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Cops At A Reception

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As Julie and Mikey's celebration begins tragedy strikes.

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"You were very quiet during all the photos, even when Bob tackled Ray which caused us all to fall over except for you. Are you okay?"

I looked at Mikey and sighed.

"I'm sorry I broke Gerard's present to you for Christmas. I just saw it and thought that maybe you still had feelings for him" Mikey apologized as He kissed my forehead.

"But I do have feelings for him. He is a dear friend and I only love him as just that- a friend. You are the only one that is having a hard time with that fact. Today was OUR wedding day and you managed to turn one of the most perfect moments of my life into you doubting my feelings for you" I sighed again.

"I know. It will never happen again, I promise" Mikey whispered as he bit down on my ear gently.

"Hey I don't want our kids to be brain dead" I giggled as I pushed Mikey away.

"We are almost at the reception- I still can't believe we are having it in the apartment you share with Frankie" Mikey chuckled as he stroked my hair.

"You mean our apartment" I grinned.

Mikey looked at me confused.

Before I could answer my phone was ringing so I picked it up and saw it was Frankie.

"You promised you wouldn't tell him!" Frankie groaned when I answered the phone.

"So Frankie is moving out and....I'm moving in?" Mikey summed up.

"Now that Julie has told you yeah, I am. But I am still going to wake you guys up in the morning MWAHAHAHA" Frankie laughed evilly.

"See you in a few Frankie" I grinned as I hung up on him.

We had just pulled up to the apartments.

Mikey got out first and helped me out, and as the limo drove away to park Mikey and I walked up into the party.

As we entered our apartment everyone clapped and cheered.

As we moved into the center of the room I heard the clinking of glass and turned to see Frankie holding a champagne glass and grinning evilly.

Before he even opened his mouth though there was a knock at the door.

Lacey (with a livid expression on her face)raced over to the door and opened it.

"We need to speak to Julie and Frankie Iero" A voice demanded from outside.

"This is a reception" Lacey exclaimed angrily.

"With all do respect the wedding is over, they are married and they can celebrate any other day. You can send them out or we can come in, the choice is yours" a second voice reasoned.

I made my way over, Frankie and Mikey following behind me.

As I got to the door I saw two police officers.

"Lets talk about this outside" one of the cops said.

I obliged and closed the door behind us.

"What's this about?" I asked as Frankie took one of my hands while Mikey took the other.

"There is no easy way to say this. Your parents have been murdered" The demanding voiced police officer said while the other looked at him like he was a thundering lunatic for being so cold.

"What!" Frankie gasped.

I shook Mikey's hand off of mine and wrapped them both around Frankie who was feeling a wave of pain wash over him.

"How did this happen?" I asked them as I held Frankie to me.

"Sometime early this morning a few of your parents neighbors saw a woman knock on your parents door. Around an hour later they saw her exiting with a bloodstained bag which prompted their neighbors to call us. Have you ever met a woman by the name of Joan Jenkins?"

I shook my head no, same as Mikey.

"She is the murderer. We caught her trying to catch a bus out of the city a couple of minutes ago-"

"So what do you want from us a pat on the back" I spat. The way he was talking it sounded like I should be happy.

"No. She has agreed to plea guilty if she talks to you Julie" The second cop said.

"And you want me to leave my reception to talk to her?" I questioned.

"She's downstairs in a cop car- you can come downstairs talk with her and then come back up here and celebrate what's left of your reception instead of grieving for your parents" the gruff cop sneered slightly.

I glared at him, hitched up my dress and walked down the stairs with Frankie and Mikey right beside me.

As I got to the cop car I froze.

"That's the girl from the pizzeria you and Gerard went to isn't it? the girl that showed Gerard that photo that made him beat up Mikey" Frankie said as he saw my thoughts.

She looked me in the eye and motioned for me to get in, showing that her hands were cuffed when I hesitated.

"You wanted to see me" I stated as I climbed into the backseat and closed the door behind me.

"Riley was my boyfriend. I never knew where he lived but whenever my shift started he would be there"

"You saw what he did to me at the pizzeria and you still didn't leave him?" I spat.

"As long as he did it to someone else and not me I didn't care. If you had said yes to him then he wouldn't have kidnapped you" Joan stated, almost as if she had said this before.

"Why did you kill my parents?" I asked, uncomfortable with the mention of Riley.

"You took my boyfriend away. So I had to take something of yours away. I thought that your dad would be at work and I was only going to kill your mum but well..I killed them both" Joan shrugged.

"Jokes on you- they meant nothing to me" I said before I could stop myself.

"Oh" She replied as she pulled a knife from her sleeve.

I screamed and tried to exit the car, but she pulled me backwards, slamming my back hard into the seat.

I screamed louder when she slowly slid the knife into my chest.

I could hear furious banging from outside the car, but all of a sudden I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Everything faded to black.

~~Author's Note~~

Hey guys sorry for not writing for a while, I was auditioning to be a lead singer in a band, so the next couple of chapters might be short but as soon as I'm finished auditioning I will write a big long one.

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