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Operation H.O.L.L.Y.

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Numbuh 59 was the best of the best. She could handle anything. But when Numbuh 59 is kidnapped by something that looks just like her and makes threats against the Kids Next Door, will anybody figur...

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Numbuh 59 was one of the best. Arrest rate forty percent higher than everyone else, and she never let an adult or a teen get away. Expert at camouflage, infiltration, and hand to hand combat. She scored highest on the KND IQ test. 59 excelled in riot control, and she learned all her training in six months when it took everyone else a year. It would’ve been a shame to have her decommissioned one day.
That day never came.
Because, one day, she vanished on the way to the Kids next door clubhouse.

Operation H.O.L.L.Y.
Life and

“I cannot Believe that Numbuh 59 is your cousin! You must be the luckiest kid in the world!” Numbuh five, aka Abby, kicked her feet against the couch restlessly as she spoke. “Yeah? Try being her cousin when she’s outshinin’ you in Everything” Numbuh four, aka Wally, glanced at the clock. His cousin Holly was late sometimes, but she was never this late. She was supposed to be here half an hour ago!
“Yeah, but she’s Numbuh 59! She’s awesome! And didn’t you guys tag-team your final field exam when we all were in training?” Numbuh three, aka Kuki, Wally’s I-guess girlfriend, asked, cuddling her Rainbow monkey. Numbuh four smiled. That was a fun assignment.
“Numbuh Four! Where’s Numbuh 59? She was supposed to be here ‘alf an ‘our ago!” Numbuh one, Aka Nigel barked as he strode into the clubhouse.
“Dunno. She’s late sometoimes, but never this late, especially with video games on the line” Wally slouched further back into his chair.
“Are you sure she’s okay? It’s really dark out. Let’s send a transmission to sector VX to make sure she even left” Numbuh two, aka Hoagie, said, biting his nails.
“Of course she would have left! It’s not that far, and she couldn’t have gotten lost. This is Numbuh 59 we’re talking about. Numbuh 59!”
Nigel sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.
“She’s fine. She’ll be absolutely fine” Numbuh five looked at the clock.
“Emergency transmission received” appeared on the Kids next door screen. “Play transmission!” Nigel commanded.
Holly’s scream filled the room.

“This is not good! SOS and I mean it this time, I’m so scared!” Numbuh 59 sounded panicked, and like she was crying.
“Numbuh 59! What’s going on?” Numbuh one tried to get a better uplink.
“Sector V? I’m so sorry, it just....just....came out of nowhere and It’s after now, I’m trying to foight it off, I can’t hold on much longer....where’s Wal? Is he okay?” Holly yelped again, and on the transmission, Sector V caught a glimpse of Holly. She had long thin scratches on her neck, and dirt streaked across her face. Her short blonde hair had fallen out of it’s pigtails, and was stuck to her face and neck with sweat and blood.
“Look at me, Holly, everything’s going to be okay. Alroight? Nothing bad’s going to happen. Now, whot’s chasing you? Senior Citizombies again?” Numbuh four looked at the screen, trying to get eye contact with Holly. Holly took in a big shaky breath, and smiled at her younger cousin. “You’ve grown, Wal. Actually, no you ‘aven’t, sorry. And I’ve never even seen what’s chasin’ me before ever. Well, technically in real life, I saw somethin’ like that in January’s Havoc once. But that’s just just a comic, so yeah”
“Hang on, Numbuh Fifty-nine, help is on the way!” Numbuh five slid across the floor in her sock feet towards the transmitter.
“Wha? No! No no no no no!” Numbuh Fifty-nine started crying.
Numbuh four was shocked. The last time he had ever seen his cousin cry was when she ripped her arm open on a barbed wire fence on her first field training assignment, three years ago.
“You can’t! I won’t let you! You five don’t know what you’re up against! Don’t believe me? Watch this”
Holly, Agent Fifty Nine, stood up and whistled. “Oy! You! Ugly! It’s me! Agent 59! Right here! I’m right here!” Holly screamed.
“Agent Numbuh 59, stop that!” Numbuh two shouted.
“Over here! Roight here! Look! look at me!” Numbuh 59 started to cry again.
“Holly, please don’t!” Numbuh four cried.
“Weak. You were always weak. You never would be able to run, y’know that? You’re pathetic” Holly said.
But Holly’s mouth didn’t move.
Holly kept crying, and fell to her knees.
All five members of sector V watched as another Holly stepped into the frame.
But it wasn’t Holly. It wasn’t it couldn’t be. This Holly, Other Holly, sneered, which Holly hardly ever did. Other Holly kicked Numbuh 59 in the stomach and watched her fall over in pain.
“Don’t you eva hit my cousin!” Numbuh four screamed at the transmitter. Other Holly looked at the screen of the transmitter and smiled.
That definitely wasn’t Holly. It was missing her accent, for one thing.

“Well well well. Hi cousin Wallaby. I miss you. I’ll come for you too, y’know. All of you. Who first, who first?” Other Holly scanned the faces of the Kids next door. Then she looked back at Numbuh four. “Your girlfriend first? Or your best friend? Whatever hurts more, hmm?” Other Holly bit her pinky and smiled.
Numbuh four took a step back.
“Leave him alone! He hasn’t done anything to hurt you, so, so, leave him alone!” Numbuh three put an arm around Numbuh four’s shoulders.
Other Holly glared at Numbuh three. “I think I’ll take you first, hmm? Annoying little thing, you are. Tell, me, sweetie, do you get scared? You get scared of things that go bump in the night, right? I know how to break you, sweetie. I can make Numbuh 59 cry, so you shouldn’t be too hard” Other Holly giggled.
“ alone”
Holly stood up, groaning. “They’ friends. If you hurt them.....I’ll hurt you” Numbuh 59 glared at Other Holly. “I never said you could talk!” Other Holly screamed. The nails on Other Holly’s right hand shot out and Other Holly raked her nails across Numbuh 59’s face.
Sector Five gasped.
Numbuh 59 staggered back.
Other Holly closed in for the kill.
Other Holly tipped Numbuh 59’s neck back and bit her throat vampire style.
Numbuh 59’s body went slack, and Other Holly threw Numbuh 59 over her shoulder.
“I’ll see y’all real soon” Other Holly whispered.
And then the transmission cut out.
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