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Chapter 13

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Why can't Britney just leave? (Thank you for all the reviews!)

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Veins pumping in time with the music, Mikey scanned the club and found the blonde girl he was looking for. Britney was grinding her hips against Frank’s like no one else was on the dance floor. Mikey sat at his table where Bob and Ray were still talking to Lizzy friends and stared at Britney and Frank.

“There’s something familiar about this.” He thought to himself. He searched his brain for the moment he couldn’t remember. Britney took Frank’s hand and pulled him toward the hallway that Mikey and Gerard had just occupied.

He stood up quickly finally figuring out why it was so familiar. He had been in Frank’s place just a couple of months ago and he’ll be damned if Frank would be the next one. He followed them into the hallway and saw Britney slipping a bag of powder into Frank’s jeans.
“Frank!” He yelled and both Britney and Frank jumped.

“Mikey!” Britney exclaimed. “It’s not what it looks,”

“I don’t care.” He interrupted as he walked over to them. His hand dug into Frank’s pocket taking out the bag she had dropped in.

“Mike,” Frank said, his voice filled with guilt.

“I don’t care Frank.” Mikey interrupted him. “Leave please.”


“Leave Frank.” Frank stood in place for a second, taking a good look at Mikey before he left.
Mikey stood in front of Britney who stared up at him with wide blue eyes and she bit her quivering lip. “Mikey, it wasn’t what it looked like.”

“Britney, please.” He said wearily. “I know what you did with Gerard and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out you gave him coke.” Britney went pale. “And now you were going to sell some to Frank. Were you going to give him our deal too?”

Mikey’s hazel eyes stared intensely into Britney’s. He was surprised to see that she was cowering under him. She was his drug dealer, why would she be scared of Mikey?

“No Mikey.” She pleaded. Her hands were cupped in front of her as if she was praying. “Please Mikey. You have to believe me.”

Britney used everything she could think of to make Mikey believe her. She batted her eyes and tried to think of sad stuff to make herself cry. Mikey’s eyes were still hard and she was so close to giving up but one idea had popped into her mind. She wrapped her arms around his thin waist and smiled up at him.

“Come on Mikey, I’m with you and you only. Why would I want Gerard or Frank?” She laid her head on his chest because she didn’t want to see his reaction. She felt his body relax.

Mikey thought about what Britney had said and his muscles started to relax. Why would she go on to Frank and Gerard? She has him. But then why did she slip a bag of coke into Frank’s pocket and how come Gee is addicted to the drug now?

“She’s smart, isn’t she?” He heard Gerard’s voice in his head. “I mean, she got you to believe her.”

Mikey’s head started pounding with new suspicions. “No wonder she was scared before.” He thought angrily. “She’s scared of losing a customer.”

He pushed her away softly. “You need to leave.”

“Excuse me?”

“Leave! I don’t want you here. When you’re driving behind us, you better be going the other way.”

Britney’s jaw dropped in shock. “I came all the way from New Jersey for you.” She pointed out.

“No, you came out here for more customers.” Britney clenched her teeth and narrowed her eyes at him.

“You know what; fuck you and your crappy ass wannabe rock band.” She stomped away from him but turned back around before she left. “Oh and I’ve seen bigger!” She shot hoping that’ll get to him even though it wasn’t true. Mikey smirked.

“That’s only in your nightmares, honey.”

She scowled then stormed out of the hallway. “He thinks he could do this to me?” She mumbled walking over to their table. “Who the hell does he think he is?” She reached over the table and grabbed her purse.

“Going somewhere?” Gerard asked.

“I’m going home.” Gerard panicked and followed behind her.

“What? Why?” He asked.

She rolled her eyes. “Why do you care?” He stopped her from walking and stood in front of her.

“I need to be fun Gerard.” He told her. She smiled at him then looked over her shoulder to see Mikey walking back to their table. She looked back at the older man.

“Then let’s get fun!”
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