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Chapter 14

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Mikey’s eyes narrowed into slits and he could have sworn he growled, when he saw Britney and Gerard walking towards their table. He stood up and met them halfway so their friends wouldn’t hear them.

“What the fuck are you still doing here?” Mikey growled his hazel eyes only on Britney. “Shouldn’t you be leaving?”

Britney place her hand on her hip, her black skirt swaying around her legs. “It’s a free country Mikey and it’s also a public club. I could stay here all I want. I don’t need your permission.” She glared back. “Anyway, your brother wants me around.”

Britney’s lips curled up into a devious grin. Mikey’s eyes then moved to Gerard.

“You told her that she can stay?” He asked. Gerard nodded, his black hair moving with him. “Why? What good is she to the band? She doesn’t even like us!” Mikey screamed but the music drowned him out so only Britney and Gerard heard the impact.

“That’s not true!” She lied. “Just because we broke up doesn’t mean you have to lie.” Her blue eyes fluttered up to Gerard, full of hope so he could believe her. He let out a deep sigh.

“I could really care less if she like the band or not.” Gerard said in monotone. Britney face fell. “She’s here for a different reason.”

She looked at him with one eyebrow raised then shrugged. She’s just happy that she’s here to make money and to make Mikey mad. Mikey scowled.

“I don’t want her here!”

“And I don’t care!” Gerard boomed. The outburst was masked by the equally loud music. “She’s coming with us and that’s it.”

Mikey looked from a serious Gerard and a smirking Britney and back again. He turned and stomped his way back to his table. They all sat down and Gerard started to talk to Lizzy while Britney was sliding her arm around Frank’s shoulders. Mikey closed his eyes, trying to calm his anger. The pounding of the speakers matched Mikey’s pounding heart beats. He rested his elbows on the table and smothered his face in his hands. His glasses were pressing into his nose when his nose started to throb. His long skinny fingers started twitching and before he could get a grasp of what he was doing, he was snorting up white dust on the counter sink of the bathroom. Nose burning, Mikey gripped the sink as he stared into the blurry reflection in the mirror. He was surprised that his reflection double had tears rolling down his cheeks.

The real Mikey brought his hand to his cheeks, brushing away the tears that had fallen. Then his hand grabbed the bag of cocaine on the counter and squeezed it.

“I’m better than this.” He muttered to himself. “I’m better than this.” A bloodstained face entered his mind; Gerard’s. “I’m not going to be second best. I’m quitting first.”

Mikey walked towards a bathroom stall and stood in front of the toilet. He turned the small bag around so the white dust was pouring out of the opening into the bowl. Once the bag was emptied, he threw the bag in and pressed down on the handle style flusher with his foot. He walked out of the bathroom and into the purple dance club, finishing his thought. “And then I’ll help Gerard quit. First that bitch has to go.”

Around 3 AM, the band had stumbled out of the bar, Gerard literally stumbling over his feet. With 10 beers in him and boating about getting Lizzy’s phone number, the guys dreaded getting into the van with him. Mikey was scratching at any itch his mind told him he had. They had neared their van, which was parked near the bushes, when Gerard stopped, holding on to Frankie’s shoulder, yelling “Wait!”

“What is it Gerard?” Bob asked annoyance clear in his voice.

Gerard held up a finger in Bob’s direction, telling him to wait before he ran and kneeled before the bushes. Heaving and liquid hitting the ground was heard through the silent cold night air.

Rolling her eyes, Britney walked to her car, grabbed two pieces of gum and a rag, and then walked over to Gerard. After he finished vomiting, she gave him the items, and then walked back into her car, waiting for them in the driver’s seat. Mikey saw that Gerard had wiped his mouth and then the blood that trickled down his nose. Popping in the second piece of gum into his mouth, he finally stood next to them.

“You okay?” Frank worried. Gerard nodded his head then groaned while placing his fingers to his temples.

“I’m good.” Gerard declared his voice hoarse from the dry heaving. Mikey looked away. He has seen his brother drink but not this much. He wondered if Gerard felt that way about him doing drugs. “This is why I have to stop.” He told himself as he watched Gerard struggle to enter the van. His hazel eyes sparkled. “To help Gee.”
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