i folded my arms. He gave me an ugly look and started for the door. 'Where you going" i asked slightly upset. "home" he called back. "im sorry, i just don't want to" "yeah you never do even if i get it it's to damn rare and no one has and no one has to be home" "well excuse me for making sure my brother doesn't walk in on his older brother fucking" "you are so school boy" he opened the door and walked out. "frank im sorry" i ran after him to grab his arm. "get off me" he pushed me back, making me hit my head against the wall hard. He kept on walking not caring about the blood dripping down. All the while Mikey saw the whole thing. "Gerard!" he ran to me. "frank you ass whole" he yelled but he was already out the door. "im calling the police" "no!" "i have to tell someone!" "no don;t call anyone i can... get up" i tried but i fell back down dizzy as fuck. He ran to his room for his phone. I slowly felt my eyes closing. "Gerard stay awake, don't fall asleep...Yeah he's bleeding a lot just get here fast now!" i could hear him speaking to someone.

The next thing i know im waking up in a hospital. I looked to my right, Mikey was asleep. 'Mike" i reached for him.
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