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So Much For A Honeymoon

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Julie is rushed to the hospital- but will she be alright?

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I could see Mikey attempting to wail on the cop car door as I clutched my chest in agony.

I forced myself over to the car and started to hammer on it too, desperate to get to Julie.

I could see through her eyes that all she could see was Mikey, and then my vision went black.

I snarled and turned around, taking the stairs two at a time until I reached the cops.

"Julie's been stabbed- get help now!" I barked.

The young cop used the radio to call for an ambulance while the gruff cop and I raced back down the stairs and straight to the cop car.

He opened the car door and pulled Julie out and placed her gently on the ground.

"Julie" Mikey whimpered as he fell to his knees and brushed her hair off of her face gently.

The ambulance arrived and out of the back popped two medics, swooping down on Julie and inspecting the wound while the gruff cop slammed the door of the cop car and stood by it, glaring at the woman in the back seat.

"We have a single stab wound to the chest- is she allergic to paracetamol?" one medic asked Mikey, who hadn't moved from her side.

"No, but she's pregnant with twins" Mikey whispered as Julie was put on a bed and placed in the ambulance.

"Are you her husband?" the medic asked as he got inside, looking at Mikey as he spoke.

Mikey nodded.

"Get in here then" the medic said as he extended a hand to help Mikey in.

Mikey got right in without another word, and by the time I had blinked, they had gone.

I sighed and raced back up the stairs to the apartment door and swung it open.

"I don't want to cause a panic but Julie is being raced to the hospital" I wheezed as all eyes turned to me.

"What!" Bob gasped.

"We need to go to the hospital right away!" Lacey exclaimed as she grabbed Nico and Lucy by the arms and dragged them out the door, shortly followed by Ray, Bob and Gerard.

"Can you take care of the reception?" I asked Donna.

When she nodded at me I nodded back and ran out the door, hoping to catch up with the others.


"How long has it been?" Lucy asked me shakily.

"About an hour. I just wish they would tell us what was going on" I sighed.

When we got to the hospital all they said was that she was in surgery.

"She will be okay Frankie"

I looked at Lucy. She was trying to convince herself of that more than me.

I pulled her close and hugged her tightly to me, just before she broke down and shook in my arms.

Lucy very slowly started to calm down and I pulled away a little to look down at her.

"It's funny" She sniffed.

"What is?" I asked as I brushed a tear away.

"I've always wanted you to hold me" She half smiled.

Suddenly her smiled disappeared and I felt her lips on mine!

It was a soft, gentle kiss and all too soon it was over.

"Oh my god!" She whispered.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Your sister is in surgery and I kiss you! I'm a horrible person!" She cried as she ran away, leaving me mystified.

I didn't even know she liked me.


I looked at myself in the mirror as I washed my hands.

I couldn't believe that Julie was in the hospital again..but at least this time it wasn't my fault.


I looked over my shoulder to see Nico.

"Um what are you doing in the guys room?" I questioned as I turned to look at her.

"Because Gee I was looking for you" Nico smiled as she closed the door behind her.

"For what?" I asked.

"This" She whispered as she lunged at me, seizing my lips with hers.

Well...this was new


I woke up to a harsh light above my head.

"Hey honey, how are you feeling?" Mikey's voice asked.

I turned to the direction of his voice and groaned.

"I feel really groggy and I think pretty soon I want to throw up" I half smiled.

"Frankie is the same way" Mikey said as he nodded to my right.

I turned my head slowly to see Frankie waving groggily at me from the bed next to me.

"He was disturbing the people in the waiting area- they thought he had overdosed on drugs, so we pulled a few strings to get him onto a bed next to you" Mikey half grinned, the warmth coming back to his face since I woke up.

"The twins?" I asked as I rubbed my stomach.

"They are both fine" Mikey smiled as he rubbed my stomach as well.

"So Frankie, why did Lucy kiss you?" I smiled as I turned to look at him.

"This is just a theory, but I think she might like me- how did you know? I wasn't even thinking about her" Frankie groaned as he rolled over to face me.

"No but while I was under you were replaying the kiss over and over- It was like watching a trailer for a movie over and over again" I smiled.

"Mikey we need our rest now, so can we be alone?" Frankie asked.

Mikey chuckled, kissed my forehead and sat over in a chair near the door.

"Only I can banish my husband Frankie" I grinned as Mikey winked at me and closed his eyes.


"What the hell" I gasped as I pulled my boxers and pants up while Nico fixed herself up.

"What? I needed a release" She smiled as she checked her hair in the mirror.

"So that's all that was?" I asked as she turned around.

"Pretty much" She shrugged and walked out of the guys room, leaving me confused.
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