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graduation day!

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short, didn't know what to rate as... sorry

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I was finally graduated! John was sent to prison till Gerard is healthy enough to go to court. I sat at Bob’s place, we were celebrating graduation, I wanted Gee to be here, to be kissing me, to be telling me about all the things we can do together for our future. I wanted to cry when I saw Mikey and Bob snuggled and kiss because I wished Gee to be here. I decided to go and visit him in hospital, then come back to the party.
“Frankie!” Gerard yelled.
“Gee-Gee,” I said. I hugged him tightly.
“How was graduation?” he asked.
“Good, I got to stand around in a dress,” I said.
He laughed.
“I wanted you there so badly,” I said.
“I wish I was there, but I’m coming out tomorrow,” he said.
“And I’m going to look after you, I discussed with your parents so I’m looking after you,” I said.
“I want you so bad,” he whispered in my ear.
“I want you too, but you need rest,” I said.
“Can we tomorrow, please, I’ve tried to survive for three days without you and it’s killing me, if you’re with me tomorrow and we don’t it’ll drive me mad,” he said.
“Maybe,” I said teasingly.
“Fuck you’re so sexy, if we weren’t in a hospital I’d have you down on this bed and be fucking you brains out like mad,” he said.
I moaned in his ear.
“Great now I have a problem,” he said.
I laughed.
“Think of Mikey in women’s underwear,” I said.
“Ewww!” he said. I laughed.
“Thanks for the mental picture that is stuck in my mind now,” he said.
“No problem,” I said.
“I better go,” I said.
“Bye,” he said.
“Bye-bye sexy,” I said. I kissed him on the lips gently and left.

A/N: I have nearly finished this one! Long, it’s probably crap but I will carry on updating for those who may still be reading it… anyway love comments!
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