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what's life like bleeding on the floor?

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what happens next... find out

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Frank’s P.O.V.
He shot him, John shot my Gerard. I cradled him in my arms. I quickly got my phone and dialled 911. They said they’ll be there in ten minutes. I slipped my jeans on and t-shirt and shoes on. I still watched over Gerard. He was still breathing but went it sounded like he had stopped I nearly screamed out but he would gently tap my hand to tell me there was still life in his body. I kissed his pale lips gently.
“Don’t leave me Gee, please don’t, I love you too much,” I cried.
If he did die, I would die too. I won’t carry on living without him.
Two guys in hospital outfit came in.
“Okay, who is this?” One asked.
“He is Gerard,” I said.
“And can you tell me what happened?” he asked.
“A guy, who I know came here, he started fighting Gerard and then shot him,” I said.
“Okay we’re going to hospital, are you coming too?” he asked.
I nodded.

Mikey, his mom and dad came running to me.
“What happened? Where is he? Who did it?” Mikey asked. I could see he had being crying.
“He…He was shot, he…he…” I stuttered but fell into Mikey’s arms crying.
“He’s still alive right?” he asked.
I nodded.
We sat down, Mikey complained about the coffee that tasted horrible. Mrs Way was crying as her husband comforted her.
“You Mr Iero?” A police officer asked. I nodded.
“Can you just come with us to answer some questions?” he asked. I nodded. We went into a little room.
“How come you were with Mr Way?” he asked.
“I… he is a friend… He’s been helping me with my art work recently,” I answered.
“Nothing more than that?” he asked.
“No, just friends,” I answered.
“And tell me who was the man that shot Mr Way?” he asked.
“John, John White, he was an ex-boyfriend, he was trying to r-rape me, but Mr Way tried to stop him, John started on him and then shot him,” I answered.
“Okay I think that’s all we need at the moment, thank you,” he said.
I nodded and went.
“Come one Frank they’re letting us see him!” Mikey shouted. I ran to follow them. We went into the room, there he was my perfect angel, hooked up to different things.
“Is he going to live?” Mrs Way asked.
“Yes, well he’ll need a bit of time to recover,” the doctor answered.
Everyone gathered around him talking to him. I wanted to be alone with him but they were family so I waited.
“Mrs Way, can I talk to Gee alone please?” I asked.
“Of course dear, we’ll wait outside to give you a lift home,” she said. I nodded. They all went.
“Gee,” I said.
“F-Frank-ie,” he struggled.
“I’ve told the police, I said that we are just friends, and you were helping me with art work and that John came and tried to hurt me but you were defending me,” I said.
He nodded.
“Gee I love you so much,” I said, I held his hand and kissed it softly.
“I-I lo-ve y-you too F-Frankie,” he said and stroked my cheek.
I kissed him softly on the lips.
“Y-You go h-home, I-I’ll be out in a few days,” he said.
“I’ll visit every day,” I said.
“Tell me how g-gradu-ation day goes,” he said. Shit I forgot.
“I want you there,” I said.
“I want t-to b-be there but I-I’ll make u-up for it a-after,” he said.
“I’ll be making up more like, you know we can official date then in public,” I said. He smiled.
“Love you,” I said.
“Love y-you t-too,” he said. I kissed him again and left.
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