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Chapter 15

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Gerard just doesn't get it.| 3 more chapters to go.

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Mikey pulled his legs closer to his shivering body as the rest of the band slept soundlessly in the van. Another shiver rippled through his body and his mind told his body to ‘Stop it.’ He looked out of the back window and saw the low head lights coming from the red convertible following them. He quickly looked away, sneering. The string of curses that ran through his head was stopped short when another nerve jerking shiver ran through his body.

“Fucking drugs.” He cursed silently as he rested his head in between his legs. He removed his head, his forehead already beaded with sweat. He pressed his forehead against the window and cooled down.

Loud and heavy snores had found their way to Mikey’s ears and he only moved his eyes to see who the culprit was. Gerard’s head was resting against the back of the seat, his black hair flowing freely under him. His mouth was slightly open, enough that small white teeth was showing. Mikey could see the wad of gum he was chewing before he drifted off to sleep tucked away between his cheek and teeth. He stared at his brother and thought about the performance they had just played that same night. Gerard had stopped singing in the middle of a song 4 different times because he felt vomit rise in his throat. Luckily, those were false alarms. Hanging out with Britney, Gerard had started drinking more, Mikey noticed. Well, the whole band had noticed, they just didn’t have the heart to tell him. Everyone except Mikey. During their motel stay last night, Mikey had confronted his big brother.

“Gee, you have to stop.” Mikey pleaded, sitting Indian style on his bed for the night.

“Stop what?” He was pouring brown liquid from a bottle labeled ‘Whiskey’ into a small wide glass.

“That.” Mikey motioned to the glass in his hand. “Stop drinking so much. You’re wasted every night. It’s not healthy and everyone is worried about you.”

Gerard shrugged, the glass already on his lips and the whiskey ready to give him the familiar feeling down his throat that he always welcomed.

“Nice to know that they are worried but they have nothing to worry. Having one drink a night is not a problem.” Gerard downed the glass and showed it off to Mikey as if it proved his point.

“But ten drinks a night is a problem.” Gerard slightly cringed at his little brothers’ statement.

“Gee, if she wasn’t here you know you wouldn’t be in this position right now. You know this isn’t you.”

Mikey tried to lock eyes with Gerard but he was too far away and his eyes were darting around the room. “Gerard!” Mikey snapped getting Gerard’s attention. “Listen to me.”

Gerard visibly rolled his eyes as he grabbed his glass off of a desk and picked up the whiskey bottle for a second time.

“I don’t need to listen to you.” He said with a threat present in his voice. “And you are no better than me.”

He untwisted the cap off of the bottle and Mikey quickly ran over to his brother, wrestling the bottle away from him. Once Mikey had it, he hid it behind his back, out of Gerard’s reach.

“For your information, I’ve been clean for over a week.” Mikey backed away slightly when Gerard inched forward.

“Wow, a week.” Gerard started clapping sarcastically, his claps echoing across the room. “You should get a medal.”

Gerard stopped clapping and inched forward again. Mikey sighed heavily and gripped the bottle tightly.

“Where are you getting the money for the booze and the coke?” He asked the older man.

“None of your business.”

“What have you been doing with you been doing with your share of the tour money?”

Gerard was silent for Mikey’s question. Mikey’s eyes went wide in realization. “Don’t tell me you gave her the whole thing!” He asked bewildered.

“No Mikey, I’m not stupid.” Gerard lunged for the bottle again and Mikey moved back.

“If you’re not stupid then stop this.”

Mikey walked around Gerard and walked in the bathroom. Gerard stood in the middle of the room, rubbing his temples, until he heard the shower turn on.

“Mikey, what are you doing?”

He called into the bathroom. Mikey’s silence was an answer Gerard couldn’t take and the older brother rushed into the bathroom. “Mikey! What the hell!?”

Mikey was standing over the tub, brown liquid flowing out of the upside down bottle, mixing in with the water so that it went down the drain quickly. Gerard saw that the only whiskey left was up to the narrow neck of the bottle and was slowly slipping away taunting him.
He ran up to his younger brother, trying to grab the glass bottle but the sudden impact made Mikey lose grip on the bottle. It slipped from Mikey’s hand and shattered on the tub floor.

“Fuck Mikey!” He cried. “I just paid for that!”

Gerard was on the verge of tears as he sat on the tub’s edge deciding whether or not to pick at the pieces of broken glass. Mikey stared at his brother and felt pity wash over him. ‘I’m not supposed to feel this way about my big brother.’ Mikey thought. “And you call this healthy.” Mikey left his big brother in the bathroom, not another word said. His eyes stung with tears as he closed the door behind him. Gee needs help.
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